IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application that helps the developers to code easily with the comprehensive facilities like compilers, interpreters, quick code navigation, refactoring, debugging, and code completion.
Python can be developed in various IDE that enables developers to give more productive on software development and speed up the task with the features like build automation, code lining, testing, and debugging. Top 5 IDE For Python Programming Language is listed here as follows as per simplified use of software programming.

Online Compiler:
Online Compilers are available for Python code development for conserving time and money that only requires internet and proper browser. Some of the free Online IDEs especially made for Python are Programs and Techie Delight.

IDLE is available by default with Python software to make easy use of code development with the major features such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, basic integrated debugger, and smart indentation. It has two window types, the Shell and the Editor and possible for having multiple windows at the same time.
In Windows and Linux, this IDLE is associated with its own top menu but different titles and contexts name. In macOS, there is an application menu along with the IDLE menu and the entries are changes as per the Apple guidelines and according to the window that we select. IDLE is lightweight and simple to learn and use easily but not suitable for large projects.

Major features of IDLE:

Dedicated IDE for Python Code using Tkinter GUI toolkit
A cross-platform facility that enables the developer to proceed with the same kind of work on Windows, UNIX, macOS.
Python Shell Window with a colourizing feature to the code separately for input, output, and error messages
Multi-Window Text Editor for multiple undo, smart indent, auto-completion, Python Colorizing, and call tips, etc.
Search option within any window, replace option within all editor windows and search through files from different types
Debugging facility with persistent breakups, viewing of global and local namespaces, and stepping of codes
Highly suitable for easy configuration, browsing, and other dialogues.

Sublime Text 3
A familiar code editor used for many programming languages including Python in which developer can code fast and customize easily with the help of its huge community support. Python has basic built-in features that comes while installing it. However, there is a need for installing packages for debugging, code linting, and auto-completion process that is easily available with frameworks like Django and Flask. Sublime Text 3 can be customized as per the need of a full-fledged environment for Python development.

Major Features of Sublime Text 3
Column Selection and Multi-Select Editing allows selecting an entire column at once and editing multiple data simultaneously.
Auto-Completion offers to complete entries as per the language used by the developer. It also completes the variables automatically created by the user.
Syntax highlight and High Contrast display used to reduce eyestrain by increasing the contrast of text and syntax.
Pane Management allows users to move between panes easily with hotkeys
Symbol indexing feature used to scan files and build an index for the features like Goto Definition and Goto Symbol inside the project.


It is an open-source IDE by Github for Python development. Atom allows packages like autocomplete-python, Linter-flake8, Python debugger can be installed as per the need of a project.

Major Features of Atom IDE
Cross-Platform editing which means it can work on any OS like OS X, Windows, or Linux
Smart Auto-completion helps the developer to code faster with flexible and smart completion
Multiple Panes allows users to split the atom interface for multiple panes to compare and edit the code
Built-in package manager used for searching and install the new packages or even create the new one
File System Browser helps to browse easily and open multiple projects in the same window.
Find and Replace option used to find, replace, and preview the text


Professional developers mainly use PyCharm and it is created by JetBeans, a popular company who inventing software development tools. There are two versions available in PyCharm
Community: Open Source, Lightweight, Best for scientific development
Professional: Paid version, complete-featured IDE for all kind of web development

Major features of PyCharm

Intelligent Coding Assistance provides smart code completion, on-the-fly error highlighting, quick fixes, and code inspections accompanied by automatic code refactoring, and rich navigation facilities
Built-in developer tools include features like integrated debugger and test runner. Python profiler, VCS and other database tools, remote interpreters, ssh terminal, special integration with Docker, and Vagrant are the unique benefits compared with other IDEs
High-Quality support for web development frameworks, Specific templates for all the programming languages
Scientific tools like interactive Python console, and supports packages like Anaconda, Matplotlib, and NumPy.
Customizable and Cross-Platform with facilities like more plug-ins, colour schemes, key-bindings, and VIM Emulations

End Note

IDE for Python is much better than the text editor that is used to understand the code easily by the users and develop the software fast and effective with the features like automatic compilation, completion, testing and debugging. To learn more about Python, feel free to contact SLA Academy for the Best Python Training in Chennai.