Basic Excel Training Syllabus| Basic Excel Course Syllabus

    Basic Excel Training Syllabus

    Start out on the right foot with Excel by taking advantage of SLA’s comprehensive Basic Excel Training Syllabus. As part of our Basic Excel Course Syllabus, you’ll get some hands-on experience with fundamental arithmetic and formulae, graphical displays, table construction, workbook, and worksheet formatting, and shortcut keys.

    This Basic Excel Training gives you everything you need to know to construct and manage simple spreadsheets. Students will be given an introduction to the system’s user interface and instructed on how to enter and modify data in numerous ways. Furthermore, our Basic Excel training Syllabus will teach learners the many approaches to writing formulae.

    Objective: To create, modify, save and print an excel worksheet.

    Lesson 1: The Excel environment

    • Navigating a worksheet
    • Spreadsheet terminology
    • Getting help

    Lesson 2: Entering and editing data

    • Entering and editing text and values
    • Entering and editing formulas
    • Saving and updating workbooks

    Lesson 3: Modifying a worksheet

    • Moving and copying data
    • Moving and copying formulas
    • Inserting and deleting ranges, rows, and
    • columns
    • Cell comments

    Lesson 4: Using functions

    • Entering functions
    • AutoSum
    • Other common functions

    Lesson 5: Formatting

    • Text formatting
    • Row and column formatting
    • Number formatting
    • Conditional formatting
    • Additional formatting options

    Lesson 6: Printing

    • Preparing to print
    • Page Setup options
    • Printing worksheets

    Lesson 7: Charts

    • Chart basics
    • Pie Chart
    • Bar Chart

    Lesson 8: Case Study

    • Modifying existing worksheet
    • Use shortcut keys
    • Create and email worksheet


    Advanced Excel

    Objective: To enhance a basic excel worksheet using Pivot Tables and Charts, advanced functions like SUMIF, as well as use lookups.

    Lesson 1: Review Basics

    • Downloading from Account Reconciliation
    • The Excel environment
    • The Sparkline
    • The Trendline

    Lesson 2: Subtotal Functions

    • Create an outline and consolidate data
    • Create subtotals in a list
    • Use multiple subtotal functions – SUBTOTAL,
    • SUMIF
    • Create custom views to save different sets of
    • worksheet display and print settings

    Lesson 3: Range names and Filter date

    • Define and apply cell and range names
    • Use names in Formulas
    • Filter data based on complex criteria
    • Use conditional filters
    • Copy filtered results to another range

    Lesson 4: Pivot Tables

    • Prepare data in a table format and name the
    • table
    • Create a PivotTable for analyzing
    • Use the Download Actuals page in Account
    • Reconciliation as example
    • Modify or re-arrange fields

    Lesson 5: Selected Functions

    • Using IF and SUMIF functions to calculate a
    • value based on specified criteria
    • Use ROUND function to round off numbers
    • Use VLOOKUP to find values in worksheet data
    • Use HLOO


    Our Microsoft Excel Training Syllabus is designed to ensure that you have an understanding of Excel, starting from basics to advancing to complex ideas. You get the knowledge and abilities required for success in the data area with this course. By joining our training, you’ll gain the essential skills needed to pursue and thrive in your dream job. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain the essential skills necessary for a successful career.