Top 7 Jobs that Require Excel Skills

Top 7 jobs that require excel skills

Irrespective of the nature of occupation, learning to apply Microsoft Excel is a great savior for your career and your potential job prospects.

In fact, several occupations use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. If your dream is to land a job as an accountant, financial analyst, sales manager etc. getting well-versed in Excel can be a great comfort to your potential job opportunities.

Those who regularly use Excel would vouch that it speeds up certain processes and computations. You can create amazing charts, bring together varied data, make sharp data analysis etc. with the help of Excel. Now let’s list down some of the jobs that require the need of Excel skills.

1. Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants assist in the smooth functioning of their company by performing varied activities.

For example, they will schedule appointments, build reports, work on arranging the documents etc. They are also given the duty of welcoming the visitors.

Not only these, they also keep record of sick and vacation time of employees. Log-in sheets for the reception team or log-out sheets are also prepared by the administrative assistants. They are also assigned the duty of structuring, updating and maintaining spreadsheets for their managers.

Clients nowadays expect the administrative staff to consist of sound technical skills. Several companies even conduct tests in Excel to analyse the candidate’s efficiency. So it suggested that the administrative assistant consist of both basic and advanced Excel skills.

2. Sales Manager

Sales managers are assigned the task of dealing with sales team, handling customer complaints and also sales information.

Experience in Microsoft Excel will definitely be a boon to them since they will be able to record and evaluate sales information. These details can be applied for fructifying their vision, make out project profits etc. Table formatting, pivot tables, charting, sumifs, if functions, v-lookup, conditional formatting etc. are some of the Excel functions that would be beneficial for sales manager.

3. Accountants

Microsoft Excel was built to support accounting functions including budgeting, forming financial statements and developing balance sheets. Along with the fundamental spreadsheet function, it has several functions for taking care of complicated mathematical calculations.

Modeling, financial estimation, astutely blending with external data etc. make Excel one of the best tools for accounting.

4. Business Analyst

The business analyst will also use Excel to a great extent.

Even a small error from a business analyst can pave lead to a negative impact on your company’s efforts. The business analyst deals with huge datasets and eventually get fruitful results. Working with Excel will raise the productivity of the Business Analysts.

They can also get a good platform to maintain their research in one place and also evaluate the business problems effectively.

5. Management

The managers make use of Excel to maintain the records of staff.

For example, a department’s manager can formulate a spreadsheet that automatically computes the amount of sick and vacation time that is left out every time new data is keyed in. The manager can also use Excel spreadsheet to keep a record of salaries of each staff. This will be useful in calculating the average increment.

6. Financial Analyst

If you belong to the finance industry, Microsoft Excel will be your greatest friend, even probably till the end of your career. You will be handling a plethora of finance Excel spreadsheets in your financial analyst career. In fact, everyday innumerable number of data is assessed by financial experts.

The financial analysts should also carry out conclusions and give suggestions depending on the financial data. Researching, bringing together and evaluating numerical data are their responsibilities.

7. Digital Marketers

Data is one of the major factors of digital marketing. Data analytics is needed to follow your conversions and impressions. There are wide number of software and applications that are present to follow your data, but Microsoft Excel is still the favorite of experienced and novice digital marketers alike.

For example, Microsoft Excel allows the digital marketers to evaluate, report and present their data in a streamlined manner.

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