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SLA offers training to equip the skills of developing iOS services and applications in our best iOS Training Institute in Chennai. Our trainers are committed to serving better for the students with their proficiency and experience in iOS development. We provide first-class iOS Training in Chennai with Placement Assurance for the right candidates.

IOS Training Institute in Chennai

Welcome to the best iOS Training Institute in Chennai. At SLA we provide elaborate training on the IOS (iPhone Operating System) platform that is used to run the electronic gadgets of iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and it is the second most popular OS after Android. We equip the learners to understand the enhanced security, dynamic brand value, filtered audience, secured transactions, enhanced customer experience, better return of investment, and scalable user interface.

Overview of iOS Training Course in Chennai

iOS is officially known as iPhone OS, which is a mobile operating system exclusively for running Apple devices which are developed and released in the year 2007 by Apple Inc. iPhone launches at least one version every year from then on as the iPhone or iPad. So it is the most popular OS in which many can develop and deploy the services and applications for user’s convenience and global outreach as it is used by all categories of people like adults, teens, and youngsters. SLA offers the best iOS Training in Chennai for the benefit of learners to develop mobile applications with Swift. We make you master the core iOS concepts with best practices to utilize in regular development for fluency in UI editors. Become a master in Apple App Developer in our iOS Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

IOS App Development Course in Chennai

IOS Developers are in high demand in the mobile app development industry with tremendous job opportunities even for entry-level professionals. It gives a promising career with a good salary package along with exponential profile enhancement. We provide an iOS Training Course in Chennai as it has specialized features for the developers such as UI Elements can be included through codes and interface builder, to protect from junk applications the registration is mandatory for the iOS developers, and to generate codes using Objective C.

The learning of iOS App Development Training in Chennai prepares the career with more salient features like Multitasking, Social Media, iCloud, In-App Purchase, Notification Center, Game Center, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Powerful APIs, GPS technology, Accessibility, High-End Processor, Bluetooth, Orientations, Camera Integration, Maps, Location Service, Email, Contacts, Web pages, and Messages.

Course Objectives of iOS App Development Training in Chennai

The main goal of our iOS App Development Course in Chennai is to equip the students to create impressive and innovative apps that reach a huge number of customers to meet their app requirements. The students will know the Swift and Objective C programming languages with the Xcode architecture. They will also learn the single and multi-device user interface and user experience that works on multiple screens. We make the students create apps in the iOS platform from scratch at SLA.

Our iOS App Development Training Institute in Chennai is equipped with all-inclusive classroom and lab systems to provide a better learning experience to students around the world. We cover from basics to advanced app development concepts that include design interfaces and interactions, usability evaluation, camera integration, photo processing, location information, and enhanced features for the developing applications in the iOS environment. We help the students to learn by doing the projects according to their personalized curriculum.

At the end of the iOS Course in Chennai, the following are the learning outcomes of our students of SLA

  • Familiar with the syntax of Swift and Objective C programming languages
  • In-depth understanding of design patterns used in Swift along with hands-on implementations.
  • Well-versed in Xcode and its architecture, lifecycle, and app creation.
  • Proficient in UI Design, responsive UI, and User Interface Layouts
  • Good knowledge in Single Device UI, Multi-Device UI, Multiscreen apps, and Complex UI creation
  • Excel in data saving process on CoreData and Codable Protocols
  • Understanding of communication service using network usage with SOAP and RESTFul services.
  • Hands-on exposure on integrating code with other languages for framework, CocoaPods, etc.
  • Course completion with satisfied project implementation
  • Communication and Collaboration Skill Developments

Learn the Best iOS App Development Course in Chennai to create your first mobile on the iPhone platform. We have an industry-relevant curriculum that helps the candidates to have a better understanding of the iOS app development. You can receive your free course materials and software package along with the limitless usage time of lab systems to gain expertise in iOS App Development. Enjoy the learning benefits by enrolling at SLA for iOS Training in Chennai.

IOS Course in Chennai

The duration of the iOS Course in Chennai at SLA comes around 45 to 60 hours that can be chosen at the flexible learning times of students. We allocate batches with small size, backup classes for informed leaves, and unlimited lab access in our iOS Training Institute in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

We offer quality training at cost-efficient and reasonable iOS Course Fees in Chennai. The students can avail of seasonal offers and discounts along with two installment facilities and 0% EMI options for paying the iOS Course Fee. For further details feel free to call us and take free career counseling from our training managers or industry experts.

Who can learn from our best iOS Training Center in Chennai

Our iOS Course in Chennai is useful for mobile app development aspirants to showcase their development skills on iPhone App Development. We have framed the industry-coherent iOS Syllabus with the utmost attention and updated information of the Apple Manufacturing companies around the globe. Our iOS trainers are certified and qualified to offer their dedicated effort to make our students ready for the job opportunities of top app development firms or as freelancing mobile app developers. Following are the general eligibility criteria for learning iOS courses at SLA

  • Students and Freshers who are passionate about developing mobile apps especially Apple iPhone
  • Working Professionals with experience in Programming, System Designing, Web Developing, and other development processes.

Prerequisites for learning the iOS Developer Training in Chennai

No prior knowledge is required for freshers and beginners as we start from fundamental app development concepts to advanced implementation of iOS app features. The professionals who wish to upgrade their mobile app development career should have the following prerequisites to learn efficiently with complete hands-on exposure as per the employer’s requirements and expectations.

  • Basic knowledge in OOPs with any language like C++, C#, Java, or PHP

Our iOS students can learn during their flexible learning hours and get trained in regular classroom mode or virtual modes that are instructed live by our trainers with satisfied hands-on practices. Explore the wide range of opportunities in the iOS App Development field by learning in our iOS App Development Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Guidance.

IOS Course Syllabus

Our iOS Course in Chennai has prepared the course curriculum by industry experts who are working in top companies. This iOS Course Syllabus contains basic to advanced concepts that cover Swift programming along with the usage of syntax, design patterns, Xcode, UI Design, persistent storage, network communication, language programming, and project implementations. We have an industry-relevant iOS Course Curriculum to make you proficient in iOS Mobile App Development and equip you to perform in reputed iOS App development companies or freelancing iOS App Developers.

Introduction to Development MAC OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder

  • Mac versions –Features
  • iOS versions -Features
  • Introduction to Xcode tool and Compilers

Introduction to Objective-C

  • Creating Objective C classes and Methods
  • Creating Properties and methods
  • OOPS in Objective C
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, Dynamic Binding
  • Arrays,set,Dictionaries
  • Categories and protocols
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Xib, StoryBoard and Interface builder
  • Creating and building simple applications
  • UIState Preservation
  • View application sandbox and CrashLogs of Application

Cocoa Design patterns

  • What is MVC?
  • Model, View and Controller Classes
  • Delegate and Datasource
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Observer pattern
  • Target-Action
  • Cocoa coding standards

Memory Management

  • Introduction (alloc init, retain Release )
  • Auto release pool

Objective -C ARC

  • Migrating your application to ARC
  • Basic Interaction with UIControls
  • Button,label,Textfields
  • switch,slider,progress bar
  • Alerts ∧ Action sheet
  • Table views
  • Scrollview, Web view, maps
  • SearchBar, popovers
  • Picker, Date picker, Imageview, Image picker controller
  • Gestures, Mouse events
  • Mail, Message, Phone call

Orientation and iPhone sensors

  • The iPhone Accelerometer
  • Detecting shakes
  • Determining orientation
  • Responding to the accelerometer

Working With Table View

  • UITableViewController
  • Working with multiple TableViews
  • UITableViewCell
  • TableView practices
  • CustomCell creation.

Multi-View Applications

  • view to view (Present model view controller )
  • Navigation controller
  • Tabbar controller
  • Pageview controller
  • Split view controller

CoreGraphics and QuartzCore

  • UIKit and view lifeCycle
  • Draw lines and transforms.
  • Alpha ,Opaque ,hidden
  • Create PDF files
  • Merge Images
  • SplashView and Basic animation
  • Adding Views with animation

Maps SDK

  • Introduction to MapKit Framework
  • Showing a simple Map
  • Update User Location
  • Background location updates of the user.

REST and SOAP services, XML and JSON Parsing

  • Asynchronous and synchronous request
  • Soap service
  • Rest service
  • XML and JSON Parsing
  • KeyValue coding and Nested JSON objects
  • Error handling
  • Lazy loading

Multitasking in iOS

  • NSThread and management of multiple threads
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • Introduction to NSTimers
  • GCD in iOS
  • NSOperation and NSOperationQueue

Database Persistence

  • User Defaults
  • Plist
  • SQLite
  • Core Data

Media interaction

  • audio player
  • MediaPlayer
  • MPMovie player


  • Local notifications
  • App-level Notifications
  • Push Notifications

Social Network Integration

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Google +

Testing And Deployment

  • Debugging application in the device.
  • iOS5,iOS6,iOS7 features and differences
  • App Store Submission

The advantages of learning iOS App Development Training in Chennai

iPhone Apps are the highest need of mobile users as it has high quality for individual use and revenue-generating for business requirements. These are developed in startups to large companies for taking their business to next level of success along with the proficient and certified iOS App Developers for creating numerous apps to address the challenge of users around the world. We provide job-relevant iOS App Development Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at SLA.

Apple iPhone is used by 728 million users worldwide and it gives value to users with an instant resolve for issues, enhanced brand value, and better user experience. It is evolving continuously with consistent performance, excellent privacy and security, and attractive innovation. Learn the best iOS Training in Chennai with best practices to develop excellent apps. Following are the learning benefits of the iOS App Development Course.

  • High Security: iOS app development requires creating apps with high-quality standards and it will be verified before uploading to Apple’s Play Store. It also helps entrepreneurs uphold the privacy and user identity with the goal of adequate protection that fight against external security threats like virus, malware, phishing, hacking, etc. It provides high security through in-app purchases for app-based transactions. The security contains data encryption facilities to eradicate data breaches and data duplication. We give elaborate coaching for aspiring students to develop apps in our iOS App Development Training Institute in Chennai.
  • Excellent User Experience: IOS has an excellent user experience with the capabilities to satisfy the customers through robust hardware and software. It provides comprehensive customer assistance with the long-term maintenance of the complete app lifecycle. Develop an app with flawless performance in our iOS App Development Training in Chennai.
  • Effective Testing: As Apple has lesser customers than Android users, the versions also will be available with a limit. It launches one update only in a year to meet the prerequisites of iOS versions and it requires reduced testing time to reach the global market faster. The lower fragmentations allow the user to receive new and updated apps than previous ones easily in less waiting period. Learn how the app reaches the market through our best iOS App Training Institute in Chennai with Certification.
  • Highest Market Access: Apple shares a massive market share in the US, UK, and Australia as it is the topmost choice of business people. iOS apps are referred to as win-win and their quality and legacy guarantee the success of iOS app creations. Apple iOS is the enterprise-standard smartphone and it gives high-level scalability and flexibility to the manufacturers. It also easily integrates with advanced features for the users to stay updated that brings organizational growth
  • Loyal Consumer Base: Apple has loyal customers who are well-established with complete admirers of its quality and performance as it holds the best user experience and flawless performance. iOS apps should be created in this standard to gain more user downloads. It should provide a fantastic experience that brings trust and goodwill to users globally. Explore how to create iOS apps and reach the market in our iOS App Development Training Center in Chennai.

Career Scope after best iOS Training in Chennai

There are immense opportunities around the world for both entry-level and experienced professionals of iOS development as the mobile app development in it is a hot skill that has more popular and on-demand in top companies. The demand for mobile development app is remain increasing since the year 2015 and there will be huge vacancies for skilled professionals required for maintaining and improving the existing applications as it is kept on updating to be working with new releases and devices of iOS.

SLA, one of the Best iOS Training Institutes in Chennai helps the students to mold their skills of students according to the expected standards of top industries. Some of the Quora discussions show that the remarkable need for iOS experts increasing as per the growing number of shipped iOS devices, start-ups who have keen on mobile app creation, and the developers who wanted to launch their apps according to the major usage area like Home Automation, Health, Transportation, Insurance, Retails, Banking, Finance Markets and so on.

iOS related Job Titles and Salaries

Linkedin, one of the top employee-oriented service sites concluded that the top position is occupied by the iOS developer title and this report is generated from their database of 259,000,000 profiles. Some of the major job titles and remuneration per year is given below as per the details of

  • Mobile Software Engineer: $110,000
  • Mobile App Developer: $80,000
  • iOS Mobile Developer: $95,000
  • Mobile Architect: $125,000
  • Senior iOS Engineer: $110,000
  • iOS Engineer: $100,000
  • Lead iOS Developer: $118,000

SLA provides training according to the interest and skill set of the student in the above-mentioned areas through our best iOS Training and Placement in Chennai.

After the successful course completion in our Best iOS Training in Chennai, one can able to perform up to the expectation of industries with the above-said advantages and also able to work with a team of managers, designers, and developers to bring out eye-catching apps for iOS devices.

Why SLA Jobs for the Best iOS Development Training in Chennai

To excel in iOS development, both top companies and startups required the following essential skills to shine in the technology. And SLA Jobs helps to improve the expertise of a student enrolled in our iOS Training in Chennai in the following areas.

  • Ability to build new native and intuitive software for iOS platforms
  • Keep updating in current UI/UX trends and up to date knowledge gaining in the functionality of Apple SDKs (Software Development Kit)
  • Effective utilization of the project management software, control systems, and develop automated testing and deployment strategies.
  • Other than these we have general facilities to learn better training in our iOS Training Institute in Chennai
  • Excellent Lab Facility with unlimited time of browsing
  • Skilled trainers committed to handling effective classes
  • Free demo class in the flexible time of aspiring candidates
  • Many mock interviews to prepare fluently for appearing in top companies
  • 100% placement support until getting selected
  • Affordable Fees Structure and facility to pay in installment

Enroll today in our leading iOS Training Institute in Chennai to avail yourself of the above benefits.

Our iOS Trainer Profile

We have skilled and experienced iOS Trainers who are working as developers by their profession. They have an enormous passion for teaching the students to make them eligible for top companies on iOS mobile app development. Our iOS Training Course in Chennai is provided with real-time hands-on practice with flexible learning hours for practicing even through the online mode of classes. Our instructors can take regular and live online classes to prepare the students for globalized competitions.

SLA providing the Best iOS Training in Chennai from industry expert faculties who are 15+ years of relevant experience in mobile app development. They are curiously looking at the industry updates to stay updated for offering the best coaching on mobile app development in the iOS environment. Our trainers can equip the learners with technical skills as well as interview skills to improve their overall learning benefit in our iOS App Training Institute in Chennai. Following are the expertise of our iOS App Trainers who are dedicated to serving you from SLA.

  • Specialization in iOS App Development Coursework preparations to make the student master.
  • Proficient in Swift Programming and iOS App Development Fundamentals
  • App Design and Development Excellence with industry experience in the iOS platform.
  • Taking one-on-one classes, live online classes, and corporate classes on the convenient learning hours of students around the globe.
  • Excellent communication and teaching skills to take understandable classes.
  • Student-centric mindset to equip their job-ready skills.

Learn from industry experts and become a master in app development through our iOS Course in Chennai. Kick-start or career transform? SLA Jobs will provide the best solution for your learning thirst.

IOS Internship in Chennai

Implement what you have learned in iOS App Development Curriculum in our iOS Internship Training in Chennai and it is provided especially for our enrolled students. iOS App Development is an in-demand skill and this field creates tremendous opportunities for certified learners who have got thorough hands-on exposure. Companies are looking for candidates who are well-versed in Swift programming, Objective-C, Design Patterns, Xcode, User Interface Design, Privacy and Security Development, Network Communications, and Project Development.We equip the learners to perform the following responsibilities that are expected in companies in our iOS Internship Training Program in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

  • Design and Develop Native iOS applications on the iOS platform
  • Define, Design, and Ship new features by working with cross-functional teams.
  • Generate unit-test code for the stability of edge cases, and reliable use
  • Identify and Fix bugs
  • Maximizing efficient development by discovering and implementing new technologies with evaluating the features.
  • Maintain the quality of code and automation features
  • Develop multithreaded apps for user convenience.

Project to Practice: Amber Alert System

Description: This is the child abduction alert system used to find the missing children. The students will develop the iOS mobile app with the details of family members along with user and admin authentications. Our iOS App Development Course in Chennai provides the training for the students to develop an app to find the missing child using this Amber Alert Mobile App.

Project to Practice: Smart Diet Monitoring

Description: We help the students to develop a project in our iOS App Development Training Institute in Chennai for monitoring and consulting the user’s diet requirements through this Smart Diet iOS App. They can also learn AI implementation for human dietary plans as per their BMS.

User Reviews on iSO Development Courses


SLA Mobile App Development courses have an enormous value for its students – they are providing from informative faculties through classroom and online training with the hands-on practical modules; They are allowing students to write their own codes, encouraging them to troubleshoot real-time scenarios. I personally felt the iOS App Development course was extremely rewarding, due to its challenging nature and helpful trainers. Located right in the busy and energetic Centre of the city, SLA shines as the Best Mobile App Development Training Centre in Chennai with Placement Support.

Jai Kumar

Softlogic Academy is the best institute for iOS App Development training. The atmosphere is also good and you don't need to worry about the placement once you have enrolled there. You will get many job opportunities and they prepare us well with many mock interviews. I have completed my iOS App Development Course at SLA Jobs and I have got placed in a short time. Thanks to all staff of SLA.

Praveen Kumar

Superb coaching! I did my iOS certification course here and am very happy to choose Softlogic Academy! They totally transform the student’s career, develop our confidence and personality and make us ready to face job interviews. Even today after the course duration, I am getting project assistance from the trainers! I can handle corporate IT work assignments very confidently through SLA training. Awesome place to learn if you are looking for iOS Training Center in Chennai with affordable fees!


I was doing college in Chennai and SLA is recommended by many friends for a career start! Since I heard this institute was the best, I joined here and took up iOS App Development training! The classes for iOS App Development were absolutely excellent! They offer strong placement assurance for freshers who are looking for jobs. They offer complete coaching on iOS technically, coupled with interview training! I can’t think of another institute that offers a wholesome iOS training experience than SLA. Many thanks.


I have done my Mobile App Development Training in Chennai on the iOS platform from SLA. It is a very nice place to learn more about technical kinds of stuff. The trainers are so friendly and the institute atmosphere is good. The lab facilities and classrooms are very good at SLA and they are well-equipped. They offer placements and soft-skill interview preparation classes along with iOS Training Course. Those classes are really helpful at the time of interviews. They assure job-ready skills that help for our career. Thanks a lot, SLA.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

iOS is the most popular platform and it is the second-largest operating system used worldwide with high quality and standard performance. The learning of developing mobile apps for this iOS creates a huge career for freshers and working professionals. We provide job-oriented iOS App Development Training in Chennai for all aspirants who wish to start or transform their careers with the iOS platform. Here are the queries and answers that could be answered for your doubts related to the iOS Course at SLA.

What is iOS?

iOS (iPhone Operating System) is the platform created by Apple Inc for its hardware to power up devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the second most used operating system for smartphones worldwide after Android. It has a high user interface and user experience for its users to use for personal or business requirements. We provide iOS mobile app development training in Chennai for students who wish to shine in the mobile app development field.

What is the progress to learn the iOS platform?

We provide an iOS Course in Chennai from scratch that covers the complete knowledge on Swift Programming, Xcode, Design Patterns, UI developments, Code Logic generation, and App Architecture. It will be helpful for the students to become masters in iOS mobile app development.

Is iOS App Development in demand?

iOS App Development Skill is in increasing demand and it has more than 15 Lakh job openings around the globe. The companies are looking for qualified and certified developers to create apps that meet the needs of customers. Learn in our iOS Certification Training in Chennai at SLA to explore the job opportunities around the world.

How difficult is iOS to learn and implement?

The learning of iOS is a bit difficult as it requires a lot of coding knowledge. But we have simplified your learning path through our practical implementations of the industry-standard curriculum in our iOS App Development Training Center in Chennai.

Is iOS having a good career in 2021?

Yes, the increasing popularity of iOS users and the implementation of technologies on the devices such as Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Watch creates tremendous career for the learners who are certified with hands-on exposure. As long as people depend on the smartphone for their daily life, the career in iOS will be increasing to address the challenges of real-time. Learn the in-demand iOS Course in Chennai at SLA to become the best developer of iOS mobile apps

What are the career benefits of taking this iOS Course?

iOS Course is helpful for your career in technical expertise for creating error-free apps and we provide better infrastructure for learning along with hands-on exposure and flexible learning hours. We help you to deliver your app on time with versatile knowledge in iOS mobile app development. It gives freedom of hiring options as we arrange any interviews until you get a satisfying position. SLA is dedicated to serving you with a cost-effective solution on iOS App Development Training Course in Chennai.

Do I need a Mac computer to learn iOS Online Certification Course

Yes, In the case of online classes we suggest our students have Mac Computer with Mac OS 10.14 or later along with Xcode 10 and a minimum of 8GB RAM. We allocate you real-time exercises to practice during our iOS App Development Course in Chennai to make you an expert in app development in iOS.

What if I want to convert my online classes into regular classroom mode?

Yes, it is possible. We allocate trainers and systems as per the learning schedule of your online classes without any extra fee for the iOS Course in Chennai. If you inform your instructor or our education counselors, we can make the arrangements for you to learn on our premises according to the availability of trainers and batch.

What is the placement assistance offered by SLA for iOS Course?

We at SLA equip the learners in our iOS Training in Chennai to grab the opportunities from top companies. We are upskilling their fundamental skills of resume development, personality development, career enhancement, and job searching methods with best practices on programs, projects, and interview questions and answers.