Google Salary For Freshers

Google Salary for Freshers

The Google Base Salary is very typical in that it comprises a base income, a target bonus, and additional benefits. In this article, we’ll talk about Google’s salary structure in India in 2023, including starting Google salary for freshers. Accelerate your skills with SLA.

Google – The Company that provides A – Z

A worldwide technology company with a focus on Internet-related services, Google is American. Among the Top Paying Careers at Google are Software engineers, Engineering directors, and Finance Directors. On this page, the Google Pay Structure in India is clearly outlined.

It is one of the finest internet-based businesses in the world, providing services like social networking, emailing, and surfing. This company provides its employees with a professional environment that is also welcoming and full of opportunities for progress.

From technicians to authors, the organization pays remarkable salaries. Have a look at the article provided by SLA below that has been created to learn more about Google’s Salary for Freshers in India.

Eligible Candidates to Apply for Jobs in Google

The most qualified individuals are those that have a love for artificial intelligence, cloud computing, online advertising, computer software and apps, quantum computing, electronic commerce, sales and retail services, search engines, and consumer electronics. 

Google is a great place to start if any of the applicants are interested in these key topics. Also, those that are eager to learn new things and come up with innovative new ideas are qualified for Google fresher employment with great Google Salary for freshers. 

We strongly recommend that freshers enroll in our Data Science Courses in Chennai as the organization is heavily focused on data analytics, AI, ML, and robotics. 

Procedure to Apply for Google Jobs

Google offers six levels of preliminary and important interviews, as well as a hiring procedure, to enthusiasts and recent graduates. 

Identify Potential – Google urges recent graduates to evaluate their prospective skills during this initial and basic stage of the interview process. Each applicant can identify their unique potential with this possibility, which is highly important for google freshers’ employment.

Looking for the Best Roles – Google encourages candidates to do a job search for the positions that best suit their qualifications and skill sets.

Resume Submission – At this point, Google fans are urged to submit their most recent or updated resumes to their official web page for consideration.

Online Application – For a successful submission, the candidate must complete all the details and include all of their significant qualifications.

Selection Round – Candidates are invited to participate in several phases of the interview process to evaluate their qualifications and skills.

Offer Letter Discussion – The last stage of the application screening process is called “roll-out,” when qualifying and chosen applicants are given an appointment letter for onboarding.

Qualification Required by Google

Google’s top requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Technology or Computer Science
  • Master of Technology or Computer Science

Google Salary Structure

An estimated Fresher’s take-home Google Salary for Freshers in India is between ₹1,16,408 and ₹1,19,660 per month as per the report of For workers with 0 to 8 years of experience, the average Google salary for freshers in India is ₹17.2 Lakhs per year. At Google, the starting salary for freshers might be anywhere from ₹3.0 to ₹60.0 lakhs per year.

The position you are applying for will determine the minimum salary at Google. The minimum salary for a Data Analyst is $23.7 lakhs per year, the minimum income for a Manager is $35.2 lakhs per year, and so on.

Popular Careers in Google

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Sales, Services, and Support
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Designing & Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Solutions
  • Legal Policies
  • People Integration

Google Salary Structure for Freshers in India

Google gives freshers the chance to advance in their careers. It pays its fresh graduates well. One may submit an application for this company’s most recent opportunities for positions such as engineering director, senior staff engineer, and finance director.


Job Title for Freshers in GoogleGoogle Salary for Freshers
Internship₹32,500/ month
Product Quality Analyst₹6,30,000/yr
Software Magic Engineer₹191,520/yr
Job PositionGoogle Salary in India
Software Engineer₹113,342
Technical Program Manager₹139,850
Software Developer₹86,229

Some of the popular job opportunities available at Google for Freshers are,

  • Software Engineer
  • Ads Quality Rater
  • Account Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager: Social and Consumer
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager
  • Enterprise Sales Representative
  • Legal Counsel
  • Account Executive
  • Education and Training Manager

Other Benefits at Google

Perks and benefits are wonderful at Google. Free beverages including Coke, Fresh Juice, and Water are available to employees. The atmosphere will determine what kind of clothing they can wear. They have access to health clubs and gyms with fitness membership opportunities. Google provides disability insurance and life insurance. Employees at Google have the option of working flexible hours. They’ll be able to take paid sick days. Inside Google, they may also use a cell phone.


Concerning our investigation and evaluation of Google Salary For Freshers, we discovered that this organization remains a top international corporation with a fantastic number of freshers’ perks. The organization has also begun to focus on high-demand sectors such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to revolutionize present digital technologies. Google plans to deploy AI robots as well as AI-based online services and software in the future. As a result, we encourage both freshers and experienced professionals to hunt for various career opportunities and vacant jobs at Google Inc with fantastic Google Fresher Salary.