Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Difference Between Machine Learning and AI and some real-time examples

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning are the trending words now. But several of us use these terms interchangeably that we need to have a better insight of them. The basic difference between AI and Machine learning is that machine learning is a sub field of Artificial Intelligence.

Delving into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI can be considered as the best of advanced computer intelligence. It can take the role of a computer program playing chess or a personal assistant voice-recognition system like Alexa that is able to respond to speech and interpret it.

The core element of Machine learning is that machines learn by themselves by imbibing data from several sources. Artificial Intelligence is the broader concept of machines that are in a position to perform tasks in a smart manner, Machine Learning is an application of AI which focuses that we should give machines access to data and make them learn things in their own pace. Machine learning lets machines to carry out predictions depending on the recognition of complex data sets and patterns. This is the exact difference that makes ML distinct from hand-coding of a software programs wherein particular instructions are required for finishing the activity.

Real-World Examples of AI and Machine Learning


Those of you reading this article would most probably have a smartphone. Even you would be reading this article through a smartphone. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, you are communicating with AI if you are using a smartphone. For example, the built-in smart assistants, portrait mode in the camera etc. are examples of artificial intelligence.

Google Maps

Google Maps has made everyone of us a great explorer. There is no panic nowadays in getting lost and we needn’t depend on a stranger for the routes. But do we really appreciate the greatness of technology that makes our lives so convenient? Google’s traffic forecast are dependent on AI algorithms that gather location-based data from smartphones in the vicinity of a location.

Movie Recommendations

Artificial intelligence algorithms are sufficiently robust to make out your thought processes and preferences and recommend suitable things. Platforms including Netflix will show a television series to you that you love a lot. The key lies in the precise recommendations.

Virtual Personal Assistants

Siri, Google Now, Alexa are few of the famous examples of virtual personal assistants.

They help in locating information through voice support.  You just have to ask “What are the flights from Chennai to France” or relevant questions. For the purpose of replying to your questions, your personal assistant searches for the information, recalls your pertinent queries etc. Alarms can also be asked to be set by you to the assistant.

Machine learning is a crucial part of these assistants since they deal with the information based on your earlier interaction with them. This group of data is used to generate results that are customized for your preferences.

Videos Surveillance

The video surveillance system in the present times are powered by AI that finds out crime even before they take place. They follow unusual behavior of individuals. The system will eventually offer an alert to humans. Here machine learning is performing the job at the backend.

Social Media Services

Whether you are personalizing your news feeds or optimizing for good ads targeting, social media platforms are making use of machine learning for their own and also the user. People You May Know and Face Recognition of Facebook are just examples of machine learning.