AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides products for data analytics to reduce the complexity of the building, managing and integrating the streaming applications to respond to the business and customer queries in real-time.

Top 5 AWS services for Data Analytics process are listed here:

Amazon Athena
Amazon EMR
AWS Glue
Amazon QuickSight
Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Athena:

It is an interactive query service to make easy on analyzing data in Amazon S3 with the use of standard SQL. Athena is a server-less product in which no infrastructure is needed for managing data and we can pay only for the queries that we run.


Start Querying Immediately: There is a built-in query editor to start querying. No ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) needed for the processing of data and it is server-less for avoiding configuration or set up.

Open, Powerful, and Standard: Athena uses Presto with ANSI SQL for data formats like CSV, JSON, Avro, Parquet, and ORC to handle complex analysis such as window functions, arrays, and large joins.

Pay Per Query: We can only pay for the query that is scanned by Athena. It costs $5 per terabyte of data scanned. No additional charges will be added for the complexity of the process.

Fast Interaction: Even for the large datasets, the performance is fast interactive as it is automatically executed the query in parallel.

Amazon EMR:

Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) is the best tool for big data analysis in which we can run and scale Apache Spark, HBase, Hadoop, Hive, Presto and other big data frameworks.

Many Industries across the globe having EMR to secure and reliable usage of its Big Data including Machine Learning , Data Processing, Bioinformatics, Deep Learning , Log Analysis Financial and Scientific Simulation. EMR gives flexibility for the services provided by AWS.


Easy to Use: EMR takes care of node provisioning, Hadoop configuration, Infrastructure setup, and cluster tuning as it launches the clusters in a minute. It allows collaboration over the process and explores, process, visualize the data in easy like notebook format.

Reliable: Less time is taken for tuning and monitoring the cluster. Clusters are always available and automatically fall over in case of any node failure.

Low Cost: Pricing of the EMR is simple and predictable. We have to pay as per the instance rate for every second with the minimum charge of one minute. It costs $0.15 per hour for the EMR Cluster.

Secure: It is automatically configured EC2 firewall settings and have control over the network access with the use of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Encryption options also used for strong authentication of the EMR process.

Elastic: EMR can process one, hundreds, or thousands of compute instances at any scale. It uses the Auto Scaling and Decoupling process for computing and persistent storage.

Flexible: We can have full control over the cluster and root access to every instance so that we can easily install applications and customize it with bootstrap actions.

AWS Glue:
AWS Glue is completely based on ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) service that makes it easy for the clients to prepare and load their data for analytics. We can create and run the ETL with very few clicks in the AWS Management Console. Once categorized, data can be immediately searchable, queryable, and available for ETL

Less Hassle: The integration of other AWS services gives the hassle-free process when onboarding the data.

Cost-Effective: AWS Glue is server-less. It need not any infrastructure to provision and manage. Therewith we can only pay for the resources used for the jobs that are running.

More Power: It involves the automation process of building, maintaining and running ETL jobs. It can shift the data sources, identifies the data formats, and suggest transformation and schemas.

Amazon QuickSight:

This is the first BI (Business Intelligence) service with the facility of pay per session and ML insights for every developer. As Amazon QuickSight is completely managed service, it makes us create and publish interactive dashboards to access from any device.

Pay only for what we use: In QuickSight there will be no upfront cost, no annual commitments, no charges are taken for the inactive users, and allow everyone as per the data needed.

Scale from 10 users to 10000: Without any additional infrastructure, QuickSight scales tens of thousands of users using the serverless architecture. No server or installation of new software needed for provisioning and managing the data.

Embedded Self-Service data analytics: Seamless authentication and powerful APIs are used to embed the data analytics process by the user to save time and money on development and maintenance.

End-to-End BI Solution: It integrates the user’s cloud with other AWS services to provide end-to-end BI solutions.

Amazon Kinesis:

Amazon Kinesis makes the user to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming the data easily for getting timely insights and react instantly to new information. It offers the capabilities for the cost-effective process at any scale, and flexible to select the tools suitable for the application. It also enables the user to process and analyze data that arrive and respond immediately.

Real-Time: It enables the user to consume, buffer and process the streaming data in real-time. So the user can receive results in seconds or minutes.

Fully-Managed: It can run streaming applications without the need for infrastructure.

Scalable: It can handle any amount of data and process it with very low latencies.

Bottom Line:

AWS is a comprehensive, evolving platform for data analytics which provides everything needed for building the app or managing the data and retrieve quickly as per requirements. AWS is opted by many companies now, it required a lot of trained professionals who are having vast knowledge with certification Best AWS Training in Chennai.