VBA Interview Questions and Answers

Discover the most frequently asked VBA interview questions and answers for both freshers and experienced candidates. With the help of these interview questions, candidates can simply pass the discussion panel and get ready for the job interview. The VBA Macros training syllabus at SLA Jobs equips learners with in-demand data analysis skills.

Define VBA

Visual Basic for Applications or VBA, is a Microsoft-urbanized experience-driven programming language. It is typically utilized with Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, and Access. Check out our basic Excel training syllabus and enhance your skills.

How to specifically reduce the reference counter.

You need to find a variable set to “nothing” to reduce the reference counter.

What is the distinction in VBA between functions and subroutines?

Functions and subroutines differ in the following ways:

  • A function cannot change the value of the real parameters, but subroutines may change the value of the definite arguments.
  • Functions return values, while subroutines never check a value.

How is a VBA code debugged?

To debug VBA code, use the following actions:

  • Making Use of Breakpoints
  • Step-by-step performance
  • Watch the window and print the immediate window.

What is the code to determine the last used row in a column or the last used row in a column?

End (xlUp) is the column used to find the previous row in a column, and End (xlTOLeft) is the command used to discover the last column in a row.

How are arguments passed to VBA functions?

There are two methods to give arguments to VBA functions once they are approved:

ByRef: When an argument is accepted by reference, the process receives its real address. Upon exiting the technique, any modifications made to the dispute throughout the process will be restored.

ByVal: If Value approves the argument, then only Value is admitted to the process. Any modifications made to the disagreement throughout the process will be lost at method termination. Learn more with our Advanced Excel course syllabus.

List a few different sorts of data.

Among the several types of data are:

  • Variant
  • String
  • Single
  • Data
  • Double
  • Long
  • Currency etc.

What does the sum shortcut mean?

ALT and +

What is the range of variables?

It can be described on various levels:

Module-level: It can be accessible throughout the entire module and is defined using a DIM statement on top of a module.

Localized: variables in a process that are different from the DIM statement

Global level: It is described as an accessible public statement that appears at the top of every module across the project.

What does Option Explicit mean?

Before using the variable, the option to explicitly power the variables must be confirmed. This is one of the most effective practices for VBA developers to avoid type mistakes and design error-free applications. Join our advanced Excel training in Chennai at SLA Jobs.

Could you explain the distinction between functions and procedures?

Functions return values; procedures do not return any values.

 What is meant by “class modules that are built-in”?

Workbook modules, or worksheets, are components of a class.

Describe how to end a macro’s recording.

To stop the workbook from recording macros, take the following actions:

  • Navigate to the developer tab using the Excel window’s main ribbon.
  • To end the recording macro, click the “stop recording” command button.

What does conditional formatting mean?

It permits cell coloring under certain circumstances. Join our data science training in Chennai.

What are the various Active X and user form controls called?

Controls for User Forms:

List boxes, scroll bars, buttons, option buttons, checkboxes, and so forth.

Active X Controls:

Text field, image, label, command button, scroll bar, option button, etc.

When a VBA script enters an infinite loop, how can it be stopped?

One essential key to stop a VBA script when it enters an infinite loop is Ctrl+ Pause Break.

Describe what VBA COM objects are.

COM objects are often compiled executable programs, often in the form of.dll files

What are the many kinds of error-handling strategies?

The various kinds of error-handling strategies include:

  • On Error Goto 0
  • On Error  Goto  Err_Lbl
  • On Error  Resume Next

How may a file at a designated location be deleted?

Sub sbDelete_File()


Dim sFile As String

sFile = “C:\Test.xlsm”

Set FSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

If FSO.FileExists(sFile) Then

FSO.DeleteFile sFile, True

MsgBox “Deleted The File Successfully”, vbInformation, “Done!”


MsgBox “Specified File Not Found”, vbInformation, “Not Found!”

End If

End Sub

Explain how to use Excel.

It is an application for analytics, computations, and visualization. We train data visualization with popular tools like the PowerBI course in Chennai. Explore now.

What do you mean by match functions?

Excel’s lookup function finds a value in an array and returns its relative location.

How can you count a string in Excel?

Count A

What is the cell reference shortcut?

Fn + F4

What does Excel’s lookup function mean?

It comes before a value in a range.

What are the best methods for securing the VBA macro?

The following advice can be used in several best practices to expedite VBA macros.

  • Avoid using the “variant” data type and declare the variables according to their appropriate data type.
  • Disable automated computation.
  • Disable the screen’s refreshing.
  • Employ with a declaration
  • Instead of using “,” use vbNullString.
  • Turn off events
  • Release memory items after the process is complete.

What do VBA’s function pointers mean?

Although there are many uses for VBA (visual basic information), a function pointer in VBA has limitations. Because the Windows API can use a function but lacks the functionality to call the function back, it provides insufficient support for function pointers. Although not for a callback, it contains built-in support for calls.

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Describe the process of “reference counting” in VBA.

In VBA, the reference counter on the reference object is decremented as soon as a variable leaves its scope. The reference counter increases when you assign the object reference to a different variable. However, the event ends when your reference count drops to zero.

How can the reference counter be intentionally decreased?

You must set a variable to “nothing” to explicitly decrease the reference counter.

Describe the purpose of VBA’s COM (Component Object Model) objects.

COM objects are executable programs that are typically.dll files.

Can you explain how to use VBA to dial a phone number?

To use VBA to dial a phone number, you must take the following actions.

  • The Windows OS dialer can be started using a VBA shell command.
  • You can use your phone number to connect to your modem.
  • You can dial your user by using the shell command and send keys.
  • While Shell launches the Windows application, Endkey dictates which windows to dial based on the application’s keystrokes.
  • The card file application, which activates the auto-dialer feature, can be started with a macro.

Mention the distinction in VBA between functions and subroutines.

Functions return values, whereas subroutines never do. This is the distinction between the two types of operations.

A function cannot modify the values of the real arguments; only subroutines have this ability.

Describe the distinction between the attributes of CurrentRegion and UsedRange.

Present Region: The range that borders the current region can be any combination of rows and columns that are blank.

UsedRange: The worksheet’s utilized cell range can be chosen using the UsedRange attribute. When a range object representing the used range on a certain worksheet is returned,

How can one debug the VBA code?

Use these procedures to debug a VBA code:

Breakpoint Utilization (F9)

Execution step by step (F8)

Print and Instant Window, as well as keeping an eye on the window

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Mention if there is a dictionary structure in VBA.

VBA indeed has a dictionary structure. 

Set dict = CreateObject(“Scripting.Dictionary”)

OR Dim dict as New Scripting.Dictionary

Mention the office VBA editor’s comment and uncomment features for code blocks.

You can comment and uncomment code blocks in the Office VBA editor by following these instructions.

Navigate to View -> Toolbars -> Customize in the VBA editor. OR choose Customize by doing a right-click on the toolbar.

Click the edit menu located beneath the commands tab on the left.

“Comment Block” and “Uncomment” are the two icons that appear when you scroll down.

These can be easily dragged and dropped into your toolbar, giving you quick access to highlight and manipulate code blocks.

When a VBA script enters an infinite loop, how can it be stopped?

When a VBA script enters an infinite loop, it can be stopped by using the Ctrl+ Pause Break keyboard shortcut.


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