Digital marketing is a powerful and booming field and consists of wide number of job roles.

There is uniqueness in every specific job role and it assists you gain the appropriate digital marketing skills and strategies. The nature of jobs includes handling marketing campaigns, designing, maintaining and providing the best content for the company, getting the attention of people through social media, maintaining the flow of the visitors to the website etc.

PPC, SEO, SEM and other techniques are also used to bring about traffic to the company’s website and also give a good knowledge of the company’s brand identity.

Digital marketing is embraced by individuals with a flair for creativity. This job is very much result driven and boosts your knowledge. Your creativity is also enhanced with the help of digital marketing. There are several digital marketing career options.

In this blog, we have provided you the different digital marketing career options and the specific roles and responsibilities.

Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive takes care of the online marketing procedures for the company. They have the role of planning and implementing marketing campaigns, and maintain and provide content to the organization’s website. Other responsibilities include:

  • Optimize the website’s content and social networking channels including Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Follow the website traffic flow and give internal reports in a steady basis
  • Find out new digital marketing trends and make sure that the brand shines in the industry developments
  • Perform SEO on the web pages
  • Promote the products and services of the organization in the digital arena.
  • Building and implementing SMS and email-based marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Experts

  • Lets see the major roles and responsibilities of a social media marketing expert:
  • Build social media marketing strategy and campaigns. This includes budget planning also.
  • Strengthen the reach of the brand’s products and services on several social media channels.
  • Performing a thorough audience research so that there is audience engagement.
  • Optimize the organization’s website with each social media platform to augment the company’s social content visibility.

SEO Executive

You would have taken great care to design the website beautifully but your effort will be futile if you don’t have individuals who can promote it. Here comes the role of SEO executives who ensure that the company’s website is topping the web. SEO executives are needed for getting traffic on the website and enhancing the Google rankings. They ensure that the website content is search friendly. They also perform keyword research.

PPC/SEM Specialist

You would be seeing ads in the websites. These ads are developed by these specialists. They bring about several leads to to the company. In your role of PPC/SEM expert you should take care of PPC keywords, generate reports, give suggestions for ad copies, graphics etc.

Social Media Executive

Jobs in social media is not only meant for dealing with Facebook and Tweets. In your role of a social media executive you are also supposed to maintain a check on the latest social media trends and develop strategies. You should also interface with the content team and customer support team regularly. If you are having knowledge on all the social media platforms and possess lot of creativity then this role will be a smooth sail for you. You can climb the ladder by taking up the Social Media Manager role.

Analytics Manager

The analytics manager’s role is to implement tools and strategies to translate raw data into impeccable business insights. Their major responsibilities include:

  • Comprehend the business’s goals and requirements.
  • Preparing the right approach for good data evaluation and reporting
  • Define the metrics of the company
  • Choose, configure and execute analytical solutions
  • Generate reports from several sources including IT, customer feedback, etc.

Content Marketer The key to success for a good content writer is the ability to write better than the already existing content on the web. The content marketer creates content in such a way that it goes viral and they also ensure that the content is promoted well through SEO. They interface with different teams and place the input in content. Exemplary knowledge of English language equipped with tremendous creativity is all you to land up in content marketing job.

Web Developer/DesignerYou would have come across great websites in the internet. The web developers/designers are the people behind the scenes. You will design, code and also modify websites thus making it user-friendly. Digital marketing area is evolving daily and is coming up with amazing job opportunities. Are you having the drive to be a part of this booming field? Ace digital marketing by means of SLA’s digital marketing course.