Ionic Training In Chennai

Ionic Training Institute in Chennai

Ionic Training In ChennaiThis course will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to start developing your own apps using Ionic, by taking a hands-on “by example” approach. It will walk you through the creation of two complete apps, as well as provide many more smaller examples illustrating various Ionic features and development practices.

Ionic is a free and open source advanced HTML5 framework library of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components used to build highly interactive web applications. It is easy to learn – you just need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – and allows your apps to display and work seamlessly on all devices. SLA, Ionic training teaches attendees how to create Ionic projects for different platforms, add interactivity, and use Angular 2 to create navigation. Attendees also learn how to test their applications and to use best practices.

Ionic Course Syllabus

Ionic – Powered by AngularJS

  • Understanding the separation of concerns
  • AngularJS components
  • AngularJS directives
  • AngularJS services
  • AngularJS resources

Welcome to Ionic:

  • Mobile Hybrid Architecture
  • What is Apache Cordova?
  • What is Ionic?
  • Software setup
  • Install Node.js
  • Install Git
  • Install Bower
  • Install Gulp
  • Install Sublime Text
  • Install Cordova and Ionic CLI
  • The platform guide
  • Hello Ionic
  • The browser developer tools setup
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • The Ionic project structure
  • The config.xml file
  • The www folder
  • Scaffolding the tabs template
  • Scaffolding the side menu template
  • generator-ionic
  • Installing generator-ionic

Ionic CSS Components and Navigation:

  • Ionic CSS components
  • The Ionic grid system
  • The page structure
  • Buttons
  • Lists
  • Cards
  • Ionicons
  • Form elements
  • Integrating Ionic CSS components with AngularJS
  • The Ionic router
  • A simple two-page app

Ionic and SCSS:

  • What is Sass?
  • Setting up SCSS in our Ionic project
  • The manual setup
  • The Ionic CLI task
  • Working with Ionic SCSS
  • Basic swatch
  • Understanding the Ionic SCSS setup
  • Using variables and mixins
  • The SCSS workflow
  • Building a swatch

Ionic Directives and Services:

  • Ionic directives and services
  • The Ionic Platform service
  • registerBackButtonAction
  • The on method
  • Headers and footers
  • Content
  • ion-content
  • ion-scroll
  • ion-refresher
  • ion-infinite-scroll
  • ionicScrollDelegate
  • Navigation
  • ion-view
  • Ionic view events
  • ion-nav-bar
  • ion-nav-buttons
  • ionicNavBarDelegate
  • ionicHistory
  • Tabs and side menu
  • Ionic loading
  • The Action Sheet service
  • Popover and Popup services
  • ionicPopup
  • The ion-list and ion-item directives
  • Gesture directives and services
  • Utilities

Building a sample App:

  • Cordova and ngCordova
  • Building a Messaging App
  • Releasing the Ionic App