Top 6 Career Options for Web Developers

Top 6 Career Options for Web Developers

Are you actively looking for new career opportunities and leaves no stone unturned in learning new skills? Now you would be a web developer but have decided to expand your horizons by shifting to a new career path. In this regard,

Let’s see the top 6 career options for web developers.

Angular JS Developer

AngularJS is an open source framework that lets you to build amazing and handy single page applications. It has rapidly gained reputation since its commencement in 2009.

AngularJS is the most sought after framework for building interactive elements of a website. It was framed as a full-featured JavaScript framework for augmenting simplicity and efficiency. Developers see Angular JS as an effective technology specifically in forming powerful single page apps. The MVC programming structure is another advantage of AngularJS.

We can say that whether you are commencing your career in IT or in the search of a change say from the role of a web developer, web development provides plethora of opportunities.

Python Developer

Python is a language that is both readable and reachable. It was built for server-side applications. Programmers prefer it for its high-level function. You can build intricate multi-protocol network apps with great convenience with Python.

The Specialty of Python is that it is flexible to function with other programming frameworks. The enhanced features of Python also help in easy and swift development of specific applications. The organization using Python can save a lot of money to the company. When the packages and modules are diligently executed Python can be optimally reused.

The Exhaustive application of Python in documenting huge systems and modifying search engines according to changing client demands makes it a friendly language. It has been widely applied in science and engineering streams and for boosting the graphics experience.

Your web development skills will be very useful if you shift to the role of a Python developer. In fact, you can make the best use of Django and Flask, that are web frameworks.

Full Stack Developer

Well, now you are thinking of which other job role is suitable for you since you are shifting from the web designing role. Let’s see about a full stack developer. A full stack developer is an individual who has at least the fundamental skills to build a product from scratch.

Some people might regard design skills as necessary for a full stack developer. We should understand that design and development are complementary to each other. If you firm in your decision to switch from web designing to full stack developer, you should also have knowledge of front end development (knowledge of CSS and Javascript), backend development etc.

MVC Developer

Model View Controller (MVC) is referred as a software architecture pattern that is generally applied to execute user interfaces. It distinguishes the application logic into three distinct parts thereby assisting modularity and simplicity of collaboration and reuse.

With the evolving time software development has undergone several changes. One of such changes is the application of MVC pattern for building software or web application.

In your role of a web developer, you may be accustomed with the MVC pattern.The MVC architecture is an amazing architecture and brings in its scope any language you are using for the development.

Mobile App Developer

Web development has been widely used for the past two decades. For the person who wants to shift from web development to mobile development, it’s a matter of change in the mindset. Building apps like those that you would do for the web will eventually lead to poor user experience.

Nowadays a fair degree of all web traffic comes from mobile users and the number is only seeing a rise daily. The total increase in mobile phone users has shown great chances for mobile app development.

If you are looking for a change from web developer to a business owner, you must be feeling lagging if you have not upgraded the website to comprise the mobile devices.

Java Web Developer

Java is undoubtedly one of the widely used programming languages. Programming with Java is very common for web banking too. It is a class apart. due to its functionality and security environment. Due to its popularity among the programming languages, Java is a great choice for web app development.

It is multi-talented and provides powerful custom web solutions for most of the commercial requirements.

Now that you know which career option is best for you after being a web designer, you would be interested in learning about Python, Java, etc. In this regard, you can contact the educational counsellors of SLA who would be highlighting which shift is best for you, that too based on your profile. Once you are convinced with their guidance, you can attend a free demo session on the specific topic. All the best!