Python Training Syllabus

Python Training SyllabusPython is a general-purpose programming language, meaning it can be used to construct a wide variety of programs and websites, as well as automate processes and analyze data. Experts in the field have developed a unique Python Course Curriculum for our Python Training in Chennai that is in line with current and future needs. Thus, our Python Training Syllabus is explored by students, recent grads, and working professionals in both traditional classroom settings and convenient, instructor-led online formats.

Our Python training curriculum, designed by experienced instructors, covers the most in-demand topics, such as Python’s practical use and emerging trends, setting up a development environment, working with input and output, data types, object-oriented programming, threading, exception handling, file manipulation, expressions, and graphical user interfaces.


Python Training Syllabus

 Python – Overview

  • A brief history of python
  • Application and trends in python
  • Available python versions

Python – Environment Setup


  • I/O
  • Naming Conventions

Data Types

  • Numbers
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
  • Python operators
  • List, tuple, dictionary, set methods
  • Statements:-If, elif, break, continue
  • Loops: For loop, while loop
  • Functions

Oops concepts

  • Class and objects
  • Getters and setters
  • Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Special functions of python
  • Lambda, MapReduce, Filter

Modules in Python

  • math
  • Arrow
  • GeoPy
  • Beautiful soup
  • NumPy
  • Sys
  • OS


Exceptional Handling

  • Errors
  • Runtime errors
  • Exceptional model
  • Exceptional hierarchy
  • Handling multiple exceptions
  • Raise exceptions

File handling

  • Text files
  • Csv files

Regular expressions

  • Simple character matches
  • Grouping and matching objects
  • Matching at beginning or end
  • Substituting and splitting a string
  • Compiling regular expressions
  • Generators Iterators Decorators Closures

GUI interfacing: tKinter

  • Widgets
  • Integrated application
  • MySQL/with application
  • Converting .exe

Project Assignments

  • Project -1:Loops, OOPs concepts, Threading
  • Project 2:Tkinter-Gui

We have included case studies, homework, sample projects, and tests throughout our Python Training Syllabus. Students receiving Python training in Chennai gain the specialized knowledge necessary to land a job in a competitive employment market. The Python course curriculum we offer at SLA is flexible enough to accommodate both complete newcomers and seasoned professionals. Take advantage of SLA Jobs’ Python Training in Chennai and get placed after course completion.