R Programming Training Syllabus


R ProgrammingDue to its widespread adoption for both statistical and graphical computing applications, we are proud to provide the best R Programming Training in Chennai. Our comprehensive R Programming Training Syllabus covers a wide range of statistical and graphical methods, including but not limited to Linear and Non-Linear Modeling, Classical Statistical Tests, Clustering, Classification, Time-Series Analysis, and many others.

To help aspiring IT professionals enter the field with a firm grasp of fundamental programming principles in R Language, we provide a comprehensive R Programming Course curriculum in the language. Through our R Programming Course Syllabus, our students will learn industry-leading techniques including basic Data Analysis, debugging, RStudio, and more.

Let’s examine the R programming course curriculum



  • What are Data Analysis, Data Analytics and Data Science?
  • Business Decisions
  •  Case study of Walmart

Various analytics tools

  • Descriptive
  • Predictive
  • Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  •  R and features
  •  Evolution of R?
  •  Big data Hadoop and R

Data Types

  • R & R Studio Installation Scalar
  •  Vectors
  •  Matrix
  •  List
  •  Data frames
  •  Factors
  •  Handling date in R
  •  Conversion of data types
  •  Operators in R

Importing Data

  • CSV files Database data (Oracle 11g)
  •  XML files
  •  JSON files
  •  Reading & Writing PDF files
  •  Reading & Writing JPEG files
  •  Saving Data in R

Manipulating Data

  • Cbind, Rbind Sorting
  •  Aggregating
  •  dplyr

Conditional Statements and Functions

  • If …else
  •  For loop
  •  While loop
  •  Repeat loop
  •  Apply()
  •  sApply()
  •  rApply()
  •  tApply

Statistical Concepts

  • Descriptive Statistics
  •  Inferential Statistics
  •  Central Tendency (Mean,Mode,Median)
  •  Hypothesis Testing
  •  Probability
  •  tTest
  •  zTest
  •  Chi Square test
  •  Correlation
  •  Covariance
  •  Anova

Predictive Modelling

  • Linear Regression
  •  Normal distribution
  •  Density

Data Visualisation in R using GGPlot

  • Box Plot
  •  Histograms
  •  Scatter Plotter
  •  Line chart
  •  Bar Chart
  •  Heat maps
  •  Csv files

Misc. functions and Data Visualization using Plotly

  • 3D-view
  • Geo Maps
  •  Null Handling
  •  Merge
  •  Grep
  •  Scan

Advance Topics in R

  • Text Mining
  •  Exploratory Data Analysis
  •  Machine Learning with R (concept)

Our R Language course is open to everyone who is interested in learning it, and the R programming course curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of the business world while yet providing the individualized attention that learners deserve. Since we incorporate the principle of “learning by doing” into our R Programming course Syllabus, we offer limitless lab hours. Take advantage of our R programming Training in Chennai at SLA.