Hp Salary For Freshers

1HP Salary for Freshers and Experienced Professionals

Hewlett-Packard, Inc. was formerly known as HP Inc. Bill Hewlett and David Packard, who both earned electrical engineering degrees from Stanford University in 1935, created Hewlett-Packard in 1939. The company was founded in Palo Alto, California’s HP Garage. Hewlett-Packard was rebranded to HP Inc. on November 1, 2015, and the company’s enterprise division was spun off and given the name Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

2Why HP?

The development of technologies that enhance everyone’s lives is HP’s main focus. Offering a variety of professions and professional prospects, helps candidates recognize and comprehend their creative potential. The business has been enticing academics, teachers, and other professionals looking for a strong HP wage for new hires to apply to work for them in preparation for the impending digital generation. In addition to software management and service execution, HP was a pioneer in the design and manufacture of computers, storage systems, and network interfaces. The company’s main products include desktop computers, business, and industry-standard servers, related storage devices, network security tools, software, a range of printers, and other image goods.

2.1Who can Apply for Jobs at HP

Those looking to advance their future careers with HP are urged to apply for a variety of positions. Additionally, the applicant must have a basic understanding of HP’s computers, products, storage systems, network interfaces, and other items. Candidates that have a passion for digital goods and IT services are also encouraged to apply.

2.2How can I apply for a job at HP?

Through its career page, HP offers simple application alternatives for new hires and other experienced workers. To register, adhere to these procedures.

  • Enter all the applicant’s necessary information.
  • Give your email, cell phone number, and the URLs of your professional social media accounts.
  • Finally, apply and upload the resume.

2.3Recruitment Process at HP

HP uses four to five technical rounds to choose suitable applicants. The rounds that followed at HP are

Written Test:The three main components of the written round are the General Aptitude Test, the Verbal Ability Test, and the Technical Test. A section on mathematical reasoning, a section on logical reasoning, and a section on verbal skills are all included in the General Aptitude Test.

Technical Round:The Technical Interview is open to candidates who pass the written test. You must have a good grasp of the principles of technical questions to pass this round. You should be knowledgeable about data structures, DBMSs, algorithms, operating systems, networking, and OOPs concepts. The other two subjects should be studied by students in fields other than computer science because they are pertinent to those fields. Students will be required to write codes during the interview. You were questioned about your resume as well. You may need to solve puzzles in this round. To prepare for them, you can practice puzzles in our puzzles section.

Human Resources Round: HR Round is always concerned with introducing candidates, the context of their application, and their future professional and personal potential.

2.4Eligibility Criteria for HP Job Postings

Freshmen or graduates looking for a variety of employment options at HP with a competitive hp salary for freshers must meet the following requirements.

  • Graduation with a B.E./B.Tech in information technology, electronics, or computer science.
  • a postgraduate degree in computer science (CS) or information technology (IT)
  • The applicant must have earned a grade point average of 60% throughout all of their academic institutions.
  • The applicant shouldn’t have any academic backlogs from either their current or previous academic careers.

2.5Important Documents Needed for the Interview

  • Updated CV, 
  • SSC and relevant pass-out certificates
  • Marks from undergraduate and graduate coursework 
  • Any government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license, Aadhaar, or PAN), as well as a passport-size photograph.

2.6Additional Skills to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Job

HP is looking to hire fresh college grads with excellent people skills. Strong organizational and communication skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and basic computer or programming knowledge. Similarly to this, hiring managers are more inclined to choose candidates with business hours who are diligent, inventive, competent, eager, and adaptable.

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3HP Salary for Freshers to Experienced Professionals

The compensation package for new hires at HP varies depending on their experience level and the position they hold. Additionally, it varies from novices to experts. However, the graph below shows an estimate of the starting pay at HP for new hires.

4Role-Based Average Salaries at HP

4.1Popular Roles

BPO Executive – ₹ 19,927 per month

Software Engineer – ₹ 4,13,837 per year

Sales Executive – ₹ 23,787 per month

4.2Customer Service

Call Center Representative – ₹ 18,141 per month

Customer Care Specialist – ₹ 20,491 per month

Customer Service Representative – ₹ 17,477 per month

4.3Administrative Assistance

Data Entry Clerk – ₹ 19,353 per month

Back Office Executive – ₹ 20,296 per month

Computer Operator – ₹ 19,806 per month

4.4IT Operations & Helpdesk

Technical Support – ₹ 17,794 per month

Technical Support Engineer – ₹ 20,000 per month

Server Engineer – ₹ 36,788 per month

Network Engineer – ₹ 2,68,143 per year

Customer Engineer – ₹ 17,000 per month

4.4Software Development

Software Engineer – ₹ 4,13,837 per year

Technical Support Specialist – ₹ 30,000 per month

The typical HP salary per month ranges from roughly 15,000 for a Caller to 36,788 for a Server Engineer. From roughly 1,34,174 for Maintenance Technicians to 6,34,272 for Operations Associates, the average HP salary is per year.

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5Responsibilities, Job Roles, and Required Skills for Freshers at HP

5.1Process Associate

The management of software packages, administration, billing, and invoice services are all things that a process associate is responsible for. Therefore, HP wishes to hire new hires who are interested in this position and offers a competitive HP business package to new hires who possess the following required skills: report production, IT services, document management, process optimization, data input, and management of software packages. The following are their primary jobs and tasks for the duration of their post.

  • Analyze the company’s processes critically for delays, slackness, and any other obstacles.
  • Process monitoring to increase output rates and expenses
  • evaluating the procedure orders
  • Repair and upkeep of production machinery
  • Issues to be resolved
  • Reporting and information about quality control

5.2Technical Support Engineer

Technical support engineer positions at HP are required to have the following relevant skills: disaster recovery, incident management, familiarity with Linux, Unix, and other operating systems, presales, remote and technical support, troubleshooting, analytical abilities, configuration management, monitoring of technical device performance, and virtualization. Some jobs and obligations that come with being a technical support engineer are

  • Find and Recognize customer issues
  • Recognize, assess, troubleshoot, and fix all system flaws.
  • Unresolved issues should be reported to the relevant internal core teams.
  • enhancing commercial relationships with customers by providing timely and accurate feedback

5.3Senior Process Associate

Freshmen who are interested in this position must possess the following qualifications: desired skills in general accounting and management; relevant experience in the spreadsheet; balance-sheet; processing invoices, receipts, and deposits; and knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, and VLookup-based formatting tools. They must carry out the important duties and tasks listed below as a senior process associate, which include

  • Processing orders and payments
  • Entering and producing checks, invoices, and electronic transfers
  • Bank, credit card, debit, and loan reconciliations.
  • Including bank and loan reconciliations for each balance sheet reconciliation.
  • Creating easy, monthly reports and schedules.

6Fundamental Competencies and Job Responsibilities of Experienced Professionals at HP

6.1Team Leader

The team leader is crucial in motivating newcomers and other groups of people. HP, therefore, anticipates that its new team leads will have strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, computer management, and other performance indicators. Additionally, they need to be strong team players with excellent interpersonal and communication abilities. They are responsible for the following major functions and duties as team leads.

  • Set project due dates and work on important projects.
  • Assessing the regular performance of recruits and other workers
  • Encourage, inspire, and mentor your team members.
  • Determine the training requirements and budget for improved coaching
  • Plan team-building exercises and other activities.

6.2Business Analysts

It is advised for applicants who are looking for this position at an affordable HP corporate package for freshers to excel in their junior roles. To work for HP, business analysts need the following qualifications: Consultative and interpersonal skills, facilitation abilities, problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities, precision and attention to detail, organizing abilities, business structure understanding, stakeholder analysis, engineering requirements, cost and benefit analysis, process modeling, and knowledge of networks, databases, and other forms of technology are all desirable. The major duties and responsibilities they must do while working for the company are,

  • Making a report about a thorough business analysis
  • Presenting issues, opportunities, and fixes
  • Forecasting the company’s budget
  • Observing and carrying out ideal business models
  • Participation in the variance analysis model
  • Costs and letting the customers know about the products
  • Reporting business concepts and their need for funding to stakeholders.

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7Project Manager

The following qualifications and skills must be met by the applicant to be hired by HP as a project manager: practical management expertise with large, difficult, and revolutionary IT projects using Python, Java, Selenium, PHP, and other programming languages. Additionally, the candidate must have worked for or managed a project in an IT organization. After obtaining this position with a competitive HP salary structure, the manager is accountable for carrying out the following crucial duties.

  • Facilitate influential project conception, planning, budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation when managing high-performing project teams. * Manage projects within scope, quality, schedule, and cost constraints. Make and follow project work plans, which you should adjust as necessary to meet shifting demands and project requirements.
  • Lead, coach, and inspire the members of the project team while spotting and fixing obstacles.
  • Organize client teams’ and team members’ efforts into a single project endeavor.
  • Make that all project documents are complete, current, and appropriately stored.
  • Make certain that any adjustments to the project’s scope are documented and approved via a change control process.
  • Prioritize project risks and obstacles and grow skillfully.
  • Proactively Organize and establish the goals for the project team and clients.
  • Create enduring connections with client teams and gain a thorough comprehension of their business goals.
  • Always look for ways to improve relationships with clients and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Adopt additional responsibilities as part of the assigned risk management and problem-solving action plans.

8Program Manager

The following qualifications and years of relevant experience are required for hiring as a program manager: in-depth knowledge of operational policies, processes, and methodologies; comprehension of the critical project management techniques; service as a PM professional; and PMP certified professionals. They are concerned with performing the essential duties and obligations that are,

  • The Impact section contains financial details. extreme size, complexity, range, and global.
  • It is typical to define a strategy to achieve the sponsors’ objective of an end-state transformation. Very high or high risk
  • Budgets are either fulfilled or surpassed.
  • Supplying Management with precise financial projections.
  • Stakeholder management at the senior and executive levels handles intricate cross-functional and international linkages.
  • It administers both internal and external resources with the help of more than 20 staff members from various locations.
  • Substantial performance assessment input and development advice for significant contributors.
  • Mentors others by serving as an example and providing support for personal development.

9Benefits of Employment at HP

  • HP provides free transportation for all of its employees to use when going from their residences to work locations.
  • Employees receive soft skill training throughout their employment.
  • HP offers rest areas and incentives for employees to maintain their interest.
  • The business offered work-from-home options under the worst-case scenario of the covid pandemic. For those who are willing to work remotely, the technique remains the same.
  • For the financial advantage of its staff, HP offers dependable health, life, and insurance coverage to every employee.
  • To support its business objectives, the corporation takes its staff on trips and outings to tourist destinations every year.
  • Guaranteed Job training and assistance with placement for successors
  • For the health advantages of fitness, the organization offers a variety of gymnastics to its junior and working staff.
  • HP provides financial aid to help with children’s education.
  • Employees at HP have access to options to work abroad
  • All employees receive complimentary lunches and snacks during their scheduled working hours.
  • Parents can also afford childcare facilities for their children’s involvement so that they can continue in their professional roles.


The overview of HP, job listings, application procedures, numerous tasks and obligations, benefits of employment, international opportunities, and advantages for new hires were all discussed in this article. The company continues to offer IT newcomers and aspirants a good platform and has a solid international reputation. Candidates will be helped in achieving a remarkable and promising career by its creative and welcoming environment. Our research led us to the conclusion that freshmen should approach HP and apply for numerous employment positions. The applicant will be sought after all over the world due to their abilities and professional expertise. Visit HP’s official careers page to apply for a variety of openings with a competitive HP salary for freshers.