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EmberJS Training institute in Chennai

EmberJs TrainingSLA is surged as the best Emberjs training Institute at K.K Nagar in Chennai. Ember.js is an open source JavaScript technology which helps to develop web applications. As this is in consistent for user-friendly platform for client-side network, it will be the key element for next generation’s social application. Ember.js provides supporting structure for discovering desirous web application. SLA is determined and switch every trainees discover their best in real time projects. Our syllabus orients with the key features of Ember.js and process to build complete application.

In response to additional features, we cover the best topics that assist every trainee’s confidence in the upward trend. On viewing the famous websites like Yahoo, TED, Microsoft, LinkedIn, these are all developed by Ember.js. These websites bring into our attention Ember.js is having significant role in the world. Initiate your action in SLA with Ember.js course and find out the best of yours. Our Institute possess domain based and experienced faculty and they will be the best supportive catalyst in all the difficulties way possible.

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EmberJS Course Syllabus

Introduction to Ember.js

  • The Model-View-Controller Pattern and Ember.js
  • Models
  • Controllers
  • Views
  • Handlebars


  • Functions and Scope
  • Closures
  • Prototypes
  • jQuery


  • Overview of page architecture
  • Interactivity as defined in the view

Key features of Ember.js

  • Bindings
  • Computed properties
  • Auto-updating templates

Additional features

  • Getters and Setters
  • Observers
  • Changes in Arrays
  • Control flow

Building a Complete Application

  • Step 1: Top-level Container Views
  • Step 2: Schema and Models
  • Step 3: Adding interactivity to the views
  • Step 4: Modals as views
  • Step 5: Adding Controllers
  • Step 6: Using routing

Testing an Ember.js app

  • Unit tests
  • Unit testing JavaScript applications QUnit

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