Role Of Python In Artificial Intelligence

Python is very useful by its prototyping algorithm for Python in Artificial Intelligence. Python has special standardized algorithms such as intuitive syntax, data structures and basic control flow for AI and also supports interpretive run-time without standard compiler languages.

Python and AI

It is an object-oriented, high -level and interpreted a programming language with dynamic semantics. It reduces the cost of program maintenance by its easy readable and simple syntax which is readable even to beginners.

Artificial Intelligence:
It is an area of computer science that gives priority to creating intelligent machines that can work like a human-beings such as speech recognition, visual perception, translation, and even decision making.

Features and Advantages of Python:

Easy Interpretation by an Emulator or Virtual Machines:
It does not need to be compiled into machine language before execution but can be run directly by the programmer with the use of native machine language that is understandable to the hardware.

High-Level Programming Language:
It deals with variables, arrays, complex arithmetic, objects, Boolean expressions, and other abstract concepts to make it exhaustive for increasing usability.

General Purpose Programming Language: It can be used over technologies and domains.

Dynamic Type System and Automatic Memory Management:
It has a variety of programming templates which include imperative, object-oriented, functional and procedural features.

It can run on all operating systems and it is an open-source programming language.

Why Python and AI?

Python offers 1/5th of code compared to other OOPs languages. Some more reasons there why we should choose python for AI among other programming languages.

Built-In Libraries:

Numpy for scientific computation, PyBrain for Python Machine Language, Scipy for advances Computing are the libraries to make Python is the suitable language for AI.

Robust Community: :

Python developers around the world provide vast support and assistance through forums, tutorials to help code writer’s job easier.

Platform Independent:

It gives flexible use across different operating systems with a few modifications in basic coding.

Choice of OOPs Concept and Scripting:

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) support to avoid struggles of developers with the use of many algorithms.

Decoding Python with AI

Python has various library packages to develop and decode the AI project. Some of the specialized packages as follows:


It is used as a container for generic data comprising of an N-Dimensional Array Object, Integrating tools for C/C++ Codes, Random Number Capacity, and other functions.


It gives easy-to-use data structures and analytics tools for Python and it is an open-source library.

It is a 2D plotting library to create publication-quality images.

“Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach” by Russel and Norvig used for implementing algorithms for general AI.

pyDatalog: It is a logic programming engine in Python.

EasyAI: It used to create a simple python engine for two-players games with AI. (Ex: Negamax)

PyBrain: Simple but Effective algorithm for Machine Learning which provides predefined environments to test and compare.

PyML: It is a bilateral framework for SVMs and other kernel methods. And also it supported on Linux and Mac OS X.

Scikit-Learn: It is the most popular library for Machine Learning that is a highly effective tool for data analysis.

MDP-Toolkit: It has both supervised and unsupervised learning algorithm which can be expanded to the use of network architecture.

NLTK: Natural Language Toolkit is used to do linguistic data and documentation for research and development in text analysis and Natural Language Processing.

Python Vs C++ for AI

Python has a lot of features to prove its high performance over C++. Some of the differences as below

Java and Python:

Some of the differences as below explain how Python is more benefited than Java

Bottom Line

Python fulfils every need for Artificial Intelligence application development by providing powerful frameworks and effective libraries along with the use of easy-to-use tools for visualization. When AI needs 500KB of code in Java, Python can be executed with 20 to 30 lines of code including libraries proves the Python plays a crucial role in Artificial Intelligence. Learn the best Python and Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs along with the coherent materials and the skilful trainers and also the placement guidance