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Blockchain Training in Chennai

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"Blockchain technology isn't just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself."

Do you want to develop your career in blockchain technology and perform secure transactions in an efficient way? Block Chain Training in Chennai by SLA is structured in such a way that the fundamental technologies of this happening technology is unravelled. Blockchain has a wide usage in Finance, Insurance and several other government sectors. Get to know about distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and several other concepts. There are a plethora of roles emerging in the market and the course equips you for the same. In fact, companies don’t waste time in grabbing the blockchain technology’s advantages.

The uniqueness of Blockchain technology lies in being the underlying technology in BITCOIN, the digital currency. It lets information to be distributed but not duplicated. Just as the internet created ripples in the world, the blockchain has turned out to be the backbone of new age internet technology. The tech community leaves no stone unturned in coming up with innovative methods to make the best of blockchain technology.

Blockchain maintains information as a shared and consistently reconciled database. A single system does not manage the blockchain database storage, hence leading to transparency and easy verification.

SLA provides all-inclusive training on Blockchain, right from the basics to the practical application. The significance of consensus in transactions, the way transactions are stored in blockchain, and origin of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoins are encompassed in the training. The student is also taken through the Ethereum platform and the supporting programming language. Installing private blockchain applying Ehereum will be concentrated on the practical training session. Deploying contract on private blockchain applying Ethereum on the web and console mode is also concentrated. The application of Hyperledger, Multichain and other essential concepts of blockchain will also be focused on.

Objective Blockchain Course

  • Master the key BlockChain technology concepts.
  • Learn designing and deployment of private BlockChain and monitoring.
  • Working with Multichain and private BlockChain
  • Working with Ethereum BlockChain
  • Using BlockChain transactions and miner validations
  • Installing Hyperledger composers
  • Understanding application of Market Friction

Career Opportunities in BlockChain

There is a huge growth of the distributed database. Opportunities for blockchain developer/architects, etc. is seeing a surge in all primary industry fields including financial application, business service, enterprise processing, etc. The student gains from the updated training of SLA; there is focus on the latest trends. The syllabus is meticulously planned, and the trainers are well experienced. This reflects on the candidate’s performance in the interviews.

Targeted Audience

  • Business associates
  • System administrators and DBA
  • Software Programmers/Developers
  • Students/Fresher’s

Pre-Requisite for learning the course

  • Prior experience in any object-oriented programming language.
  • Basic knowledge of networking
  • Practical experience on Linux operating system is preferrable.
  • Scripting languages including Javascript will be an added advantage.

Blockchain Course Syllabus

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Why Blockchain is better than traditional technologies?
  • Blockchain-as-a-Service
  • Why Blockchain-as-a-Service from Azure.?
  • Azure Blockchain Solutions
  • Intro – What is Ethereum?
  • Intro – What is Smart Contract?
  • Intro – What is Solidity & Ethereum Virtual Machine?
  • Intro – How do smart contracts work?
  • ICO – What is Initial Coin Offering?
  • ICO – How it works?
  • DAO – What is DAO?
  • DAO – Structure & How it works
  • DAO – Security of DAO
  • BaaS – Setting up Nodes Part – 1
  • BaaS – Setting up Nodes Part – 2
  • BaaS – Testing Wallet Transfer
  • Solidity – Setting up Environment – REDOOO
  • Solidity – Basics of Solidity by Example – REDOOO
  • Solidity – Layout of the Solidity Smart Contracts
  • Cryptocurrency – Minimul Viable Contract
  • Cryptocurrency – Executing Minimal Viable Token
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Parameters to Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Balance Checks before Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Transfer Event for Logging
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding transfer on behalf of Feature
  • Cryptocurrency – Executing TCoin Stage 2
  • Cryptocurrency – Improving Cryptocurrency-Adding Admin
  • Cryptocurrency – Allowing Admin to Mint New Coins
  • Cryptocurrency – Allowing Admins to Freeze or Unfreeze the Tokens
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Automatic Buy & Sell Feature
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Auto Refill Feature
  • Cryptocurrency – Adding Proof of Work & Block Reward
  • Cryptocurrency – Testing Full & Final Cryptocurrency
  • Multichain – What is Multichain?
  • Multichain – Compatibility & Differences with Bitcoin Core
  • Multichain – How to create a Blockchain?
  • Multichain – How to connect to a Blockchain?
  • Multichain – Commands in Interactive Mode
  • Multichain – Using Native Assets & Transaction Metadata
  • Multichain – Working with Multichain Streams
  • Multichain – Round-robin Mining-How to Enable Mining?
  • Multichain – Multichain Explorer
  • Multichain – Multichain Web Demo
  • PoE – Our App’s Architecture
  • PoE – Setting up the Environment
  • PoE – Setting up Blockchain (Multichain) Nodes
  • PoE – Creating Web API for Publishing & Verifying Data to & from Blockchain – 1
  • PoE – Creating Web API for Publishing & Verifying Data to & from Blockchain – 2
  • PoE – Publishing Proof-of-Existence through Web Interface
  • PoE – Checking PoE in using Multichain
  • PoE – Verifying Published PoE through Web Interface
  • What is Hyperledger?
  • What is Hyperledger Fabric?
  • Comparison between Fabric & Other Technologies
  • Fabric Architecture
  • Components of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Advantages of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain
  • How Hyperledger Fabric Works?
  • Bluemix – Launching Fabric Blockchain Bluemix
  • Bluemix – Understanding Interface
  • Bluemmix – Interacting with Fabric Blockchain