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Selenium TrainingAnother automated testing framework was popular during Selenium's development, and it was by a company called Mercury Interactive. Since Selenium is a well-known antidote (cure) for Mercury poisoning, it was named so by the founder of the Selenium technology.

Testing tools, qtp, manual testing, automation testing, Selenium Web driver are all children of the Software Testing World. Software testing can be done in two ways- manual and automated. Since, manual testing is of heavy cost and consumes a lot of time, companies prefer the automated alternative. Out of all the options available these days for automated testing, selenium simply stands out. Selenium is probably the best option for automated testing of Websites today. It is becoming increasingly popular and it is the first choice of automation testers as well as organizations for automating the testing of Web-based applications. Selenium can also be used as a unit-testing tool for JavaScript.

Selenium is a portable software-testing framework. It provides a tool for authoring tests. It also provides a test domain-specific language (Selenese) to write tests in a number of popular programming languages, including C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala. The tests can then run against most modern web browsers. Selenium is not just a single tool but a suite of software, each catering to different testing needs of an organization. It has four components.

  Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  Selenium Remote Control (RC)


  Selenium Grid

Career prospects for Selenium:

Selenium is a highly acclaimed course in the market. There are tremendous job opportunities available now in the market for all those who have taken up a Selenium training course. There is no denying that selenium is the most demanded option as far as automation software testing is concerned. That is why software development companies are in dire need of people having knowledge in selenium. You can get many jobs after getting yourself coached in this specialized IT skill from a renowned institute like Softlogic, the best place for Selenium training in Chennai. If you are a kind of person who is not fascinated by coding, then this Selenium Software testing course is exclusively for you. Top MNC companies like TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, Accenture; have 30–40% of their employees as testing professionals. Moreover, any software company must and should need at least one tester for one team. Taking stock of this current inclination towards Automation / Selenium testing, necessitates that you take a selenium certification course and make yourself industry ready from an ultimate and top class Selenium Training institute in Chennai like Softlogic.

The Factors which makes us the best Selenium Training Centre in Chennai

We are the best providers of Selenium Training in Chennai with brilliant placement opportunities. Softlogic Academy provides you excellent coaching in Selenium, which is beneficial in developing your career skills in the right way. Our Selenium Training Institute in Chennai helps you to keep on par with the trending technology. We work with a single-handed determination to make you enriched in Selenium knowledge and provide value for your money! We provide the best automation training by tying up with MNC Companies and other software companies.

Our trainers are some of the most able in the industry with profound empirical knowledge, in addition to having an enviable proficiency in theories. By following a student- centric approach of teaching, they have been ensuring impeccable learning outcomes in students. What makes us more popular as an IT training institute are our courses, which are not just easy to grab but also extremely relevant as far as industry needs and standards are concerned. We endeavor to keep you abreast of all the latest programming innovations and make sure every bit of information we pass on makes sense to you.

Our Training course is designed as a Job based training programme. Our classroom sessions are interactive and practical. A free DEMO about the course is organized at the premises of the institute before one could actually enroll onto the full-fledged Selenium Course. The consultants handling selenium training commands an industry experience of more than 10+ years. The Course Cost is very less when compared to other Training Institutes. We provide 100% free Job Placement Assurance. When it comes to placement, Softlogic is one of the best institutes, which relentlessly provides lot of trusted job opportunities to its Students.

Highlights of our Selenium Coaching in Softlogic Academy

We make our students expert in Automation Testing, who have very less or no knowledge in Programming. Our students are made to work with different Automation frameworks. Students are made to work and create codes in classroom itself. Mock Interviews are arranged alongside practical assignments and assessments for trainees. Hence, at the end of the course you have your own Project in your hand apart from the Notes. Smaller batch sizes of this course makes the classes more interactive and helps the trainer to concentrate on every single trainee. The syllabus has been structured to provide the complete learning process of Selenium. You will be able to provide solutions for Selenium related real-world scenarios at the end of the training program. Our Selenium Course in Chennai is professional with flexible timings. Do not worry on how and where to start learning this skill, I am, sure you can learn it like a pro and get placed onto a good company with the support of Softlogic, the best training academy in Chennai for Selenium training.

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Selenium Training Course Syllabus:

Introduction to Automation:

  • What is Automation testing?
  • Why and When Automation?
  • Advantage and disadvantage of Automation testing
  • Need of test Automation
  • Selenium Introduction – What is Selenium and Why Selenium?
  • Introduction of Selenium Components

Java Introduction

  • Introduction about Java. Where it is used?
  • History of Java. Why java name for java language?
  • Difference between JDK, JRE and JVM
  • Variable and Datatype in Java

Basic Java OOPs concepts

  • Java OOPs concepts
  • Java Naming conventions
  • Object and Class in Java
  • Creation of Object

Method overloading and Constructor

  • Anonymous object
  • Method overloading in Java
  • Constructor in Java

Static Keyword and Inheritance in Java

  • Java static keyword – Static variable, static method and static block
  • Inheritance and its types in Java

This & Super keywords and Method Overriding

  • Use of This and Super keywords
  • Method overriding in Java
  • Polymorphism in Java
  • Final keyword in Java


  • Abstraction in Java
  • AbstractClass Vs Interface

Access Modifiers and Java package

  • Access Modifiers
  • Java Package

Encapsulation and Exception Handling

  • Encapsulation in Java
  • Exception Handling
  • Arrays and Looping Concepts

Configuration about Selenium WebDriver

  • Introduction about Selenium WebDriver
  • Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse
  • Setup firebug for Firefox
  • Develop simple script in Eclipse

Basic commands in Selenium WebDriver

  • Detailed discussion about WebDriver commands
  • Cross Browser Testing – IE ,Chrome
  • Headless Browser testing

Locators in Selenium WebDriver

  • Object locators / Identification
  • Detailed about id, name, class Name and tag Name locators

xpath and cssSelector locators

  • Detailed about xpath and css Selector locators

Switching between windows

  • How to handle the multiple windows (browsers) in Selenium WebDriver
  • Handling Frames, pop-ups and Alerts

Mouse movements and Keyboard events

  • Handling mouse over actions
  • Handling keyboard events

TestNG framework

  • Introduction about TestNG framework
  • Configure TestNG into Eclipse
  • TestNG Annotations

TestNG class and Assertion

  • Create test using TestNG
  • Assertion in TestNG

TestNG xml and Advance TestNG

  • Concept of Testing – XML
  • Advance TestNG

Parameters and Data provider

  • Parameter and Data provider annotations
  • Parallel testing in TestNG

Read and Write to source file

  • Quick snapshot – Read and write to source file
  • Screen shot failed test case
  • Available test automation framework on Selenium

Testing framework

  • Introduction about Testing framework
  • Types of framework

Testing framework

  • Introduction about Testing framework
  • Types of framework
  • Available test automation framework on Selenium

Data driven framework

  • Detailed explanation of Data driven Framework

Selenium IDE

  • Download and install Selenium IDE
  • Record and Playback technique

Students speak

Very nice training and useful notes were given during the course. All points related to Selenium were covered. The trainer provided in-depth knowledge through his practical classes. The team of trainers designated for Selenium technology in Softlogic were experts from the real time industry .The way they teach is totally appreciable. They teach like that every student can easily understand the topic. They cover each and every concept with details. They have over 500-600 examples on every concept.

Ranjani K

It was a good training experience at Softlogic. The trainers were clear in explaining the concepts. Overall, it was a good learning curve. The course content and study materials were in depth and vast. Along with the study material, Workbook and Assignments were also provided. The institute also provided a list of nearly 100 programs, which is very useful to crack any interview for both freshers and experienced.

Ravi Kumar

Training was great and I was able to understand whatever was taught in class. I was well guided by the trainer. All the classroom lectures given were simply great. The trainer cleared my doubts promptly. Labs were well maintained. Overall, it was a good experience learning Selenium technology at Softlogic, the leading IT training institute in Chennai.

Keerthika E

The training was excellent and deep knowledge was received in a friendly environment like Softlogic. The facilitator had excellent teaching skills and knowledge. He focused not only on the Selenium technology, but he did share a piece of his mind about all the other technologies that complemented selenium. I am very grateful for the knowledge I received at Softlogic. Thanks SLA!


The training was really good and I would like to do further courses as well. The time taken to complete the training was sufficient and the trainer’s knowledge was excellent. The infrastructure setup for learning is highly good. The practical part is excellent. The trainer makes sincere efforts to impart detailed understanding of all Selenium concepts. On the whole, good job SLA!

Durai Raj

Yes, it was an amazing experience learning at Softlogic. It is a good training institute for IT professionals, I have equipped myself in a new Technology called Selenium and the trainer did play a crucial role in my effective acquisition of this technology. Thanks SLA!


If you are looking for a Selenium certification, you can blindly reach out to Softlogic. The trainers for Selenium are amazing and the training provided is an ultimate lesson that one can treasure for life. Thank you very much for this experience SLA.

Siva Jothi

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