Tableau Jobs

Tableau Jobs

This blog post is for you if you are seeking a tableau job where you use Tableau extensively but are confused about what it requires to land that position. Today, all of the technology we use is data-driven. More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day by various devices throughout the world! We now require skilled and certified Tableau Developers, to evaluate such a large amount of data. To learn the skills needed to become a Tableau specialist in 2023, continue reading this article.

Quick Overview of Tableau

To improve existing company operations, organizations employ Tableau to uncover hidden patterns and use data insights. We need to do data analysis and visualizations to extract useful insights from the data and discover hidden patterns. 

A popular tool for data visualization in Tableau. It helps to transform unorganized data into a structure that is simple to understand. With the help of Tableau, visualization is quick and effective because it provides visualizations in the manner of dashboards and worksheets.

Data Blending is one of Tableau’s standout capabilities. In this procedure, many types of data are gathered from various sources and then stored in a single data warehouse. Tableau also offers real-time analysis and data sharing, and using this BI solution doesn’t demand any programming or technical background.

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Why are Tableau Jobs in High Demand?

Every day, more people are interested in tableau’s career opportunities, and more are being uploaded every 15 minutes. A positive rising trend for tableau jobs and training is visible in Google Trends

The fact that corporations have started to emphasize data has contributed to the rising demand for tableau. It is imperative that the data be immediately analyzed to make wise decisions. Organizations strive to react to user requests faster than their rivals. The data aids in knowing what the users desire; yet, to do all of this work, trained specialists are needed, which leads to the increased demand for tableau jobs. The easiest and most straightforward visualization tool for processing these data is Tableau.

What is the Career Scope in Tableau?

Tableau offers attractive careers; the minimum and maximum yearly salaries are $106,000 and $158,000, respectively. The average compensation for Tableau Jobs in India is 500,000 Indian rupees. The most in-demand skill is knowledge of Tableau.

The average compensation for Tableau job openings is 5.5 LPA, with salary ranges between 4.0 LPA and 9.0 LPA as per the report of Glassdoor. The compensation may be higher due to a variety of factors, including job responsibilities, location, employer type, experience, skill set, and so on.

What are the various Tableau Jobs?

One can choose any of the following Tableau Jobs to start a career in Data Analytics

  • Tableau Consultant 
  • Data / Business Analyst
  • Tableau Developer

Tableau Consultant

The raw data is transformed into understandable data by Tableau Consultants so that the main concepts are highlighted. They are responsible for creating interactive dashboards, reports, and templates and focus on data visualization, which enables enterprises to readily understand the data without becoming bogged down in intricacies.

Major Responsibilities of Tableau Consultant

  • Locating the data sources that can be used to produce the data visualization
  • Creating understandable charts, graphs, diagrams, and other graphics to create visual representations of data
  • Interacting with clients to ascertain their requirements and intended uses for Tableau
  • Perform data analysis to see what insights it can offer
  • Gaining knowledge of the client’s business issues to use data visualization techniques to successfully address them
  • Making enticing visualizations that help people learn, remember, and use data
  • Creating powerful graphics depending on the client’s goals and target audience
  • Presenting facts to clients in a manner that is understandable to them
  • Making suggestions for how to use data visualization to improve business processes

Salary and Job Outlook of Tableau Consultant

The average compensation in the highly rewarding sector of table consulting is 8.0 LPA, with salaries ranging from 3.7 LPA to 16.2 LPA The increased use of data visualization in business and government will be a significant factor in career development. With the use of Tableau software, users can quickly produce visual representations of massive volumes of data, which can make information easier for decision-makers to comprehend.

Required Skills to obtain Tableau Consultant Job

To succeed, Tableau consultants require the following abilities:

Technical Skills : Technical aptitudes are the capacity to operate hardware and software. A thorough understanding of dashboards, visualizations, data cleaning, data modeling, etc. is essential for a tableau consultant.

Communication Skills : It goes without saying that in order to succeed in any work, it’s extremely important to have good communication skills. You might need to interact with customers, members of your team, and other stakeholders. You may cultivate relationships, establish trust, and finish tasks on schedule by using effective communication.

Business Savvy : Business savvy is the capacity to recognize a company’s demands and know how to meet them. You might be collaborating with a business as a consultant to provide a fresh approach to data visualization. You can better comprehend the company’s objectives and how to provide a solution that satisfies their demands if you have great business acumen.

Problem-solving Skills : A data analyst may run into difficulties with data collecting, data input, or data visualization. As a result, problem-solving skills are crucial. Problem-solving skills help you as a consultant in recognizing and resolving challenges that develop throughout a project.

Data Analyst

Another in-demand profession is that of the data analyst, who uses methods to evaluate data and generate reports on which decisions can be made. The data analysts must gather information from both primary and secondary sources, spot patterns and trends, and ultimately evaluate the findings.

Major Responsibilities of Tableau Data Analyst

  • Tableau Dashboard design, development, testing, and deployment
  • Create BI dashboard solutions while following the BI Technical Lead’s instructions.
  • Organize complex business issues and provide visualization fixes.
  • Create analytical dashboards by utilizing advanced Tableau features (such as parameters, actions, tooltip adjustments, API, etc.).
  • Gain a thorough understanding of business requirements, and define technical and process requirements in collaboration with business users and business analysts.
  • Create productive working relationships with your team.

Job Outlook and Salary for a Tableau Data Analyst

With less than two years of experience to eight years of experience, Data Analyst and Tableau Developer salaries in India range from 3.5 lakhs to 12.4 lakhs, with an average yearly pay of 5.5 lakhs based on 54 salaries. This report is based on 

Job Outlook and Salary for a Tableau Data Analyst
Required DegreeInformation Systems, Business Administration, Healthcare Administration
Job Growth (2020 to 2030)22% 
Median Salary$65,810
Key SkillsData Reporting, Auditing, Warehousing

Required Skills to obtain Tableau Data Analyst Job

The following soft skills are essential for today’s Tableau data analysts with the highest technical aptitude.

  • An understanding of how to arrange data for efficient data analysis data from many sources, organize, process, and model it, enormous amounts of organized or unstructured data for analysis, and Prepare and present data in the most effective formats for making decisions and addressing problems.
  • Employing self-service analytics tools, being able to comprehend the advantages and difficulties of using data visualization, understanding the basics of market solutions When creating analyses, being aware of and using the best practices and methodologies, and the possibility of sharing outcomes through applications or self-service dashboards.
  • To work directly with the programs that analyze, process, and visualize data, the ability to build efficient and maintainable code is essential. Data parsing programs and algorithms should be developed and using APIs, data should be collected and prepared.
  • The ability to undertake exploratory data analysis and uncover important patterns and relationships using mathematics and statistics to distinguish between signal and noise, to use complex statistical reasoning, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different test models, and to understand how and why they relate to a given problem.
  • Ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI) To comprehend how and when machine learning and artificial intelligence are suitable for the business, To create effective AI solutions, train your models and deploy them, and describe models and projections in ways that the business will find useful.

Other than technical skills, they must have critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, proactive problem-solving skills, intellectual curiosity, and business sense.

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Tableau Developer

A Tableau Developer makes use of Tableau technology for business intelligence (BI) processes, data analysis, and visualization. They are in charge of creating, managing, and keeping up an organization’s BI system. As more and more businesses choose data analytics, this position is in high demand.

Major Responsibilities of Tableau Developer

The following are the key responsibilities of a Tableau Developer:

  • Making graphics for the data that was retrieved using Tableau
  • Analyzing data to find patterns and insightful information
  • making dashboard designs
  • In charge of the Tableau Server
  • Big data management
  • Bending SQL queries to enhance performance
  • Examining and fixing errors in corporate procedures
  • Identifying the essential areas for automation to improve business processes

Job Outlook and Salary of a Tableau Developer

As per Indeed, the typical income for a Tableau Developer is US$117k in the United States and 700k in India annually. Additionally, there were more than 10,000 job openings for Tableau Developers in India in 2019. Therefore, it is obvious that there is a vast opportunity for Tableau Developers. But depending on the experience level, geographic area, and job duties of a Tableau Developer, the pay scale may vary.

Required Skills to become a Tableau Developer

The following are the qualifications needed to become a Tableau Developer:

Technical Areas of expertise 

  • Thorough familiarity with and comprehension of RDBMS systems, SQL, business intelligence, and data analytics.
  • mastery of analytical techniques and database querying tools
  • extensive knowledge of creating and maintaining reports and dashboards in Tableau
  • proficiency with SQL queries, procedures, and the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SSRS, and SSAS
  • Strong analytical abilities to foresee and predict trends and insights utilizing historical and current data Data architecture, data modeling, data mapping, data analysis, and data visualization
  • Experience presenting data at the enterprise level using a variety of bars, charts, models, and dashboards
  • Excellent Excel, PL/SQL, ETL, and Tableau platform skills and experience
  • knowledge of the many Tableau versions and products, such as Tableau Server, Tableau Public, Tableau Online, and Tableau Desktop
  • able to create dynamic dashboards with great visuals
  • able to combine and modify data to create dashboards and visualizations
  • understanding of data movement, integration, and extensions for Tableau
  • An extra benefit is having certifications in Tableau and other BI tools.
  • A plus is having practical experience with Power BI, SAP Analytics, and ticketing systems.

Other than technical skills, one must have an analytical mindset, problem-solving skills, and storytelling to obtain a Tableau Job.


This article has thoroughly explained all of the available Tableau vacancies and how to succeed in one. You have a great chance to begin a career in tableau if you discover prominent names in a trend. To help you decide on a career in tableau, we’ve covered a variety of employment roles, salaries, and job responsibilities.