Importance and Benefits of Android

Android is an operating system for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that is based on Linux and is available as an open-source project. With finger gestures, consumers may control their mobile devices. Google specifically created the programming for touchscreen devices, and it uses Java. In this article, we explain the importance and benefits of Android. Check out Zoho’s salary for freshers in the Android app development field.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system that supports a customized version of Linux. Key applications, middleware, and the operating system are all included in the open-source Android package. Because it offers an open-source feature, anyone may download, alter, and utilize the code with ease. Enroll in our Android training in Chennai at SLA Jobs to accelerate your career with upgraded skills.

Features of Android

With a stunning and simple user interface, Android is a robust, open-source operating system. It supports some communication protocols, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC, UMTS, GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, and WiMAX. For data storage, it makes use of SQLite, a lightweight relational database. 

Android can switch between tasks in a matter of milliseconds and supports multitouch. It offers a plethora of unique features, including customizable elements like starting screens, live RSS feeds, and weather details. Some of the popular features of Android are:

  • Allows for GPS tracking, push notifications, and SQLite-based storage.
  • Its operating system supports many languages. 
  • Offers messaging services, including MMS and SMS.
  • Google Chrome is integrated into Android’s web browser. 
  • Gives consumers the ability to control only using gestures by providing gesture control features. 

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Benefits of Android

Android has evolved beyond just an operating system. Because of its enormous popularity and accessibility across platforms, it has evolved into a way of life. Android is the operating system that runs on whatever device you may be using. The end users’ experience with it is the reason for its acceptability. Additionally, the Android operating system has a very high degree of customization and user-friendliness. These characteristics are the driving force behind its enormous global appeal. Enhance your career at SLA to obtain the highest-paying software jobs

Open Ecosystem

You have a lot of options on the Android OS when it comes to installing your preferred apps. The Google Play Store is embedded right into Android. It is the official Google app store where you can download apps. However, you can also choose to download your preferred apps from any third-party app store. 

To use a certain app, you can alternatively download it from the developer’s website and flash it onto your smartphone. Even so, downloading programs from a third-party website has some hazards. You get a warning before installation. and your device’s allow option needs to be enabled. The important thing to remember is that you have a lot of options when it comes to installing your preferred apps.

Open-source Operating System

One of the main benefits of the Android operating system is its open-source nature. Both device manufacturers and developers can access the source code. As a result, they can view the source code and modify it to suit their hardware. It adds customization and a focus on research to the operating system. Developers, testers, and device makers can even provide suggestions and feedback to Google. Google may also use these suggestions to enhance the Android operating system. It is therefore among the greatest benefits of the Android OS for developers. Explore Google’s salary for freshers and experienced professionals with Android skills.

Diverse Phone Options

Android differs from Apple in that users of the iPhone can only utilize the iOS operating system. Various phone manufacturers and models offer Android as their operating system. It implies that you can select your preferred smartphone and have Android loaded on it, depending on your manufacturer’s brand preferences. You can buy the mobile phone of your choice with great freedom and a huge smile on your face. Furthermore, every phone maker has the option to add their unique design to the user interface. For instance, Sony-Ericsson offers Timescape, and Motorola offers Motoblur. Additionally, MIUI comes pre-installed to improve the user experience.

Modified and Customized ROM

By installing a custom ROM, several third-party applications enable you to take advantage of Android’s more sophisticated features. You can completely customize the stock Android with this feature, which makes it helpful. Additionally, by installing a custom ROM, you might have a whole different experience on your same old device. As a result, you can perform several system-level improvements with the Android operating system. On Windows or any other operating system, this would never have been conceivable.

User-friendly Play Store

More than one million apps are available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Users can download apps according to their needs. However, compared to Apple’s App Store, the Google Play Store is far more user-friendly and simpler to use. This is a result of Apple’s greater limitations and stricter policies around app downloads. For instance, to download and watch a movie on your Apple device, you must have Apple iTunes. However, the open interface of the Android Play Store makes it considerably easier to use and lets you watch films on any device using just a web browser. Gain expertise with the required Android skills and obtain the chance to get the best TCS salary for freshers.

Affordable App Development

For Android, app development is really simple and reasonably priced. No hefty development expenses are required while developing your software and listing it on the Play Store. The environment for applications is free of charge. You may also create as many apps as you like and submit them to the Android Play Store. When it comes to gaming and other leisure websites, apps continue to cause controversy. They don’t create apps for Android or iOS. The number of applications you create and publish on the Android market is limited. It implies that you can continue working on Android app development while saving money.


Widgets are a helpful feature of the Android operating system. In terms of functionality, widgets, or self-contained programs, are quite helpful. A widget offers a simpler navigation system and an enhanced user experience. Additionally, it gives your Android device more versatility and ease of use. Right there on your home screen is a widget. With just one click, you can access and utilize a variety of options and features. As a result, it comes in quite handy when you’re short on time and need your gadget to function quickly.

Expandable Storage Option

Any Apple device’s storage must be increased through an expensive and time-consuming upgrading process. However, you can put a microSD memory card into the device card slot of an Android handset. It will increase RAM based on your needs. You can find this helpful function on the majority of Android smartphones available today. Hone your Android skills by joining SLA and earning the highest HP salary for freshers.

Importance of Android

The benefits of Android OS have led to a growing market for Android and its developers. These are a list of Android’s essential requirements.

Sales and Revenue Growth

The number of people utilizing smartphones is skyrocketing. Consumers would rather shop on their phones than in physical stores. The sales graph likewise rises steadily as a result. Until you make the mobile buying experience more seamless, people will probably keep doing it.

Promotional Benefits

Any company can receive attention as long as its marketing plans are superior. Android apps may also be utilized for advertising. If your application is focused on product sales, you can also use it to promote other products so that customers on the other end can learn about the most recent deals. further, send discount coupons via the smartphone app.


Consumers must be able to recognize any business. Android application icons have a particular area that represents your company. Individuals frequently base their decisions regarding a business on what they see on the app icon. The simple features of the Android application system can be leveraged to increase any business’s visibility.

Customer Aspects

From the perspective of the customer, all businesses these days have a mobile app that represents them. This feature made it easy for customers to communicate with the businesses. If there is a problem with the service or goods, those interactive apps can help. Additionally, webpages can be optimized for mobile devices, which improves user convenience.


This is the gold standard for mobile and computer devices, as the market is always full of new applications for mobile phones and other gadgets. With so many apps out there, a buyer’s taste may temporarily override their need to acquire a device in favor of one that suits their needs.

Fantastic mobile browsing experience

A variety of expert groups and user ratings from around the world indicate that having a variety of browsers often makes browsing much faster overall. 

Due to the platform’s open-source nature, it is widely used and developed 

Since Android technology is open-source, the majority of global mobile device makers and application developers have continued to contribute valuable ideas, making Android a platform that is receiving the most input from applied IT research worldwide. How much salary do you expect as an Android developer?

Career Opportunities in Android

Android development is a rapidly expanding and promising field that can propel you to new heights. The majority of mobile companies use this operating system when launching their products. Because of its affordability and ease of use, Android has taken up a significant portion of the mobile industry. Join SLA Jobs to dive deep into Android skills and enjoy career opportunities with the best IBM salary for freshers.

There is a great need for Android developers due to the rise in the number of people using Android smartphones. A lot of businesses are constantly looking to hire knowledgeable Android specialists. Not many experts possess the high level of skill that this one does. Acquiring knowledge of this operating system might present you with numerous bright employment options. 

Bottom Line

The learning of Android helps beginners and professionals kick-start their careers as mobile app developers, Android app developers, iPhone/iOS app developers, Windows app developers, etc. To begin a career in Android, one can enroll in our mobile app development training institutes in Chennai.