Reason Behind The Bright Future Of Python

Python is becoming more popular by providing its remarkable features which attain the programmer’s attention. And also it reduces the confusion among the programmer as it is very simple to read and write.

Applications of Python

There are many popular applications developed in Python such as Web Development, Data Science, Data Analysis/ Visualization, Game Development, and also for Embedded Application and Scripting.

Some of the reasons that makes Python a popular one as follows:

Python has big supportive community:

The support issues of many other programming languages, and lack of documentation which makes difficult for the programmer to develop the project, Python proves its best by giving plenty of documentation, guides, tutorials and much more for the developer. And moreover, the community of Python is active always to ensure the supports to the developer by many experienced and proficient programmers.

Easy to Write the Code:

Python has a simple code as compared to the other programming languages like C, C++, Java. It expressed in an easy way which can be interpreted by beginners and can understand what the code would actually do.

Open-Source and Availability:

It is an open-source programming language and can be modified and use it directly. Download the original package from this link make use of it for learning and developing purpose.

Standard Library:

It has a huge standard library that eliminates the work of writing the function or code. A lot of built-in functions are available as pre-written for it doesn’t need to write a code for a simple application. And also it contains expressions, web browsers, threading, unit-testing and many more.

Cross-Platform Language:

Python can run on any operating system such as Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, etc. If code written in the Windows OS can be run in Linux OS without affecting code.

Career Opportunities Associated with Python

As the popularity of Python language increases so as the career opportunities are also getting increased. Top IT companies are in high demand for the professional and skilled Python developers with certification from the top Python Training Center. Python programmers are getting the salary package of 300,000k per annum as per the survey of Payscale and Over 40000 requirements are there in the US alone.

Top Companies Embracing Python Programming Language

Community Cloud:
Even the top companies are adopted to python as the application development language for business and corporate purposes. Some of them are:

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to maintain their web sites
Google: The entire search engine and stack were written in Python in the late 90s

Facebook for production engineering

NASA for Workflow Automation Tool

Nokia as a platform such as S60

IBM for Factor Tool Control Applications

SGI Inc: Silicon Graphics International for Linux Installer

Walt Disney Feature Animation for writing animations using its scripting language

Yahoo Maps: Developed in Python

Web Sites based on Python

  • Disqus
  • Dropbox
  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • Bit Torrent
  • YouTube


Python programming language is one of the most wanted for developers around the world. Almost all kinds of applications can be developed with the use of predefined libraries and the strong support of the community behind Python. The demand for the programmer also has been increased rapidly and it needs expertise with the certification from the top Python Training Institute in Chennai.