The spoken English course in Chennai at SLA Jobs is fun-filled and interactive, without compromising on quality. We have prepared our syllabus with essential components such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Our expert and experienced trainers are handling the spoken English classes. They train learners through regular activities, daily practices, grammar exercises, official email structure, assessments, accent improvisation, and so on.

The students will also be trained for resume preparations, aptitude rounds for the interviews, group discussion practices, client presentations, and corporate speeches. We provide basic to advanced-level spoken English practices according to the skill set of every individual learner. Our trainers can customize the syllabus to provide personalized coaching that improves learner’s communication skills.

Best Spoken English Course in Chennai

SLA Jobs is the leading Spoken English Training Institute in Chennai that covers every aspect of personality development, such as effective communication, meet-and-greet techniques, corporate jargon, voice modulations, accent and etiquette, and powerful presentation. Our course can be combined with the top 10 software courses for high-paying careers that help you kick-start your dream IT job.

Spoken English Training in Chennai

Acquiring proficiency in spoken English can boost your self-confidence in your ability to communicate and enhance your employment opportunities. Additionally, it can make you stand out from the competition when you go to interviews or submit job applications.

The goal of SLA Jobs' spoken English classes in Chennai is to make students feel more comfortable in their ability to communicate as well as more expressive and fluent when speaking English. Anyone who wants to improve their spoken English and get ready for presentations, job interviews, and other real-world scenarios should take this course. Join any of our trending software courses for non-IT graduates and get discounts for this spoken English course at SLA Jobs.

Spoken English Certification Course in Chennai

SLA's spoken English course in Chennai aims to provide learners with increased confidence while speaking the language, an essential understanding of English grammar and pronunciation, and the capacity to communicate properly in a range of contexts.

Every learner’s word pronunciation, voice tone, rules of grammar, vocabulary, interpersonal skills, reading and listening skills, and writing skills will be enhanced through our spoken English class in Chennai. It will also enable you to speak English more naturally and with a higher level of confidence. Purse your IT career through our Top 10 Software Jobs with the highest pay, along with personality development classes on the go.

Another fantastic way to acquire language proficiency is through online spoken English classes at SLA. They allow you to learn at the convenience of your own home and your own speed. Online spoken English courses often offer a range of tools and resources to help you practice what you're learning and monitor your progress. They are also typically interactive and instructor-led.

Skills Covered in our Spoken English Classes in Chennai

The concepts covered in this spoken English training include LSRW (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), oral drilling, vocabulary enhancements, phonetic sounds, meeting etiquette, pronunciations, phrases, idioms, expressions, everyday conversations, and so on. At the end of our Spoken English Course in Chennai at SLA Jobs, the students will be able to work for big IT firms, mass media, government sectors, commercial groups, and all other departments. They can also manage teams well through the improved collaboration skills they have gotten through our spoken English classes.

Benefits of Spoken English Course

Increased chances of a successful life: The only language that is widely spoken and understood is English. English is a language that many students study as a second language because it improves their communication skills and gives them access to fantastic academic and professional opportunities in the future.

Improved thinking abilities: It's a common belief that speaking and studying English as a second language increases mental flexibility and offers several cognitive advantages, including increasing creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Cognitive Development: Learning a new language is a beneficial educational and intellectual experience since it exposes you to a foreign culture. Ultimately, you will gain insight from having an open mind in both personal and professional connections. Also, you will be able to converse with individuals from all around the world because they will have a solid understanding of how various cultures operate.

Freedom of Expression: You can speak fluent English and will be able to do everything in any English-speaking environment, including interacting with others, presenting projects, and more.

Influenced Life: A proficient English speaker can provide a positive impression, which facilitates their ability to influence others and get respect in both their personal and professional lives.

Enhanced confidence and communication skills: If you speak English fluently, you will look more competent and feel happier about yourself. You can also attend Top HR Interview Questions and Answers confidently through our spoken English classes in Chennai

Improved comprehension and knowledge: Learning English helps you explore the vast domain of knowledge. The majority of scholarly articles and outstanding literary works are composed in English.

At the end of this spoken English course, you will be able to:

  • Connect with people easily, as there are 1,121 million native and non-native speakers around the world.
  • Negotiate with clients and customers for successful business sign-ups.
  • Communicate effectively while you are traveling to most foreign countries
  • Explore a wide range of opportunities for higher earning potential
  • Attend prestigious universities to study abroad.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills and increase your creativity.
  • Keep your mind shaped for longer
  • Give presentations in corporate meetings
  • Collaborate team with effective communication
  • Attend interviews in top MNCs

Spoken English Course Fee and Duration

The duration of our spoken English classes in Chennai is around 45 to 60 hours. We have designed a curriculum that can be personalized as per the needs of learners according to their skill level. You can pay a spoken English course fee after you check out the features and benefits by booking a free demo class today.

Our spoken English training cost will be affordable and you can pay it through any mode of transaction, such as UPI, Net Banking, Cash, etc. Talk to our career counselor for discounts and other benefits of a spoken English course in Chennai.

Who can attend our spoken English classes in Chennai at SLA?

Our spoken English course in Chennai is available in online classes and classroom mode for:

  • Freshers who are interested in kick-starting their career in any field
  • Working professionals in the workforce who wish to advance their careers in corporate culture may also choose to enroll in this course.
  • School and college students can personalize the syllabus as per their skill level and take up the spoken English classes in their flexible class timings.

Prerequisites for our spoken English course

Depending on the course level, various requirements apply for spoken English courses. In general, the student should be able to comprehend and construct simple phrases in English, have a functional vocabulary, and have a basic comprehension of English grammar. You can start at the basic level if you are very new to English. Explore our blog to learn how much the Google salary is for Freshers and accelerate your communication skills along with your technical skills accordingly.

Spoken English Course Syllabus

At SLA Jobs, we focus on improving the practice of English fluency, which helps you mainly in job interviews, corporate culture, client presentations, and other professional developments. We begin with an introduction and make you travel with essentials like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, conversation, listening, fluency, group discussion, debates, and so on. Download a free copy of our spoken English course here.

Trainers Profile

SLA Jobs has skilled trainers who are experienced, skilled, and native speakers and have a passion for tuning up youngsters for the industry through our spoken English classes in Chennai. They are well-versed in grammar, vocabulary, phrases, syllabus preparation, phonetics, and other essentials of the English language.

They will update themselves with tools and technologies used to provide training easily and effectively. Our spoken English trainers have strong experience in industry conversation, corporate culture, professional etiquette, and business deals. So they can give elaborate training on these concepts with regular practices in our spoken English training institute in Chennai.

Learner Reviews

Excellent location to learn spoken English from qualified instructors. I recently went to an interview with Hexaware with a respectable package. I advise folks to sign up with SLA to improve their future. - Usha Kaviraj

Together with my Java training in Chennai, I completed my spoken English course at SLA. It's a great resource for learning more about professional development courses as well as technical ones. The instructional environment is excellent, and the trainers are excellent. The labs and classrooms are excellent. Through unmatched placement assistance, they provide opportunities. Those classes come in quite handy when it comes time for interviews. They guarantee employment prospects. - Amit Varma

Learners receive excellent support from a committed team and extremely thorough spoken English classes in Chennai. It helps in improving our abilities to meet the demands of various IT firms. - Sudeep Chan

Some Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to spoken English, which is an on-demand talent, a lot of regularly asked questions come up from time to time. Here are some of the most common questions that may help you get the answers you need.

How would the spoken English classes enhance your professional development?

Getting certified in spoken English will help you communicate more effectively, which will improve your professional possibilities. Proficiency in English can help you become more confident in professional situations and lead to work opportunities in a variety of industries.

Who should enroll in these courses for spoken English?

The spoken English courses are intended for anyone who wants to get better at communicating in English. It is perfect for people who want to become more comfortable speaking English in social and professional contexts, as well as for people who might need to speak the language for work or academic purposes.

Why are spoken English classes necessary?

Being able to communicate effectively in English will surely increase revenue in any line of work. It affects hiring procedures in a range of industries as well. Speaking effectively in English also makes it easier, both personally and professionally, to travel and build relationships with people from all over the world.

What services for spoken English classes in Chennai are offered by SLA Jobs?

Our instructors help the students by providing them with real-world examples and hands-on instruction to help them become more confident communicators. At SLA Jobs, we also offer verified course completion certificates. We give the student's education and jobs more importance by giving them extra guidance on doing mock interviews and writing compelling resumes. Enroll in affordable spoken English classes in Chennai at SLA Jobs to gain access to all opportunities.

How Big Will An English-Speaking Batch Be At SLA Jobs?

At SLA Jobs, we think it's important to provide each student with individualized attention so they may feel equipped to answer any questions they may have about challenging and complex subjects. Thus, we limit the number of participants in each spoken English batch to 5 or 6.

How Can I Enroll in SLA Jobs' Spoken English Course?

You can just complete the form for inquiries that is available on our official SLA Jobs website. or give our career counselor a call at 86087 00340.