CompTIA N+ Training Syllabus

Comptian+ Training SyllabusDuring our CompTIA N+ Training in Chennai, you may learn how the Networking platform can greatly improve your IT career in terms of both employment prospects and pay grade. We will help you study for the certification exam and gain the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in the IT business by providing full learning support based on the comprehensive CompTIA N+ Course Syllabus.

The goal of our CompTIA N+ Training in Chennai is to equip you with an in-depth knowledge of today’s networking technology and the skills to solve today’s complex IT issues. Essential security ideas for aspiring network administrators are included in the CompTIA N+ Training Syllabus. 

These ideas will aid in the development of secure networks, the implementation of cloud computing with standard service models, the adoption of cutting-edge hardware and virtualization methods, and the maintenance of a flexible and reliable infrastructure. At our N+ Training Academy in Chennai, we’ve tailored the CompTIA N+ course curriculum to reflect the needs of the IT sector at large.

Basic Network Theory

  • Network Definitions
  •  Network Models
  •  Connectivity
  •  Network Addressing
  •  Signaling Concepts

Network Connectivity

  • The Data Package
  •  Establishing a Connection
  •  Reliable Delivery
  •  Network Connectivity
  •  Noise Control
  •  Building Codes
  •  Connection Devices

Advanced Network Theory

  • The OSI Model
  •  Ethernet
  •  Network Resources
  •  Token Ring/IEEE 802.5
  •  FDDI
  •  Wireless Networking

Common Network Protocols

  • Families of Protocols
  •  NetBEUI
  •  Bridges and Switches
  •  The TCP/IP Protocol
  •  Building a TCP/IP Network
  •  The TCP/IP Suite

TCP/IP Services

  •  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  •  DNS Name Resolution
  •  NetBIOS Support
  •  SNMP
  •  TCP/IP Utilities
  •  Upper Layer Services: FTP

Alternate Network Protocols

  • Introduction to IPX/SPX
  •  AppleTalk
  •  Introduction to Apple Open Transport
  •  Introduction to IPv6

Network LAN Infrastructure – Implement LAN Protocols on a Network

  • IP Routing
  •  IP Routing Tables
  •  Router Discovery Protocols
  •  Data Movement in a Routed Network
  •  Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Network WAN Infrastructure

  • The WAN Environment
  •  WAN Transmission Technologies
  •  WAN Connectivity Devices
  •  Voice Over Data Services

Remote Networking

  • Remote Networking
  •  Remote Access Protocols
  •  VPN Technologies

Network Security

  • Introduction to Network Security
  •  Virus Protection
  •  Local Security
  •  Network Access
  •  Internet Security

Disaster Recovery

  • The Need for Disaster Recovery
  •  Disaster Recovery Plan
  •  Data Backups
  •  Fault Tolerance

Our qualified instructors developed this CompTIA N+ Training Curriculum specifically for you. Our comprehensive CompTIA N+ Course curriculum is geared toward helping you succeed on the N+ exam. Invest in your future success by joining SLA today.