This blog helps you know about the Virtusa salary in Chennai and if you are an IT aspirant seeking a job at Virtusa, yes! You are in the right place. We will also explain to you the software development department of Virtusa, the types of solutions and services they offer for its clients, and how you can get a job there, along with Virtusa’s salary for freshers and experienced professionals. Learn about the CTS salary for freshers by reading our recent article.

Overview of Virtusa Salary

Virtusa is a popular MNC with more than 14,000 employees all over the world, and it provides a lot of career opportunities for employees to learn and grow

The average Virtusa salary is ₹11.8 LPA based on 43.5k salaries updated on Ambition Box. 

People with innovative minds, an AI-centric future, and a passion for their personal career growth can join Virtusa, as it provides a lot of space for learning and accelerating. Explore how we shape you for such opportunities through our top 10 software courses for high-paying careers with placement assistance.

Software Development Department at Virtusa

The right SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) process with adequate tools and expertise is the primary thing for any software development company. Virtusa hires skilled and certified professionals according to its requirements to develop high-quality applications and components faster and more efficiently. It encourages low-code development using automation tools like RPA, DevOps, Smart ALM, etc. to reduce performance risk. Accelerate your skills through our DevOps training institute in Chennai, which enables you to earn the well-paid Virtusa Salary.

Engineering Solutions of Virtusa

Here are the engineering services offered by Virtusa, and they will help you craft your career path according to your dream job with the best Virtusa salary. 

  • In application engineering, they develop solutions using technologies like APIs and microservices, application development, middleware platforms, and SDLC automation. We are providing API and Oracle SQL training in Chennai to help you shape your career accordingly.
  • In cloud transformation, they are involved in developing solutions using cloud-managed services and cloud migration. Our best cloud computing training in Chennai with 100% Placement, using premier services like AWS Azure and Salesforce, helps you upskill or reskill your career.
  • In data engineering, they provide solutions using technologies like data governance, data ingestion, data management, data migration, data modeling, data operations, data testing, and data warehouse platforms. SLA offers data science training in Chennai with emerging technologies like AI, deep learning, Python, and machine learning for your career enhancement.
  • Our best Agile training in Chennai with IBM certification at SLA enables you to play a major role in the delivery of transformation solutions at Virtusa.
  • By learning the best RPA  training in Chennai, you can apply for jobs in digital process automation with a high Virtusa salary in the industry.
  • Upskilling your development skills using technologies like 5G, blockchain, and our best artificial intelligence training in Chennai will help you grab an opportunity to work in various engineering technologies at Virtusa.

You can work efficiently on enterprise platforms such as Oracle, Pega, SAP, Salesforce, etc. by enriching your skills through our various trending software courses, even for non-IT graduates at SLA. These jobs will give you an opportunity to work with a good Virtusa salary package in Chennai. 

Jobs and Salaries at Virtusa

We help job seekers around the world with exact and happening job updates at Virtusa through our official website. Here are the updated job openings in Chennai with Virtusa salary compensation for the required roles. Turn your skills into a rewarding career through our exclusive and certificied training courses. 


Role: Senior Software Engineer

Location: Chennai

Experience: 4 Years

Key Skills: DotNet core and framework, MVC, API, C# design patterns, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and React.js.

Salary: ₹1,48,022 to ₹30,46,147


Role: Unix Administrator

Location: Chennai

Experience: 5 Years

Key Skills: Networking and Security, TCP/IP networking architecture, DNS, DHCP, HTTPS, VSP, VPAR, Software Distributor, Clustering, HPUX, Disk Management, etc.

Salary: ₹2.7 LPA to ₹11.5 LPA


Role: Java Full Stack Developer

Location: Chennai

Experience: 3+ Years

Key Skills: Java 1.8 and above, Angular 7 and above, UI designs, UAT, and web designing

Salary: ₹5.9 LPA to ₹10 LPA


Role: DevOps Engineer

Location: Chennai

Experience: 6+ Years

Key Skills: DevOps tools and technologies, Jenkins, Gitlab, Maven, Ant, JUnit, NUnit, Selenium, JMeter, LoadRunner, Ansible, Python Scripting, Linux, PowerShell, Kubernetes, etc.

Salary: ₹3.8 LPA to ₹16 LPA 


Role: Big Data Engineer

Location: Chennai

Experience: 1 – 2 Years

Key Skills: Hadoop, Hive, Spark SQL, Apache Airflow, AWS EMR, and BigData Ecosystem.

Salary: ₹2.44 LPA to ₹27.90 LPA 


Role: Python Developer

Location: Chennai

Experience: 5+ Years

Key Skills: AWS, Node.js, Python, TypeScript, CI/CD, DevOps tools and technologies, API gateway, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, S3, and Azure.

Salary: ₹4.3 LPA to ₹12 LPA 

Bottom Line

The average Virtusa salary in Chennai is ₹6,00,000 per year. Software developers can earn from ₹1,43,200 to ₹18,83,000 per annum at Virtusa. Anyone can conquer the IT world. All you need is the right skill and the right career path. SLAs’ IBM Certification courses help freshers and working professionals find an easy way to IT jobs in MNCs like Virtusa. Join us to explore a promising career ahead of you.