Aws Cloud Practitioner An Overview

1AWS Cloud Practitioner: An Overview

Cloud usage has experienced a rapid increase as the worldwide epidemic forced millions of enterprises to operate their teams and operations digitally. Global cloud spending has increased to $29 billion in the first quarter of 2020 alone, a staggering 37% increase from the previous year. Companies are recruiting heavily in an effort to support the rapid growth of cloud activities. One of the top trends in the current IT skills market, according to, is the tremendous increase in demand for cloud talents as more and more businesses utilize cloud services.

Here is your chance to learn about cloud architecture and turn into a priceless asset for businesses wishing to create, move, and run on the cloud if you want to carve out a successful career in IT or push your current IT job in blossoming new areas.

Starting this journey as an AWS cloud practitioner is highly recommended. And here is why. In addition to being one of the most widely used and basic certifications in terms of application, it is also one of the prerequisites for operating the Amazon cloud.

2What Does a Cloud Practitioner with an AWS Certification Do?

Let’s review the responsibilities of the position of cloud architect now that you have a better understanding of why earning an AWS cloud practitioner certification might be your first step in that direction.

As the name suggests, a company’s cloud computing infrastructure is managed by cloud architects. Their responsibilities include helping their organization’s teams deal with high-risk situations, analyzing workload designs, and participating in cloud migration projects.

Also, they act as a bridge between the business and technical facets of a company’s cloud usage. They therefore have a responsibility to ensure that the developers’ technology decisions are closely tied to the objectives of their firm.

3Everything You Need to Know to Become an AWS Certified Cloud Professional

To do AWS Cloud Practitioner job effectively, a cloud architect needs a combination of business, technical, and interpersonal skills. On the commercial front, they must:

  • Recognize how hardware and software systems realize business visions.
  • Get insight into the issues and workflows of end users, then utilize that information to create solutions that boost productivity.
  • Possess a solid understanding of a project’s technical features so they can provide a compelling argument for buy-in
  • Fix scalability problems
  • Address issues with third-party software integration

Technical competencies for an AWS cloud practitioner include:

  • Managing the design and deployment of apps on Amazon platforms
  • Creating strategies for implementing cloud solutions
  • Administration and oversight of cloud platforms
  • Designing and developing cloud-based apps
  • In-depth knowledge of BASH scripting, Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of data security and compliance laws
  • Capabilities in networking and security
  • Knowledge of the Linux operating system, including the ability to use Docker to accomplish containerization and run Unix commands
  • Good understanding of the many technologies required for application development and deployment in the AWS environment, including Ansible, Chef, Docker, and Jenkins.
  • Managing complicated projects with the use of technologies like Jira.

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4Salary of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Practitioner certification has potentially considerable financial advantages. It not only sets you for a profitable job in firms embracing the cloud, but it also creates a path for you to move to more difficult technical responsibilities with higher compensation.

The 2020 Top-Paying IT Certifications report from Global Knowledge lists the Amazon Cloud Practitioner pay as one of the top ten best-paid IT credentials in the US. According to PayScale, an Amazon Cloud specialist earns an average yearly pay of $160,000 in the United States. The salary range for an AWS cloud practitioner in India is between ₹1,297K and ₹1,416K.

5AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Can Put Your Career on Cloud Nine!

You can put a stamp on your abilities to create and deliver carefully-architected solutions on Amazon by earning an AWS cloud practitioner certification. It increases the trust that recruiting firms have in your abilities, which improves your career prospects.


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