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MySQL is a free open source RDBMS that is used for Structured Query Language programming. MySQL management is the most popular programming language for add, access and manages the content in a database. It is the most noted for quick process, improved reliability, easy and flexible use. MySQL is a database powerful. Learn MySQL Training in Chennai with hands-on experience

Master in MySQL

Welcome to the No.1 MySQL Training Institute in Chennai that provides specialized training for freshers and working professionals with hands-on practice to develop the website with back-end tools. Our MySQL Course Syllabus is designed as per the industry standard to offer the best training according to the learner’s requirements.

MySQL Course Overview

Our systematic and planned MySQL Administrator training with real-time exposure provides students the required knowledge to handle a complex database environment. Our MySQL Training in Chennai covers the basic SQL Queries and we are integrating that into PHP. MySQL is a powerful database built based on RDBMS for web development. It has a large community behind MySQL to develop other fresh web developers.

We provide course materials and a free software installation package in our MySQL Training Center in Chennai for the students to practice well with practical implementations. Our trainers will conduct case studies and assignments during the course to know your performance level. We keep improving the students through our performance indicator and we practice you with many model interview questions and answers. Explore the placement possibilities through our MySQL Training and Placement Institute in Chennai at SLA for having a great career in database administration.

About MySQL Training Course in Chennai

Most of the web applications all around the world use open source technologies as a mixture and it makes more impact in our daily life. For example, PHP , MySQL with Apache is the perfect combination for any web application. We are the best MySQL Training Institute in Chennai in terms of syllabus and projects. SLA Jobs provide the best-in-class SQL Training with placement assistance for the benefit of freshers and working professionals.

My SQL is an open-source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) that provides a fully managed database service for deploying cloud-native applications. It is used for various purposes that include data warehousing, logging applications, and e-commerce along with the main goal of a web database. It is available for free usage under the license of GNU (General Public License) for use in many data-driven web applications and some of the popular apps are Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Learn the best MySQL Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA.

Course Objectives of MySQL Training in Chennai

Our MySQL Course in Chennai is intended to provide a detailed explanation of database administration using MySQL database application. We offer comprehensive training on performance tuning, security audits, and optimizing queries effectively in our MySQL Course. The students can able to perform database administration jobs in big companies through our best-in-class coaching that covers both technical and non-technical practices for the benefit of students. Our trainers will provide best practices on MySQL database administration along with comprehensive hands-on implementations.

By completing MySQL Training in Chennai at SLA, you can describe what MySQL is, basic installation procedures of MySQL application, types of databases and designing, basic SQL functions, database structure describing, advanced queries and concepts of MySQL, manage users with privileges, backup and restore of MySQL databases, MySQL options, and configuration with tuning facilities, and configuring MySQL replications along with hands-on implementations on all concepts.

After completing MySQL Training for Web Development in our Institute, our students can,

  • Determine MySQL features for the right development
  • Thorough understanding of RDBMS with MySQL effectiveness
  • Implement MySQL Comment-line to manipulate and manage data
  • Utilize Join operation for multiple tables with query data
  • Generate indexes and keys to determine DB transactions
  • Configure MySQL Server for client programs
  • Perform storage and backups of data with MySQL DB
  • Use server logs and tolls to manage DB activities

MySQL Course Fees & Duration

The duration of MySQL Classes at SLA Jobs comes around 45 to 60 hours that can be taken at your flexible class timings. Small batch allocation, backup classes for the missing classes, unlimited lab accesses are the MySQL course benefits, and explore more by calling us.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Check out the current and exact MySQL Course Fees in Chennai by calling our education counselors and know about the offers and discounts on MySQL Training Cost.

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Who can attend MySQL Training in Chennai?

Our MySQL Training in Chennai at SLA Jobs is for freshers and working professionals with experience in database development, application development, database designing, and DB Administration. Our MySQL Course aims to offer the best-in-class coaching for all the IT aspirants who want to manage and develop a database for various applications. The MySQL Course curriculum is designed as per the industry expectation and equips our students to shine in big IT firms for administrating databases. We have industry skilled trainers to give personalized coaching on MySQL for the benefit of all learners around the world. Regular and instructor-led online modes of classes are available for remote learners to take up training on weekdays, weekends, and fast track-based MySQL Courses in Chennai at SLA.

Prerequisites for learning in our MySQL Training Center in Chennai

Basic computer knowledge, comment-line programming, and fundamental knowledge in RDBMS concepts are adequate to learn MySQL Course. The students who have experience in other IT fields are taking up MySQL Certification Training in Chennai with fast track modes are suggested to have basic database concepts, programming, and scripting language fundamentals to learn efficiently and faster. Gain expertise in MySQL to become the best database and server administrator in top companies.

Job opportunities in MySQL Course

Advance your career with MySQL Database Training in Chennai for the promising career in Web Development with Back-end tools implementation. Many giant organizations such as Yahoo, Alcatel, NASA, Suzuki, etc are using MySQL for its back-end database application for the effective storage and retrieval of data. MySQL is the widely used database especially in online transactions for its best reliability, performance, and ease of deployment. Myriad job opportunities are lining up for skilled and certified MySQL Developers. There are more chances to earn well as the skill and experience level grows up. Learn the best MySQL Training in Chennai and become a master in Web Development.

Top companies such as Yahoo, Alcatel, Suzuki, NASA, and The Associated Press are using MySQL for their critical business processes as it is the popular and secured open-source database software. They are expecting professionals who are skilled, global thinkers, and passionate along with industry-recognized certification for serving as the database administrator. Become a domain expert through our industry-specific MySQL Training in Chennai.

MySQL is the widely used database application software in the world that was developed especially for digitization. It helps the users in three parameters such as reliability, performance, and easy deployment. There are a lot of positions available for the candidates to work on various projects with technical innovation along with database upgrades. Advance your career through our MySQL Training Course in Chennai available at an affordable cost at SLA.

Roles and Responsibilities of MySQL Professionals

MySQL Professionals are responsible for all database administration processes along with troubleshooting, analytical problem, and business customer support. It is important to gain expertise as per the industry needs and here are the general responsibilities required for MySQL professionals. We at SLA equip the students with the required industry skills along with placement-related coaching by the dedicated placement trainers. If you are passionate about technology and seeking for improved skillset in database administration the below information will help you to power ahead in your database career.

  • Identifying the opportunities to improve the performance of MySQL operations.
  • Check out the MySQL operations of staging and production environments on MySQL databases
  • Design, Implement and manage the disaster recovery plans for the production or development of the database environment.
  • Perform troubleshooting technically along with the skill of diagnosing, isolating, and correcting the data and database issues.
  • Provide design suggestions for database functions to meet the business operation challenges as per the standards for improving the business process efficiency.
  • Provide training and mentoring for junior professionals on new MySQL projects along with best practices on required concepts.
  • Good communication and collaboration skills required for interacting efficiently with clients, managers, project members, and management.

Learn MySQL Course in Chennai to obtain in-depth knowledge of database administration process with MySQL Software Applications. We offer the best coaching from expert faculties and industry-based curriculum along with job-based training and support.

The learning benefits of MySQL Training in Chennai

There are many learning advantages in MySQL and it is available for free-to-use, easy-to-learn, and powerful application for facilitating effective database management. It will be used for its numerous features such as stable, powerful, and reliable along with advanced features as below. Learn all-inclusive MySQL Training in Chennai at SLA with complete hands-on exposure and certification.

Data Security: MySQL is recognized in global companies for its security and reliable database management service. It is used for developing popular web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Facebook, and Twitter. MySQL is the greatest benefit for many global business platforms as it provides high data security and support for transactional processing. It is used in e-Commerce business solutions as it involves frequent money transfers. Learn how to use MySQL with security for databases in our MySQL Training Course in Chennai.

On-Demand Scalability: MySQL provides unlimited scalability to facilitate the effective management of deeply embedded applications using massive data warehouses that are in terabytes. It provides on-demand flexibility to users and this open-source solution enables the access of the e-commerce process with customization features and meets the challenges of companies in a unique manner. Join us to explore how to use MySQL for companies in our MySQL Training Institute in Chennai.

High Performance: MySQL has the unique storage-engine framework to facilitate system admin for configuring the MySQL Database server with flawless performance. It can process millions of queries and perform in the high-speed transactional processing system. It is designed to face demanding applications with the assurance of optimum speed, unique memory caches, and full-text indexes for improved performance. Gain expertise in handling databases by our Best MySQL Training in Chennai.

Round-the-clock uptime: MySQL ensures 24/7 uptime and offers a wide variety of high-accessible solutions like master/slave duplication configurations and specialized cluster servers. Level up your database skills in our MySQL Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Support.

Comprehensive Transactional Support: MySQL is the top and robust transactional database engine that comes with specialized features like complete atomic, isolated, multi-version transactional support, consistent, durable transaction support, and unrestricted row-level locking. MySQL provides full integrity and ensures instant deadlock identification by server-referential integrity process. Become a master in database administration through our Best MySQL Training in Chennai.

Complete Work-flow control: MySQL provides the best usability that means it helps the download and installation at an average of 30 minutes. It will support all major operating systems such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh, and other popular OS. It provides self-management features through comprehensive solutions to automate everything. It expands its solution from configuration to data administration and data design.

Low Cost for Ownership: The migration of databases from other DBMS to MySQL is simple and easy along with a lot of cost-saving facilities. MySQL is easy to manage, troubleshoot, fixing downtime issues, and resolving major problems efficiently. Learn from scratch about MySQL in our MySQL Training Center in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

Open-Source availability: MySQL provides the best open-source solution round-the-clock and secure processing with the trusted software applications available for free and open-source. It is easy to maintain, debug, and upgrade with the enhanced user experience. Accelerate your career with our MySQL Certification Training in Chennai.

Course Curriculum of MySQL Training

Our MySQL Course Syllabus is suitable for all learners who want to learn from scratch and want to make their IT dreams come true. The syllabus encompasses a fundamental introduction to the web and the seamless creation of CMS with the help of PHP. Our MySQL Training in Chennai covers the following concepts and we will explain them in detail with satisfied hands-on practices.

Database Basics

  • Basics of RDBMS
  • ACID Properties
  • Isolation Levels
  • MySQL Intro
  • The architecture of MySQL(Physical, Logical)

Installation and Configuration

  • Installation of MySQL: Windows, Linux
  • Working with MySQL objects: (Tables, Views, Stored procedure, Events)
  • Error handling
  • Pluggable engines: (MyISAM, InnoDB, Memory, CSV, Federated, Blackhole, Merge)
  • Working with MySQL configuration file.


  • Config file for InnoDB in detail.
  • Configuring log files (slow log, general log)

Users and security, Mysql Backup

  • Topics: Creating Users
  • Granting and revoking privileges
  • Taking user backup, changing passwords.
  • Topics: Backup requirement
  • Physical and logical backup
  • Cold and hot backup
  • Enabling and disabling binary logging
  • Understanding the binary log architecture
  • Different backup techniques in MySQL (MySQL dump, Full backup, Transactional backup, Percona Xtrabackup)
  • Restoring MySQL backup, Purging old logs
  • Mysql Binlog utility and PITR.

Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning/Optimization for large db’s

  • General Problems and their resolution,
  • Connection problems, and understanding the error log.
  • Performance tuning – Index suggestions
  • Usage of HeidiSQL Tool.
  • Optimization – Optimizing the Mysql database.


  • Master-Slave Replication
  • Master-Master replication

Monitoring and Security Practices

  • Monitoring the availability of MySQL,
  • Monitoring different aspects of MySQL.
  • Using tools for monitoring.
  • Necessary Reporting for a MySQL DBA.
  • Mysql Workbench, Percona Toolkit.

Bash Scripting

  • Scripting for monitoring and backup and other DBA related basic scripts.

Trainer Profile of our MySQL Training Institute in Chennai

Our Trainer for MySQL Course in Chennai is qualified and experienced in the various MySQL projects for more than 15+ years. He deployed many websites and handles interactive classes intending to place students in big companies. He has numerous skills required for MySQL for web development with the application such as HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Dreamviewer, WordPress, PHP, and so on.

We have trainers with the student mindset to offer the best MySQL Training in Chennai and they are much focused on industry requirements and advancements. They are experts in performance assurance, database availability, and security clusters that are considered as important for performing in top companies. They have experienced in upgrade orchestration, backup and recovery process, and database provisioning. Following are the key qualities of our MySQL Trainers of SLA.

  • 15+ years of working experience in multiple real-time MySQL projects.
  • Provide satisfied training for more than 4000+ students globally.
  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge of MySQL concepts.
  • Certified in MySQL DBA process along with high ranking.
  • Trained with industry updates and frequently asked interview questions.
  • Provide training in flexible learning hours of candidates with small-size batch allocations.
  • Strong passion for teaching the students and clears the doubts on the spot.

MySQL Internship Training in Chennai

Obtain the MySQL skills with the real-time project application at our MySQL Internship Training Institute in Chennai. Improve the competence skills to manage Impressive, Interactive Web Page Creation. Our MySQL Internship program helps the students to get complete practice to perform well in the web development approach, technology platforms, and other required skills.Implement what you have learned from our MySQL course curriculum in the live project practices. Our MySQL Training in Chennai is based on a collection of practices that provide a thorough knowledge of important and complicated concepts. Internship Certification will be given at the successful completion of the MySQL Internship program that helps you to get a high-profile job and show your quality performance from day one.

Project to practice: Bug Tracking System

Description: We train students for creating the database, inserting tables, and troubleshooting the issues through our Bug Tracking System project with improved administration skills. Learn how to develop and deploy a database in our MySQL Training in Chennai.

Project to practice: Mobile Car Services

Description: This project helps the students to know the features of the automobile industry by finding the right dealers from the database. We train the student through this project intending to propose a web-based application for the end-users. Gain expertise in MySQL Course in Chennai.

MySQL Certification Training in Chennai

We provide industry-valued course completion certificates to the students in our MySQL Training Certification Institute in Chennai. Our certification adds value to your profile and brings you more job opportunities for making impressive web pages for the top companies.

User Reviews on MySQL Course in Chennai

Akshita. S

For the Best MySQL Training in Chennai, I would strongly recommend SLA. I never have believed in training institutions, until I took up the MySQL Certification program at SLA! I was completely in awe of the training provided by SLA instructors! They rely on practical training to let us relate to real-time scenarios. For future IT courses, I am going to always choose SLA!


I highly recommend SLA, KK Nagar as this is for sure a very good MySQL Training Institute in Chennai! Their teaching methodology is really good and also, the instructors are very knowledgeable! If you are a fresher, they take so much consideration and also ensure your basics are done right! I was at an advanced level, and I am now able to handle corporate projects on my own! Their post-training support is the best I have ever seen!


I am extremely delighted to write this testimonial about the MySQL course that I took up at SLA. Though I had many doubts initially about this place, I have thoroughly liked every learning experience encountered here. The materials provided, the infrastructure, and most importantly- the coaching is given by eminent trainers, have made me a full-fledged Database administrator.

Durga Devi

This is where I would advise students to go if they are looking for MySQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai. Their placement support is genuine and all the students get placed after course completion. This is truly a brilliant and very positive and motivated MySQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai for learning. The training material is very helpful for beginners and the instructors are very good with students!


I attended MySQL training classes from SLA Jobs. The Sessions were interactive and the trainer was a very knowledgeable person. Good training in the concepts gave us all a profound understanding. Well planned Classrooms & an amazing lab setup. Placement- teaching staff is also very good in terms of planning & behavior.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

MySQL DBA is an in-demand skill in top companies and they are employing certified professionals to look after the database administration. We equip the students to have fundamental to advanced concepts required for performing well in companies. Here you can get the answer to your general queries and if you are not answered kindly feel free to contact us

What is MySQL and what is the use of learning it?

MySQL is the widely used relational database management system for data warehousing, application logs, and e-commerce purpose. It is used to process data for the web applications such as Joomla, WordPress, HTML, Drupal 8, and PHP. Gain expertise in database administration through our MySQL DBA Training in Chennai.

Is MySQL available for free?

Yes, MySQL is free to buy and it is open-source software under the license of GNU (General Public License). It is used to develop databases for data-driven web applications. Learn how to install and configure MySQL by expert trainers of MySQL Training Institute in Chennai.

Can fresher learn MySQL with placement assistance?

MySQL is a popular database platform providing the business to handle the database process with the combination of PHP and other web-based applications. It is truly simple and easy for freshers as it has everything to require for managing the database. We provide placement-focused MySQL Training in Chennai for freshers as well as experienced professionals at SLA.

Is MySQL worth learning in 2021?

The knowledge of backend application is a must for developing a website or web-based applications and if you want to become a full-stack developer in the future, it is good to have a fundamental knowledge of MySQL and it is worth it for your career. Learn MySQL Course in Chennai from scratch.

What are the companies using MySQL?

Popular companies such as Netflix, Verizon, and Twitter are using MySQL for various purposes. Explore the job opportunities in the database administration field through our Best MySQL Training Course in Chennai.

Why should I learn MySQL in SLA Jobs?

We provide the MySQL Certification in Chennai with Placement Assurance and give value for money by giving practical exposure to the candidates. We keep abreast of emerging technologies in Our MySQL Training Center in KK Nagar Chennai and have many benefits of real-time trainers.

When can I start the MySQL Course after enrolling?

Your batch time will be allocated by our tech leads immediately for the MySQL Course in Chennai and if you want to take a free demo, it will also be arranged by them.

How will you allocate a batch at SLA for MySQL training?

We allocate a small batch for MySQL Training Course students to offer individual care and attention for their career upliftment. Our Java trainer takes a one-to-one classroom session if the student requires it. We allocate maximum size limited with 4 to 5 candidates for a batch of MySQL Training in Chennai

Is there a placement guarantee for the MySQL course in your institution?

We offer placement guidance in the MySQL course and that is why we are the no.1 MySQL Training Centers in Chennai. At SLA, We equip for a job, but not buy a job for our MySQL DBA Students through interview preparations and offer placement arrangements in the corporate companies.

How do I enroll in our MySQL Training course at SLA?

MySQL course, you must first register with MySQL Training in Chennai by filling up the form displayed on the website. Or you can start a chat in the chatbot for MySQL Course queries. Or you can call the number displayed on the screen for enrolling in our MySQL DBA Training Course at SLA