UI/UX Course in Chennai

By analyzing consumer needs, conducting research, and building intuitive interfaces, UX design focuses on establishing a smooth and meaningful user experience, whereas UI design focuses on the visual, interactive parts of a product to produce aesthetically beautiful interfaces. Join SLA Jobs to learn the best UI/UX course in Chennai with 100% placement assistance.

UI/UX Training in Chennai

A user experience designer considers how the experience makes the user feel and how simple it is for the user to do their desired tasks. They also watch and perform task analytics to determine how users finish tasks in a user flow. In our UI/UX design courses in Chennai, we train students how to develop a quick, effective, coherent, and satisfying user experience.

Overview of our UI/UX Course in Chennai

In UI and UX design, there is a lot of similarity. Even if there are distinctions between UX and UI, the majority of designers acknowledge that in the project design process, UX comes before UI. As a result, it only makes sense to learn to be a UI or UX designer in the same order. How much salary do you expect in the UI/UX field? The following are the things to learn about UI/UX:

  • User experience design refers to the process of designing and improving the quality of interaction between a user and all components of a company. User interface design is an entirely digital activity. It takes into account all of a product interface’s visual and interaction aspects, such as buttons, icons, spacing, typography, color schemes, and responsive design.
  • User experience design is a non-digital activity that is mostly used by digital businesses. The purpose of UI design is to visually lead the user through the interface of a product. It all comes down to creating a straightforward experience that does not require the customer to think too much!
  • UX design is concerned with the whole feel of the experience rather than images. UI design applies a brand’s strengths and visual assets to a product’s interface, assuring consistency, coherence, and aesthetically pleasant design.

The UI/UX course is one of the top 10 software courses for high-paying careers. Enhance your web design and development skills by enrolling in our UI/UX course in Chennai.

About UI/UX Course Program in Chennai

UX Designer 

The role of the UX designer varies greatly based on the type of firm in which they operate. The ultimate goal of learning UX is to tie business goals to user needs through a process of user and usability testing and refining towards a solution that satisfies both sides of the interaction. The UI/UX course is suitable for trending software courses for non-IT graduates. The following are the tasks and responsibilities of UX designers:

  • Strategy and content that includes competitor analysis, user research, product structure, and content development.
  • Wireframing and prototyping consist of wireframing, prototyping, testing, iteration, and development planning.
  • Execution and analytics that coordinate UI designers and developers, tracking goals and integration, and UX analysis and iteration
Key Skills of UX Designers
  • Communication and collaboration skills, along with broad-minded
  • Continuous learning and curiosity about new trends
  • Critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills
  • Well-versed in user research and analysis techniques
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • In-depth knowledge of information architecture
  • Understanding of user and usability testing

UI Designer

The user interface (UI) role is critical to any digital interface and, for customers, an essential component of trusting a brand. While the UI designer is never completely responsible for the brand, its translation to the product is. The learning of UI/UX design will open doors of opportunity in the top 10 software jobs with the highest pay in 2023. The following are the tasks and responsibilities of UI designers:

  • Create the appealing look and feel of the product through customer analysis, design research, branding, graphic development, user guides, and storylines.
  • Develop a product with responsiveness and interactivity using UI prototyping, interactivity and animation, adaptation to all device screen sizes, and implementation with the developer.
Key Skills of UI Designers
  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving ability
  • Visual branding skills, color theory, typography, and icon design
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • In-depth understanding of responsive design
  • Animation and interactivity

Gain a solid foundation for full-stack developer training in Chennai with an in-depth understanding of UI/UX design. UI without UX is like someone who enjoys throwing paint on a canvas without thinking, but UX without UI is like a sculpture frame with nothing but paper pasted on it. A strong product experience begins with UX and continues with UI. UI and UX are very important to the success of the product development. 

What’s New in UI/UX Design?

Nowadays, with an increasing number of virtual and remote working cultures, UX/UI trends have shifted dramatically. As a UX/UI aspirant, it is critical to stay updated on such ever-changing trends and to follow and imitate strong UX design examples. Our PHP training in Chennai provides you with the fundamentals of web design and development that help you accelerate your skills through UI/UX design features.

Some of the UI/UX trends of 2023 are as follows:

  • Neumorphism is a visual style that integrates background colors, gradients, shapes, and shadows to improve the graphical intensity of web page elements.
  • Advanced micro-interactions to craft a more instinctive experience.
  • Bold typography for grabbing users’ attention through Dropbox or Drift
  • 3D designs for attracting users to both web and mobile apps
  • Improved design systems, such as ant design, material design, and fluent design.
  • Virtual and remote collaboration
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • VUI (Voice User Interface) and touchless interactions
  • Frictionless authentication using social login and biometric login

As a result, it is crucial to maintain the current design trends to avoid missing out on movement, design, and an obsolete software experience. Stay updated with our placed students list through our IT courses to encourage you to land a job easily with SLA Jobs. 

Our Specialized UI/UX Course in Chennai

We offer UI/UX Certification Training in Chennai in both online and classroom formats, with course duration and scheduling that are flexible. Our UI/UX course syllabus can be tailored to the learners’ skill set. It will begin with fundamentals for beginners and can be tailored to working professionals with related fields or web design experience. Trainers of the UI/UX Course in Chennai have fundamental skills, are techies, and have a passion for teaching others. We provide world-class coaching with a balanced mix of practical and theoretical instruction to ensure that students understand the ideas completely.

Course Objectives of UI/UX Certification Course in Chennai

This UI/UX course will help you shape your career in UX design by teaching you how to use user-centered design principles. The course also covers the tools needed to create great user experience designs by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology. The core objectives of the UI/UX course are:

  • The significance of user experience design
  • User Experience Elements
  • How the user experience elements interact
  • The research procedure
  • Scope as a user experience component
  • Structure as a component of the user experience
  • Digital media organizing principles
  • Skeleton as a user experience component
  • A/B testing procedures for navigation design
  • How to Create Content Specifications
  • Prioritize specifications and requirements.
  • Make wireframes.
  • Visual design fundamentals
  • Best color and photographic use
  • Make a good information design.
  • Construct a functional specification.

UI/UX Course Fees and Duration in Chennai

Any candidate who has completed their graduation or is currently pursuing their degree is able to attend UI/UX training in Chennai. The UI/UX course duration is 45 to 60 hours and can be paired with a web designing course in Chennai to prepare students to become web developers with UI/UX skills.

UI/UX course fees in Chennai can be paid in two installments. UI/UX Training Cost will vary because it can be paired with a web design course. Call our career counselor for more information about the UI/UX training fee.

Who Should Attend UI/UX Training in Chennai?

Any interested applicant can enroll in our UI/UX course, and our curriculum is designed to meet industry standards while providing personalized services. We provide thorough hands-on training to students via online and classroom modes at their convenience. All of our virtual training is instructor-led and supplemented with hands-on experience on live projects. So that college students, working professionals, and recent graduates can learn UI/UX in Chennai at their own pace. In addition, the following people can take a UI/UX course.

  • Aspiring applicants interested in working with UI/UX design
  • Candidates with an interest in web design and development
  • Web developers who want to perform user experience and user interface

Prerequisites for Learning UI/UX Course in Chennai

There is no need for coding knowledge to master UI/UX. However, basic knowledge of the following principles is advantageous:

  • Web design and development
  • Graphic design and visual editing

Learn HTML training in Chennai if you want to start from scratch on web design and development.

UI/UX Course Syllabus

The UI/UX course syllabus has been specifically designed to cover key concepts such as effective user experience, user-centered design, ideation techniques, storyboarding, the development cycle, visualizing scenarios, prototyping, design techniques, typography, and so on, with complete hands-on experience on real-time projects. After completing the course, students will have a thorough understanding of UI/UX design ideas. 

Significance of UI/UX Course Program

A well-designed and developed website is essential. The following are some of the reasons why UI/UX is important:

  • It improves ROI by increasing customer happiness. 
  • It helps you understand your customers.
  • It increases the value of your brand
  • It saves both money and time.

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Scope of UI/UX Course in Chennai

The need for professional UI designers and UX developers has resulted in a surge in the number of people looking for a UI/UX design course in Mumbai. In India, there is a high demand for UI/UX designers. Vacancies for both new and seasoned UI/UX designers have risen dramatically in India in recent years.

The world is extremely competitive, and to thrive, businesses must be at the top of their game. This is only possible if they have a well-implemented user interface and outstanding design, which gives them an advantage. It is a skill-based field with several duties and almost limitless career potential. Companies design user-friendly websites to fulfill users’ specific needs. 

That is the responsibility of a UI/UX designer. So, for anyone with the necessary energy, imagination, and attention to detail, not to mention exclusive UI / UX pay packages for a comfortable living, the future offers immense promise. 

A worker with excellent abilities and a desire to learn and adapt might earn a sizable wage package both in India and overseas. One can pursue a career as an all-around UI designer. One can also work as a UI designer or UX developer.

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Job Roles in the UI/UX Design field

Upon the completion of our IBM-certified UI/UX course in Chennai, one can apply for the following jobs and our placement team will help you explore opportunities around the world.

  • UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Conduct UX Research
  • Product Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Prototype Creator
  • Information Architect
  • Interaction Designer
  • UX Strategist
  • UX Writer
  • Senior Architect
  • Product Manager
  • Wireframe Specialist

Companies, particularly start-ups, value UI programmers’ skills. A UI/UX designer can work in a variety of roles. Upgrade your skills through our UI/UX course in Chennai. Do you know that the Express.js framework simplifies web application development? If you are not aware, check out our blog, which explains what Express.js is.

Trainer Profile of UI/UX Course in Chennai

SLA offers skilled trainers with more than 15 years of experience in the web design sector who are knowledgeable in both theoretical and practical aspects of UI/UX design. Trainers are more personable with pupils to ensure personalized attention and full comprehension of web design fundamentals. 

  • Technical proficiency in UI/UX design is required.
  • Extensive experience in web development, mobile app development, and other related fields.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to explain even the most complex topics
  • Believe in the “Learn by Doing” technique and assign numerous real-world challenges.
  • Gain high-level international certification and 3500+ satisfied students.
  • Extensive experience with high-profile companies
  • Genuine interest in the placement of pupils

User Reviews

Ayaz – After attending the UI/UX training course, I learned a lot. Overall, very good. I am well-versed in web development concepts and their applications. Real-time scenario talks were quite beneficial. SLA is without a doubt the greatest UI/UX training institute in Chennai.

Mahendran – SLA’s free placement assistance is fantastic. This was recommended by a friend who completed his web design program, and I enrolled after viewing his results. This is a truly excellent institute for UI/UX training with reasonable course fees and their customer service is excellent at clarifying course specifics and program timetables. Excellent instructor and engaging classroom sessions!

Sudarsan – It is very efficient and has the best UI/UX training in Chennai. Even for novices, the syllabus is quite careful. I was an advanced learner, and the teacher was both knowledgeable and experienced. The training went as planned, and we were all looking forward to the upcoming sessions. A special note should be made of all of the practical sessions we had, which were really beneficial to my project work.

Savitha – SLA, provided me with my UI/UX training. It’s a great site to discover more about technical training. The trainers are excellent, and the instructional environment is excellent. The lab and classroom facilities are excellent. They provide placement services as well as soft-skill interview preparation training. These sessions are extremely beneficial throughout the interview process. They guarantee career opportunities.


Is UI/UX difficult to learn?

UX and UI design is a broad profession with numerous creative and technical roles available, such as those of department managers, project managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Learning UX and UI design is not tough, but learning everything that the field provides may be the most difficult aspect. We have a simple learning method in our UI/UX course in Chennai.

What is UI/UX?

UX design vs. UI design The phrase “UX design” stands for “user experience design,” while UI stands for “user interface design.” Both parts are essential to a product and function in combination. Learn the best UI/UX training in Chennai at SLA Jobs.

Does UI/UX involve coding?

UI/UX design is one of several non-technical positions in technology that do not require any coding or programming knowledge. However, prior coding knowledge or programming skills are advantageous because they simplify communication with developers.

Is UX a viable career path?

Based on these considerations, UX design is a viable career option. In fact, it’s widely regarded as one of the top digital vocations available. UX design is one of the few professions where the pay is equally satisfying as the job. Explore a wide range of opportunities in the web development field by enrolling in our UI/UX training institute in Chennai.

Which skills are required for UI/UX jobs?

UI/UX Designer Technical Skills: UX Research Skills, Information Architecture, Wireframing and Prototyping, UX Writing Skills, Visual Communication, Interaction Design Skills, Usability Testing, and Communication Skills

Why should I enroll in Softlogic Systems’ UI/UX Course?

You can earn IBM UI/UX certification after completing this UI/UX course at Softlogic. You can apply for some of the best positions at top MNCs all over the world, with top pay. SLA Jobs’ UI/UX Training course in Chennai includes 24/7 support, free course material updates, and lifetime access to the training materials.

How long does it take to complete the UI/UX Certification Course at SLA?

According to most experts, learning UI and UX at SLA Jobs can take three to six months. It depends on how quickly you learn, which will be determined by your prior experience. Enjoy lifetime free career guidance at our UI/UX training institute in Chennai.

Does SLA Jobs provide job assistance with UI/UX training?

Yes, SLA Jobs offers UI/UX training in Chennai to students from all over the world, along with 100% placement support. We have unique relationships with top multinational corporations all over the world for this. It helps to improve our ability to position individuals in famous firms such as TCS, Accenture, WNS, Hexaware, Dell, Capgemini, Deloitte, and others. Begin right away by enrolling in our UI/UX course.