Cts Salary For Freshers

An American multinational company called Cognizant offers operational, technology, digital, and consulting services in addition to IT services. Because of the Cognizant income and opportunities for professional progression, many recent grads and postgraduates want to work for the firm. An applicant must pass each stage of the hiring process to be hired. SLA’s Cognizant Placement Assistance, which includes mock exams and sectional examinations, will help applicants in moving on to the next round of selection.

1Cognizant Salary for Freshers

Freshers from graduate and postgraduate programs will be hired through the Cognizant Placement Papers for a variety of positions. The Cognizant Salary for Freshers in 2023 ranges from 3.8 to 4.5 lakhs annually.

The Cognizant wage package provided to applicants who pass the GenC interview would be $4 lakhs annually during the probationary period. After passing the GenC Interview, the selected applicants would receive an annual salary of 4.5 lakhs.

After passing the GenC Next Interview stage of the Cognizant Placement Papers, applicants were given an annual salary of 6.5 lakhs.

The analyst salary at Cognizant will be between 2.8 and 3 LPA.

2Cognizant Pay Scale

An entry-level applicant hired as a programmer analyst trainee would get about 3.35 lakhs a year in salary. The salary range is as per the record of PayScale.com for CTS Salaries for Freshers.

  • The applicants’ monthly in-hand Cognizant pay after all withholdings is Rs. 22,668.
  • Those hired as Programmer Analyst Trainees would be promoted to the position of Programmer Analyst with a 3.8 lakh rupee yearly salary when the training is complete.
  • Applicants will get annual incentives of between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000 before moving up to a monthly salary of Rs. 24,000 at Cognizant.
  • A candidate’s Cognizant compensation increases to 5.5 lakhs annually if their position goes from programmer analyst to associate.
  • Depending on performance and years of experience, moving up to the rank of Senior Associate increases the Cognizant income package to between 7.5 and 9 lakhs per year.
  • The manager is the next level up, and their Cognizant Pay Scale is from around 11 lakhs to 13 lakhs per year.
  • The typical yearly income package for Cognizant senior management is from 14 to 16 lakhs, while the associate director will be paid between 17 and 20 lakhs annually by the company.

3Career Growth at Cognizant

Applicants with more performance history and years of experience will see phenomenal career progression at Cognizant.

After 8 to 10 years of experience, candidates hired using Cognizant’s placement papers can advance to the rank of manager.

There will be useful learning and on-site opportunities for candidates. Salary levels will be competitive based on industry norms. If candidates want to advance continually, they must make the extra effort. Check out our other blog to know Zoho Salaries for Freshers.

4About the Cognizant GenC Recruiting Drive

This year, Cognizant’s exam series includes a brand-new component called the Cognizant GenC Curriculum. Notwithstanding the absence of coding or CMCQ components, Cognizant chose AMCAT to conduct its GenC Exam. Also, the Cognizant GenC test will be challenging, according to our analysis.

4.1Eligibility Criteria for GenC Recruitment

  • Graduate and postgraduate students (BE/B-Tech/ME/M-Tech/MCA & MS Software Engineering) enrolled full-time
  • 60% across all academic fields
  • There shouldn’t be a gap between studies of more than one year.
  • As the selection process is taking place, there shouldn’t be any backlogs.

Here are the specifics of the curriculum that Cognizant GenC will employ for the first round of the test on the AMCAT platform:

  • Numerical Test with 25 Questions 
  • Verbal Test with 20 Questions 
  • Logical Test with 35 Questions

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4.2Popular Roles for Freshers in Cognizant – Salaries and Key Responsibilities

Popular Roles for Freshers in Cognizant – Salaries and Key Responsibilities
Role NameKey ResponsibilityRequired SkillSalary Range (LPA)
Programmer AnalystDeveloping and maintaining software applicationsPlanning and directing complex technical projects.4.04 lakhs
Associate Software EngineerTakes part in the analysis, design, creation of code, testing of business software applications, and project execution phases of software development projects.Javascript, Product Management, Software Design, Test Planning and ASP.Net6.90 lakhs
Software EngineerCreating and sustaining systems for large volume production lines and laboratories to enable the global deployment of product testing.Knowledge in programming languages and testing software applications6.35 lakhs
Software DeveloperCreate scalable and reliable off-the-shelf applications or unique technological solutions, test them, and keep them up to date to suit company objectives.A strong background in C, C++, Java,.NET, or Perl programming.6.26 lakhs
Salesforce DeveloperConducting an analysis of the company’s operations and designing CRM workflows in Salesforce, we also offer specialized solutions for certain business needs.Salesforce, Customization, Apex, SFDC and Visualforce6.30 lakhs
Test AnalystBefore the product is released to the public, a set of tests and evaluations should be designed, developed, and carried out.Knowledge in Test Strategy, Test Cases, Automation Testing, Test Planning and Test Analysis5.27 lakhs
Java DeveloperDesigning, developing, and putting into action Java-based applications.Knowledge in Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, Hibernate, and Spring5.64 lakhs
Full Stack Software DeveloperDevelop entire web apps with database administration, frontend, and backend.Proficiency in Java, Angular, Spring, Spring Boot, and Javascript7.09 lakhs
Development Operations (DevOps) EngineerBuilds and deploys software systems in cooperation with the development and operations teams.Coding, and system infrastructure management9.35 lakhs
Business Intelligence (BI) DeveloperCreate, release, and keep up BI tools and interfaces

Experience with BI tools, DB/DBA background, Data analysis background, Business analysis skills, and Debugging/


6.48 lakhs
Data EngineerDevelop data systems and pipelines, analyze and organize raw data, and assess the needs and goals of the organization.ETL, Data Warehouse, Programming Languages, and Cloud Computing7.75 lakhs
Quality Assurance (QA) Test Automation EngineerEstimates of design work and duration based on requirements analysisProficiency in Programming language, automation tool knowledge, understanding of business requirements, and test management tools.5.24 lakhs
Campus RecruiterCampus recruiting-related planning and management proceduresUnderstanding of aptitude tests, skill-based assessments, technical interviews, and HR interviews4.18 lakhs
Data ProcessorDoing the actual data processing in accordance with the data controller’s detailed instructions.Good typing abilities and familiarity with Microsoft office applications2.67 lakhs
Cyber Security EngineerApply their expertise to creating and implementing cutting-edge solutions to fight against threats and vulnerabilities in systems and softwareProficiency in PowerShell, Python, C++, Java, Ruby, Node, and/or Ruby.9.33 lakhs
Oracle DeveloperAccording to project specifications, design and create Oracle applications.Knowledge in Ajax, Oracle, AWS, Agile, Analyze, Data frameworks, and data storage3.75 lakhs
iOS DeveloperDesign and create mobile apps for the iOS operating system from Apple.With an emphasis on design patterns and SOLID principles, good technical writing skills in Swift and/or Objective-C are required.7.02 lakhs


The workplace at Cognizant is distinctive and progressive. It provides a competitive salary package and a range of perks for its employees. Join SLA to receive IT training and IBM certifications, making it simple for CTS to recruit you.