“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

DevOps is not only a cultural movement but it is also a philosophy. This makes it quite challenging to define the specific skill that you require a DevOps team to have so as to work seamlessly.

Here we list some important DevOps skills that organizations are looking at in the candidates.

Proficiency in Soft Skills

First of all, a DevOps Engineer is a member of the team. This Role does not motivate working as an individual. It rather encourages working in collaboration to enhance a product.

The Software Development Life Cycle is streamlined when software developers and operations staff coordinate effectively, communicate in a genuine manner, and work together towards a common goal.

Moreover, the risk factors are decreased, and projects are deployed with less bugs. Good interpersonal skills is a needed trait for DevOps candidates. Moreover, he/she should have good listening and problem-solving skills.

CI (Continuous Integration)

The objective of CI is to make the process of integration less complicated, and repeatable in a hassle free manner. This will decrease the total build costs and present defects in the outset itself. The developers will perform integration quicker and more frequently rather than delving on it in the end.

CD (Continuous Delivery)

“To successfully implement continuous delivery, you need to change the culture of how an entire organization views software development efforts.”

The primary objective of CD is to generate software in short cycles. This leads to new features being released swifty, securely and reliably at any time. CD comprises automating each and every step for build delivery, and it mitigates the problems that are innate in the deployment or release processes. The key is that there should be safe code release at any point.

Linux Basics and Scripting

Any Developer should consist of excellent scripting code skills. JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby Groovy etc. are some of the languages that the DevOps engineer must be able to code.

Whether it is writing manual code or replacing manual processes including assigning IP addresses or DNS codes, there is the requirement of an individual with the ability to write them. This skill is very much essential.

In order to become a DevOps engineer you should be knowing Linux fundamentals. Most of the organizations have their environment on Linux. Moreover, several tools including Puppet, Chef and Ansible consist of their master nodes on Linux.

Knowledge of Managing Servers

One of the primary activities that a DevOps professional performs is managing servers. Comprehending how servers work is mandatory and in order to perform this some good knowledge of hardware is required.

Sufficient Comprehension of Tools and Technologies

New Technologies and tools emerge continuously in the DevOps field. Having said that, its essential for a good DevOps engineer to have a good grasp of the following:

  • Source control including Git, Bucket etc.
  • Continuous Integration including Jenkins etc.
  • Infrastructure Automation including Puppet, Ansible.etc.
  • Container Concepts including Docker.
  • Cloud including AWS, Azure etc.
  • Monitoring tools including Nagios, Jenkins etc.

Indecisiveness is not appreciated for a DevOps role. The successful candidate will be able to confidently and swiftly make a decision. Taking quick decisions lets engineers to maintain the ability of quick development and efficient usage of new coding changes.

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