Exploring the Different Career Opportunities in IoT

We cannot call IoT as the buzzword anymore. Moving beyond smartwatches it has landed in almost every industry that you can imagine.

For example, it has also jumped to manufacturing sector and health sector. In fact, certain companies are making a paradigm shift in the way of their functioning by bringing in IoT into their processes.

Career Opportunities in IoT

Suppose you want to commence your Career Opportunities in IoT, then you need to have skills in programming, embedded systems, big data and networking. The youngsters can make use of the wide range of opportunities in IoT.

Now let’s look at some of the Career Opportunities in IoT.

IoT in Healthcare

In India most of the population lives in rural areas and most of the paramedical employees live in urban regions, In this regard, only IoT can assist in offering efficient healthcare to everyone. Remote patient monitoring will be the need of the hour.

Several IoT solutions will deal with forecasting, supervising and evaluating diseases. The healthcare professionals will have the requirement to learn new technologies.

Networks and Architecture Specialists

Networks are undergoing tremendous innovation, Investment in 5G has also started.

An IoT system can be perceived as a group of connected gadgets and objects that will have value only if it planned accurately prior to implementation. Networking specialists who have been working on computer networks till now will have to deal with huge scale traffic.

They should not only contribute to executing the IoT network, they can also take part in the design process. The individual who comprehends the system and how they communicate will be the key person of the entire process.

Software Program Engineering

You can get into the role of record scientist job, facts analytics, frontend and reporting tools, database administration etc. These fields have sub-fields and you can take a career of your choice.

Embedded Programs Engineering

You can get into firmware engineering, product lifestyle cycle management, sign conditioning, internet gateway interfacing etc. Each domain has an entirely huge range of issues to resolve for IoT.


IoT is presently giving too much attention to security. There is a huge explosion of device and sensor execution and the industry has realised that all data and devices should be safeguarded from harmful external sources. Moreover, with the amount of IP-enabled devices increasing day by day cyber-security specialists will be the preferred candidates in the job market.

Some of the major skills in this area are risk identification, vulnerability evaluation, Public Key Encryption security and wireless network security.

Hardware Engineering

Hardware engineers are the people who generally bring together the several components present to manufacture the devices as far as design is concerned.

This is applicable to IoT too but with a huge number of sensors and transmitters. There is a huge demand for designing newer sensors that run on less power with great efficiency. There are several other skills that these engineers require including offering connectivity solutions.

Big Data

The IoT and data pertinent positions that organizations are looking out for are:

  • Big Data Lead (IoT)
  • Data Engineer (Sensors and IoT)
  • Data Scientist (IoT)
  • Data Engineer Sensors and IoT Applications

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