The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

There are times when the business world is in a situation to think again about how they function. Big data takes up a significant role here. It has created ripples in the world. It is now considered as a wise act to embrace it at the outset itself so as to stay in the top.

Big Data and Decisions

Big data is useful in collecting, sorting, and evaluating complex data sets to come up with major business insights. This insight is considered to make sound decisions. Several industries apply it for a diverse range of business functions.

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Now let’s analyse why big data analytics is the best career move:

  • There is a constant need to deal effectively with large sum of data specifically due to the prevailing competition. This should also give longstanding benefits to the business. This is the exact reason sufficient knowledge of big data is needed.
  • Big data is not only driven by technology nowadays. It is also reaching to a spectrum of domains including
  • Research and Development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Product Development
  • Product Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Price Management
  • Human Resources
  • Banking
  • Finance Sector
  • Social Media etc.

Now we can see that even marketers, researchers etc. can make a career in this great field.

  • IDC (International Data Corporation) predicted that by 2020 there would have been 40 zettabytes of data generated. In fact, every industry has understood the potential of both structured and unstructured data.
  • Whether you are aware of it or not, big data plays a big role in your daily lives. The organizations are slowly realising that data analytics is gainful to them even for their daily activities. Data is turning out to be a major revenue generating asset to the company. This has paved way to the professionals to take up big data careers.
  • As per Payscale, the average salary for a Data Engineer is Rs 826,150 per year.
  • There is not doubt that social networking has turned out to be an essential part of our lives. Several users post messages, navigate the web, shop etc. Even sensor-based monitoring, satellite-dependent observations etc. possess tremendous information. These produce data at a high rate. There is a requirement to extract information from these logs. Data scientists are the need of the hour here.

These data scientists besides assessing existing data also predict data. Sometimes, the data present may not be genuine so extracting the right features is quite challenging.

There was also a great lack of data scientists. With regard to this, the top engineering universities have initiated specialized programmes to foster such professionals.

You can try for government jobs in data science domain. Both private and government sector has demand for this profession. Government companies are recruiting data scientists.

Final note

Nowadays many organizations look for experts to comprehend data and provide effective solutions. In this regard, the demand for data analytics professionals will continue to rise in the near future.