SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

Best Sql Server DBA Training in Chennai

SQL DBA Training

SLA that provides SQL Server Training, is one of the top Rated SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai. We mostly focus on classroom training and it is taken care by proficient professionals.

The infrastructure and lab facilities are par excellence. Though there is theoretical knowledge we focus largely on practical knowledge wherein real-time application is implemented.

Being formed by Microsoft, MS SQL Server is a relational database management system. It is formed so as to store data as needed by different applications. The database administrators are trained in such a way that they utilize MS SQL Server to store and streamline the organization’s important data.

Why SQL Server DBA?

SQL Server is a complex software that Microsoft offers. You need to have a basic understanding of networks, programming and databases. The job prospects of the DBAs are very good. The profession of a DBA will sustain to be one of the best ones.

SQL Server Database Administrators are involved in the design, execution, and maintenance of SQL Server databases. It doesn’t stop with this; the DBA also has to create and scale databases for the purpose of potential data growth and efficiency.

The Key Features of SQL Server DBA Course

The fees of the SQL Server DBA course is affordable and the course caters to the requirements of the students, whether they are looking out for a job or is a working professional. We ensure that we learn from the feedback gained from the students.

  • 100% placement assistance
  • Small batch sizes for individual attention
  • Interview grooming
  • Practical-oriented courses
  • Missed classes taken care of
  • Flexible batch timings to suit the needs of the working professionals too
  • Free Demo classes that acts as the perfect prelude for the quality of the training.

What are the Responsibilities of SQL Server DBA?

  • Understand the requirements of the user.
  • Take care of user access and security
  • Take into account the back-end streamlining of data and front-end accessibility for end-users
  • Make the logical design better so that it can be given the shape of a specific data model
  • Set up and test new versions of DBMS.
  • Adhere to the data standards
  • Manage access privileges and permissions
  • Create, handle and test recovery and back-up plans
  • Take care of capacity planning
  • Handle the security and disaster recovery elements of a database

Who can Gain from the Power of SQL Server DBA?

We can implement the SQL server as the database for both small scale applications and large scale applications. This Relies on the data load and the presence of data. Those Individuals who are inclined in data modeling and architect profile can take up this field.

SQL Server DBA Training Duration in SLA

You can reach our help desk to get information about the Fees and SQL Server DBA Training Duration.

SQL Server DBA Course Duration
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration30 – 40 Days5 WeekendsAccording to your Convenience
Hours2 hours a day6 hours a dayFits your Requirements
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Note: SLA give importance to the convenience of the candidates and hence makes sure that the timings are accommodative.

SQL Server DBA Syllabus

The SQL Server DBA course is structured in such a way that it is suitable for the aspiring candidates. If you are having a project in SQL Server DBA then you can reach SLA, SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai.

  • SQL Server Design Architecture
  • Database Design Techniques
  • Table Design Principles
  • Data Integrity & Consistency
  • Aliasing & Naming Conventions
  • Schema Creation & Namespace
  • Views and Data Security
  • JOINS and Sub Queries
  • Indexes and Performance
  • Index Selectivity & Options
  • Stored Procedures & Tuning
  • Functions and Limitations
  • DML and DDL Trigger Types
  • System Objects & Metadata
  • Cursors Usage and Issues
  • Synonyms and Limitations
  • Transaction ACID Properties
  • Transaction Locks and Memory
  • Query Hints & Tuning Options
  • New Functions in DENALI
  • Transaction Isolation Levels
  • Blocking Issues & Deadlocks
  • Partitioning Strategy & Tuning
  • DB Snapshots and Usage
  • Backup Strategies & Tuning
  • Restore and Recovery Options
  • Replication Techniques
  • Peer – Peer Replication
  • Replication Issues & Alerts
  • Log Shipping and Issues
  • Database Mirroring and Issues
  • Security Management & Issues
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning
  • Troubleshooting Issues
  • Resource Governor (I/O Issues)
  • Error Handling Measures
  • Import – Export Techniques
  • Tempdb Issues and Sizing
  • Database Cloning and Issues
  • Indirect checkpoints
  • Optimizing SSIS Packages
  • Contained Databases in DENALI
  • Security Audits in DENALI

Job Opportunities in SQL Server DBA

SQL is an expert language that is formed to function with databases. The demand for SQL Server DBA is huge in the market since every industry works with the assistance of data. Hence, there is a great requirement for the candidate to be aware of his/her skills and perform in such a way that is gainful to his/her career.

SLA, the Best SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Chennai teaches the concepts of this program with relative ease.

An individual can opt for a career as database developer if he/she is competent in monitoring the structure, execution and maintenance of a database. Choosing the career as a data scientist can be better for those whose skill is inclined more towards data collection.


There are no big prerequisites for learning SQL Server DBA course. However, Reasonable Knowledge of SQL server is an added advantage but not mandatory.

Who can Attend?

  • You needn’t be a tech enthusiast to learn SQL Server Management. You also needn’t have a background in mathematics and an engineering degree.
  • The aspiring candidate should have experience in DBA and any technical domain. You can migrate to SQL Server DBA if you are working in any other technical domain.

SQL Certification Training

The SQL Server DBA Certification Training that we offer is focused towards quality training and once the candidate completes the coaching, he/she can get a course completion certificate. The Certification is aligned with your career. We have tie-up with top MNCs which helps us to provide you with placement assistance.

SQL Server DBA Training Reviews

I would strongly recommend SLA, for the best MS SQL training. I checked the course content and I joined SLA after knowing about the training institute. I was completely in awe of the training provided by SLA instructors! They rely on practical training to let us relate to the real time scenarios. For future IT courses, I am going to always choose SLA!

— Yusuf

Excellent training academy to get conceptual understanding of the subject. The class coaching was truly good and I was advised to take up training for my project, so I spoke to SLA’s help desk. The helpdesk was really efficient, and the training sessions were even better. The course material was really good, and I earned my certification at such affordable fees!

— Ayyapan

This is where I would advise students to go if they are looking for SQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai. Their placement support is genuine and all the students get placed after course completion. This is truly a brilliant and a very positive and motivated Microsoft SQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai for learning. The training material is very helpful for beginners and the instructors are very good with students!

— Durga Devi

Wonderful training at SLA! The best place to join coaching, they offer good online coaching for MS SQL Sever DBA Training in Chennai. Our company is also starting an online corporate training under them! Very comfortable training institute as they customize the training course for advanced levels! Post training project support is definitely worth mentioning.

— Parthipan N

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