Automation Anywhere Training Syllabus

Automation AnywhereTake advantage of Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai from SLA, as RPA Developers are in great demand and need in-depth familiarity with solutions like Automation Anywhere. Specialized themes including RPA Fundamentals, Control Room, Dashboards, Variable Operations, Windows Automation, Web Automation, Excel Automation, Database Operations, and Error Handling Specifics will be covered in depth throughout our Automation Anywhere Course curriculum, along with extensive hands-on experiences with real-world applications.

At SLA, our  Automation Anywhere course syllabus thoroughly explores the following topics.




  • Introduction to Automation Anywhere
  • Automation Anywhere Architecture
  • Automation Anywhere Dashboard

Automation Anywhere Control Room

  • Deploy Project
  • Add Clients
  • Operations Room

Task Bots

  • Recording Task
  • Creating Task

Overview on Task Editor

  • Features of Task Editor
  • Different sections in AA

Commands Categories

  • Keystrokes / Mouse
  • Insert Keystrokes
  • Insert Mouse Click
  • Insert Mouse Move
  • Insert Mouse Scroll

Programs / Files / Windows

  • Open program/File
  • Files/Folders
  • Window Actions
  • Log To File
  • Manage Windows Controls
  • Object Cloning
  • System


  • Read from CSV/Text
  • Excel
  • Database
  • XML o Interactive
  • Prompt
  • Message Box o Miscellaneous
  • Clipboard
  • Comment
  • Play Sound
  • Variable Operation
  • String Operation

Conditions / Loops

  • If/Loop

Pause / Delays / Wait


  • Web Recorder
  • Launch Website
  • Send Email
  • Internet Connection
  • SOAP Web Service
  • REST Web Service

Tasks / Scripts

  • Run Task
  • Stop Task


  • Read from CSV/Text
  • Excel
  • Database
  • XML o Interactive
  • Prompt
  • Message Box o Miscellaneous

Tasks / Scripts

  • Run Task
  • Stop Task


  • App Integration
  • OCR
  • Email Automation
  • Terminal Emulator
  • PDF Integration
  • Citrix Automation


  • PGP

Automation Anywhere New Features

  • IQ Bot
  • Meta Bot
  • Web Control Room


  • Printers
  • Services

Advanced Features of Automation Anywhere

  • Error Handling
  • Image Recognition
  • Screen Capture

Whether in a classroom setting, online, on a regular schedule, on the weekends, or in an accelerated format, our Automation Anywhere Training syllabus can be customized to suit the requirements of each individual student. Automation Anywhere Training curriculum will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to land a great career at a major multinational corporation (MNC).