AWS Salary in India for Freshers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has dominated the public cloud services market for a long time. By the end of 2023, Synergy Research Group’s estimations for Amazon’s share of the global cloud infrastructure market put it at 32%. This article will go over the AWS salary for freshers in India, the benefits of earning an AWS certification, and how getting certified can help you further your career. Let’s continue reading!

An Overview of Cloud Computing

The future lies in cloud computing. The world after the epidemic is embracing the cloud more deeply and broadly than it has in the past. Because of this, working in the cloud computing industry is desirable, and many of the biggest companies are employers.  The largest and most popular cloud platform in the world is Amazon Web Services (AWS), and as more people utilize cloud computing, AWS salaries in India are rising dramatically. Develop your cloud computing skills by understanding what AWS EC2 instances are.

Employees at AWS are exposed to a scale that is hard to find elsewhere. Freshers and experienced professionals alike are eager to work for the company that started from nothing and grew to become a billionaire, leaving rival cloud services far behind.

What is AWS?

A platform for cloud services called Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers some features that help businesses expand and flourish.

Among the many exciting features offered by AWS are the ability to run web and application servers in the cloud to host dynamic websites, store all of your files securely in the cloud for remote access, store information using managed databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL Server, send bulk emails to clients, and deliver static and dynamic files quickly.

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Amazon Salary for Freshers

An AWS Solutions Architect’s annual salary begins at ₹674,000. The applicants’ annual compensation will rise to ₹13,85,144 once they have five to nine years of experience. The income will also rise to ₹19,49,574 annually if the job years increase to 10 years or more. If the employees stay with the company and work there for more than 20 years, their average yearly salary will increase to ₹24,93,285. Explore AWS fresher jobs in Chennai.

Amazon Employee Salary in India: Location Aspects

In urban areas, a solution architect typically makes the following salary:

The following are the PA amounts: New Delhi: ₹7,67,000; Mumbai: ₹1,195,000; Chennai: ₹6,44,000; Hyderabad: ₹5,51,000; Kolkata: ₹9,50,000.

AWS Salary in India for 3 Years Experience

If you are an AWS architect with less than a year of experience, your annual salary will be approximately ₹4,80,000. Professionals with six to fourteen years of experience have the potential to earn up to ₹1,800,000 PA; those with fifteen or more years of expertise run the danger of earning more than ₹3,000,000 annually. Senior solution architects who work for prestigious companies and have the necessary experience may be able to advance to ₹5,000,000 PA.

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AWS Salary in India: Employer Terms

Accenture will typically pay its solution architects between ₹4,36,000 and ₹30,00,000 PA. 

The AWS architects will get between ₹4,20,000 and ₹20,00,000 PA from Tata Consultancy Services. 

Other names include Ericsson Inc., which has a PA of ₹20,00,000; 

HCL Technologies Ltd., which has a PA of ₹2,98,000; 

Wipro Technologies Ltd., which has a PA of ₹4,00,000; and 

Tech Mahindra Ltd., which has a PA of ₹20,00,000.

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Tips To Improve Your AWS Salary

Combining your skills, degrees, and appropriate certifications with real-world experience will increase your compensation as an AWS-certified professional in India. This is a thorough strategy to increase the pay for your AWS certification:

Skills: Master AWS Services: Expand your knowledge of EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, and other AWS services. DevOps Practices: Learn about CI/CD pipelines, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, as well as DevOps techniques.

Certifications: AWS Certifications: Depending on your area of interest, start with the AWS Certified Security Specialty, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, or AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification.

Degrees: Master’s or Bachelor’s: A degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar discipline is not required, but it can lead to higher-paying positions.

Practical Expertise: Work on actual AWS projects to obtain real-world expertise. Begin with entry-level jobs and work your way up to more senior ones.

Demand: Your pay may vary significantly depending on the demand and availability of AWS specialists in your area. Higher pay is frequently the outcome of a high demand for AWS expertise, particularly when there is a shortage of qualified workers.

Why getting an AWS certification is essential for your career.

AWS Certifications (US, India, and UK)

AWS certifications have a big impact on salary levels. The following are US typical pay ranges for several AWS certifications:

  • $126,894 for an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • $1,23,839 for an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

The following lists the typical pay for AWS associates in India, along with the various AWS certifications that are recognized there:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Salary in India is ₹4,60,000.
  • Salary for an AWS sysops administrator in India: ₹6,25,651

The average salary for various AWS certifications in the UK is as follows:

  • Professional salary for an AWS solution architect in the UK: £57,171
  • Salary for an Amazon-certified cloud practitioner in the UK: £61,018

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Why do Amazon professionals get such high salaries? 

We are going to explore the elements that go into the high salary that AWS Certified Professionals receive in this part. Let’s examine them down below:

High Demand for AWS Services: As more businesses use AWS for their infrastructure and application requirements, there is an increasing need for qualified AWS specialists.

Complexity and Criticality: Designing, implementing, and managing AWS services successfully requires skill due to their complexity.

Lack of qualified AWS workers: The swift development of cloud computing has resulted in a scarcity of skilled workers.

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The heart of cloud innovation is AWS, and in the cutthroat tech industry, having an AWS certification is like wearing armor. Invest in your career’s future by enrolling in SLA’s AWS training in Chennai and benefiting from your AWS experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career and maintain your competitive edge.