The Secret Behind an Impressive Resume Unravelled!

Secret Behind an Impressive Resume

Undoubtedly, a resume is your most powerful tool in giving an idea of your professional history to your potential employers. A well-written resume that emphasizes on your most relevant qualifications for the specific job will go a long way in making you get recruited.

The job market is turning out very competitive. In order to stand a chance in being selected in the interview, we give you guidance:

Technical Proficiency and Roles and Responsibilities

  • List the technical platforms in which you are you well-versed. Be specific in what you list.
  • If you have done any project, then you can show that too in your resume.
  • List out the roles and responsibilities in a clear manner.

Increasing the Chances of Getting Interview Calls

Now you should increase your chances of getting an interview call. For this, you should ensure that you have a properly defined objective presented in the top of your resume. This objective should be brief and should not be flowery.

For example, when you are applying for specific position stress on the relevant skills in a major part of your resume.

Gap in Career

This is the most challenging part in your resume. Having said that, we make it clear that you should not hesitate to give the valid reason for a gap. Most of the employers concentrate majorly on your skills and if the reason for gap is valid, you stand a chance to gain the job.

Accomplishments in your Companies

Real time accomplishments in your jobs play a major role in boosting your resume. Instead of just writing the education and work experience, you can also present your skills and strengths. Job duties are different from accomplishments and both should not be confused.

For example lets take the case of software testing. You would have walked an extra mile in completing a project in software testing. You can highlight this accomplishment in your resume.

Here we give you a probable example: “ When I entered the company I didn’t find any streamlined software testing process. I voluntarily built a standard software testing process. I took time to understand the project and hence built this process. Through this approach there was no wastage of time and there was optimal usage of every software testing activity.”

Talk About Relevant Subjects you Learned

Now lets see some examples.

  • For software testing positions the individuals having automation skills, SDLC skills etc., are preferred.
  • For DevOps role knowledge of Linux basics and scripting, comprehension of managing servers, good knowledge of tools and technologies etc. are sought out for.
  • For Python candidates who write precise codes are preferred.

Proofread your Resume

Ensure that you completely proofread your resume before sharing it. For example, look into grammar and spelling issues, sentence formation mistakes etc. We may be thinking that we have created the perfect resume but only after proofreading it you will get to know the mistakes that you might have committed.

Brevity is the key

In the current job market, a short resume is the new trend. The Challenge lies in giving all the needed information in a precise manner.

As a final note, we list some important points:

  • You know your career path better. So it’s better to create the resume by yourself.
  • Ensure that there is no spelling, grammar, punctuation, alignment mistake etc.
  • Ascertain that you don’t provide any false details. As said earlier, most of the employers will focus only on your skills.