Big Data has turned out to be an important word in the present scenario. The Big Data and data science technologies are triggering companies to make their decisions in an efficient and quick manner. Therefore there is the requirement of big data skills.

Big data has now found a strong position in the world of technology. It is the solution for the real-time assessment and usage of data.

Now lets see some of the hot skills that are required for big data career:

Apache Hadoop

There are three Vs of Big data; Big data is the term to represent huge volume, velocity and variety of data. Apache Hadoop is the tool that handles this huge sum of data.

Professionals who know the optimum way to fine tune the essential big data components within the Hadoop stack-HDFS, Map Reduce etc., are in high demand. Hadoop is a tool that makes big data more insightful.

Apache Spark

Spark is perceived by the technology savvies as a more advanced product when compared to Hadoop. It is relatively new and structured to function by processing data in chunks in memory. It has turned out very popular and is applied by several big companies for heavy, multi-petabyte data storage and assessment. Its speed plays a major role here.

Coding Skills

When we consider solutions, understanding of coding is a major advantage and is even possibly needed for several positions. At least basic understanding of PythonJava C++ etc is an added advantage.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is turning out to be a integral element of big data. Processing huge sum of data can be time-consuming and requires lot of efforts. Machine learning has the ability to quicken the process.

The knowledge of machine learning has the advantage of making you a great candidate for big data. In fact you will be taking up two roles.

Problem Solving

A good grasp of tools and technologies is very essential for big data. But a knack for problem solving and creativity is equally important.

Big data will evolve a lot and new technologies will emerge. Suppose you are having the innate desire to know besides the ability to determine what causes issues, it will go a long way in making you a winner.

Data Warehouse Architecture

Data warehousing gains prominence when it comes to managing a large sum of data through ETL (Extract Transform Load). Data warehouse is applied for data analytics and reporting and is a major part of business intelligence. A big data engineer should ace data warehousing or ETL tool.

Informatica and Talend are the two popular tools used in the industry. They come up with ETL architecture. If you want to learn these tools you can do so through SLA, which is a reputed software training center in Chennai.

Data Visualization

Data visualization even makes non-analysts to comprehend the model to make decisions dependent on it. Hence, the demand for experts skilled with several data visualization tools including Tableau is seeing a surge as they inform your business about how your data and showcase hidden insights.

Whether you are now only kick starting your career in big data or wishing to expand new horizons, it’s essential that you are updated with the skills mentioned above. Its time that you learn big data concepts from SLA and make the best career move. Call us for a free demo  session @ +91 86087 00340 .