Python Training in Chennai

Python Training institute in Chennai

Python TrainingTrain with the best Python Training institute in Chennai and earn your Python certification. SoftLogic Academy is the leading institute for getting the finest Python Training in Chennai. What differentiates Softlogic Academy from the rest, is the excellent team of experts and well experienced faculty. If you are looking for the best training and placement assistance, Softlogic Academy is the best training institute for getting Django Python Training in Chennai.

Why do you need a Python Training?

Python programming is in top demand, as it is one of the most popular programming languages used by developers. Python programming is easy to form concepts, when compared to other programming languages, especially when you want to script and use for app development. Python is increasingly used by many leading corporates like Google and Yahoo, owing to the presence of various programming models, and this is also the reason why python programmers are in continuous demand. If you are a data analyst, quant, statistician or a software developer, enrol for a Python Training in Chennai, as this course helps students make use of Python to become an expert at predictive analytics.

Through Python Programming Training Course, students will be able to

  Solve problems by using the python knowledge acquired through our training sessions.

  Understand the basics of Python and also learn how to structure python codes.

  Gain efficiency in writing efficient codes by using the Python data structures.

  Understand and learn the usage of Python for data manipulation tasks and scripting.

Python Training Course Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

Learn Python Training in Chennai for career advancement

SLA is the best institute to choose for your Python programming classes and SLA’s training course content is prepared to ensure we provide sufficient real-time case studies and live corporate project scenarios from the industry to make our students efficient, knowledgeable and to be industry-ready.

  Learn Python concepts which will be useful to process and analyse for data management.

  Become proficient with using python programming for data sets.

  Become a Python expert through our comprehensive training syllabus which covers GUI Programming-Tkinter, Python Regular Expressions and the Python Web Frameworks.

Python Training from the top-rated Python Training Institute in Chennai

  Though there are many IT institutes in Chennai, SLA leads the way for the highest number of successful placements post training.

  Corporate training and customized online training available for working professionals.

  Full practical training methodology followed for the student batches to understand and apply the concept well in practical execution.

  Expert Python trainers who teach with practical examples and use less-dependence on slide shows/ power point presentations.

  Excellent training course material provided to students with clear and precise conceptual explanation.

  SLA conducts special course discussion and interactive sessions for students to get inspired and motivated to learn.

  Post training, students will be given aptitude and personality development training before attending interviews.

  Good placement assistance available for both beginners and experienced professionals. Once the student completes training program, the Course certificate shall be awarded.

  The training program is fully equipped to let the students understand the market expectations and ensure that they are competent to enter the industry.

  Rich practical insights and expert knowledge through Softlogic’s training hours. For students looking for Django Python Training in Chennai, speak to our career consultants for information and guidance.

  Free demo classes available for students.

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Python Training Course Syllabus

Our Training Syllabus is well-thought and offers plenty of practical sessions for students to learn and excel.

Introduction to Data warehousing

  • Types of Scripts
  • Difference between Script & Programming Languages
  • Features of Scripting
  • Limitation of Scripting
  • Types of programming Language Paradigms

Introduction to Python

  • Who Uses Python?
  • Characteristics of Python
  • History of Python
  • What is PSF?
  • Install Python with Diff IDEs
  • Features of Python
  • Limitations of Python
  • Python Applications

Different Modes in Python

  • Python File Extensions
  • Python Sub Packages
  • Uses of Python in Data Science
  • Working with Python in Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac/Android

Python New IDEs

  • PyCharm IDE
  • How to Work on PyCharm
  • PyCharm Components
  • Debugging process in PyCharm
  • PYTHON Install Anaconda
  • What is Anaconda?
  • Coding Environments
  • Spyder Components
  • General Spyder Features
  • Spyder Shortcut Keys
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • What is Conda?
  • Conda List?
  • Jupyter and Kernels
  • What is PIP?

Python Sets

  • How to create a set?
  • Iteration Over Sets
  • Python Set Methods
  • Python Set Operations
  • Union of sets
  • Built-in Functions with Set
  • Python Frozenset

Python Dictionary

  • How to create a dictionary?
  • Python Dictionary Methods

Python OS Module

  • Shell Script Commands
  • Various OS operations in Python
  • Python File System Shell Methods

Python Exception Handling

  • Python Errors
  • Common RunTime Errors in PYTHON
  • Exception Handling
  • Ignore Errors
  • Assertions
  • UsingAssertionsEffectively

More Advanced PYTHON

  • Python Iterators
  • Python Generators
  • Python Closures
  • Python Decorators
  • Python @property

Python XML Parser

  • What is XML?
  • Difference between XML and HTML
  • Difference between XML and JSON and Gson
  • How to Parse XML
  • How to Create XML Node
  • Python vs JAVA
  • XML and HTML


  • What is Multi-Threading
  • Threading Module
  • Defining a Thread
  • Thread Synchronization

Web Scrapping

  • The components of a web page
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Urllib2
  • HTML,CSS,JS,jQuery
  • Dataframes
  • PIP
  • Installing External Modules Using PIP

Sequence or Collections in Python

  • Strings
  • Unicode Strings
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • buffers
  • xrange

Python Lists

  • Lists are mutable
  • Getting to Lists
  • List indices
  • Traversing a list

Python TUPLE

  • Advantages of Tuple over List
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Comparing tuples
  • Creating nested tuple
  • Using tuples as keys in dictionaries
  • Deleting Tuples
  • Slicing of Tuple
  • Tuple Membership Test

Advanced Python

Python Modules

  • The import Statement
  • The from…import Statement
  • Creating User defined Modules
  • Python Module Search Path

Packages in Python

  • What is a Package?
  • Introduction to Packages?
  • py file
  • Importing module from a package
  • Creating a Package
  • Creating Sub Package
  • Importing from Sub-Packages
  • Popular Python Packages

File Handling

  • What is a data, Information File?
  • File Objects
  • File Different Modes
  • file Object Attributes
  • Directories in Python
  • Working with CSV files

Python Class and Objects

  • Object Oriented Programming System
  • Define Classes
  • Creating Objects
  • Access Modifiers
  • Python Namespace
  • Self-variable in python
  • Garbage Collection
  • Python Multiple Inheritance
  • Overloading and Over Riding
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation

Python Regular Expressions

  • What is Regular Expression?
  • Regular Expression Syntax
  • Understanding Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expression Patterns
  • Literal characters
  • Finding Pattern in Text (
  • Using re.findall for text
  • Python Flags
  • Methods of Regular Expressions

Unit Testing with PyUnit

  • What is Testing?
  • Types of Testings and Methods?
  • What is Unit Testing?
  • What is PyUnit?
  • Test scenarios, Test Cases, Test suites

Introduction to Python Web Frameworks

  • Django – Design
  • Advantages of Django
  • MVC and MVT
  • Installing Django
  • Designing Web Pages
  • HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS

GUI Programming-Tkinter

  • Introduction
  • Components and Events
  • Adding Controls
  • Entry Widget, Text Widget, Radio Button, Check Button
  • List Boxes, Menus, ComboBox

Student Testimonials

Personally, Python was not my strongest subject, and I needed some coaching to get this done right. Enrolled into the SLA’s Python class, this was the best thing that could happen to me professionally. Wonderful and excellent training by this IT institute! Totally recommend the SLA if you are looking for Django and python training center in Chennai.

Malar Vendhan

I was looking for Django Training in Chennai, and this training institute came recommended. I was looking for a very progressive and practical oriented class to learn python, and SLA fit the bill! One of my friends who did his training in this training centre recommended this place to me. This place truly excels if you want some enhanced learning. A highly motivated environment, excellent coaching coupled with comprehensive content at quite affordable fees! Trust SLA for your Python Programming Training Course!


Softlogic Academy is an excellent Python Training Center in Chennai, if you are looking for some analytics course coaching. The instructor at SLA was fantastic, and I could totally relate to his course content being from SQL background. Even if you are a fresher, they take so much care and importance, and I have never seen this much teaching consideration in any institute I have been to earlier! They helped me pass many IT firm interviews and even today, I approach them for inputs or any project clarification! Thank You SLA for providing me such a career boost!


Best Python Training institute in Chennai for corporate team trainings. We finalized this training institute after we came to know this institute is heavily recommended. Awesome coaching and the classes were very lively! Excellent trainers and they were very good in their training sessions! I heard they also do online training and we are about to take up a group of online training for few other courses soon!

Mathi Vadhini

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