Benefits Of Ccna Certification

1Benefits Of CCNA Certification

CCNA is the foundation for all trending technologies and it is considered the most essential fundamental skill for all IT careers. It is the beginner-level certification exam offered by Cisco and it requires a lot of knowledge and hands-on exposure to clear the CCNA certification exam easily. CCNA certification brings exponential growth and innumerable career benefits for aspirants with valuable unique skills. When increasing the number of experiences and skill development, a CCNA certification gives a promising career change with high pay in networking–related fields. Take a review of the following benefits of CCNA Certification is significant for students to become a professional in the networking field.

2Global Recognition

CCNA certification is accepted worldwide and it allows certified candidates to negotiate higher pay in global companies. They have more advantages than non-certified candidates for innumerable job opportunities for utilizing their skills and experience in the required platform to discover various networking modules.

3Gateway for advanced certification

CCNA is an associate-level certification that helps learners to gain advanced-level certifications such as CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional, CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, VCP (VMWare Certified Professional), AWS Certified Advanced Networking, and Cisco Certified Architect, and so on.

4Foundation Skill

CCNA is the first step of an IT career to learn many technologies like networking, security, automation, and programmability. It brings numerous directions to choose a smart career in trending technologies like IoT device development, AWS security learning, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

5Continuous Learning

CCNA encourages learners to upgrade with the latest technologies to become an expert in all platforms related to the networking field. As continuous learning is crucial in this era, CCNA gives tremendous destinations to beat the competition and bridge the knowledge gap of the industries with unique skills. The learner should stay updated with the technical developments by enhancing their knowledge to play an important and higher role in global industries.

6High Salary and Perks

CCNA certification is the achievement that adds value to the candidate’s resume to reach a better position and shine across the world. It makes a way for receiving a high salary and additional perks along with the greatest position in top companies. CCNA is an industry that brings tremendous opportunities for certified professionals.

7Careers in CCNA Certification

The CCNA Certifications provide various fields that can be selected as per the desire and requirement of the learners to shine in a particular domain like cloud infrastructure, collaboration skills, data center, security concepts, industrial IT expertise, routing and switching, service provider, and wireless infrastructure management, and so on.

8CCNA Cloud

This CCNA certification exam helps the learners to become cloud engineers, network engineers, and cloud administrators for developing advanced and validated cloud skill sets. CCNA Cloud Certification enables professionals to meet changing business requirements through technology growth and full-fledged IT operations for companies.

9CCNA Collaboration

This is the CCNA certification exam for network video engineers, IP Network Engineers, and IP telephony engineers to enhance advanced collaboration and video skills that help them to develop video, data, and mobile applications.

10CCNA Data Center

It is the CCNA certification exam related to hardware and database along with the validation knowledge on centric roots. They have to get a full-fledged understanding of automation, cloud, virtualization, and software-defined technologies.

11CCNA Industrial

This CCNA certification exam is for control system engineers, plant engineers, and traditional network engineers to work in manufacturing process control and oil and gas industries. It provides a combination skill of IT and industrial networks.

12CCNA Routing and Switching

This is the most popular CCNA certification exam that validates the skills of controller-based architectures and core networking. It ensures the candidates stay relevant to the trending field that provides vast knowledge about the adoption of next-generation technologies.

13CCNA Security

This CCNA certification exam is the most important that validates the associate-level knowledge required for securing Cisco networks. It validates the skills required for developing a security infrastructure, threats reorganization, vulnerable detection, and security threat migrations. It covers the core to advanced knowledge for installing, monitoring, and troubleshooting the network devices to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of devices and data used for security structure.

14CCNA Service Provider

This is the CCNA certification exam that helps the service provider network engineers, support personnel, and technicians to configure and implement secure and robust baseline Cisco Service Provider IP next-gen networks. It enables the learners to implement, configure, and troubleshoot networks along with carrier-grade network infrastructures.

15CCNA Wireless

This CCNA certification exam is provided for engineers who want to upgrade their skills in configuring, troubleshooting, and monitoring the fundamental tasks of a wireless LAN (Local Area Network). It has increased demand in the industries and it ensures the technology is optimal, monitored, configured, and supported network and IT infrastructure to achieve business outcomes through ceaseless workforce and system availability.


CCNA is the associate-level certification exam that provides the foundation for all advanced-level certifications through various domains. It is important to become a professional IT Engineer in top companies and help them achieve their desired goal. Learn the best CCNA Certification Training in Chennai at SLA to get expertise in your desired fields and shine with industry-ready skills.