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CCNA Training in Chennai

CCNA TrainingWhen you talk about building a career in IT, the first thing that pops up in your mind is software. However, the truth is that today hardware and networking jobs are among the topmost career fields that young professionals are looking at. In addition, when the word ‘networking’ is on your mind, then it is none other than CCNA. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an information technology (IT) certification. It is a category of technical certifications offered for early-career networking professionals. CCNA is the second level of accreditation; one-step above Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) and directly below the CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional).

The CCNA program /certification is offered in various subspecialties related to networking. For example, CCNA certificates are available in the following ten areas: cloud, collaboration, cybersecurity operations, data center, design, industrial/IoT, routing and switching, security, service provider and wireless, Network security, Storage networking, voice etc.

Why at all a CCNA Certification? Isn’t My Experience Good Enough?

Taking up the CCNA Course in Chennai at SLA assures a high level of knowledge in computer systems. More importantly, a CCNA course proves that you are well skilled and trained under Cisco Systems, which is a worldwide leader in the IT domain. The CCNA is a foundational cert for those seeking a high level networking profession, as well as one of the most highly sought after certifications in the industry as a whole.

Even if you possess a tremendous amount of experience, you still need your CCNA. If you’ve been in networking for a while, but don’t have your CCNA, you’ll look like you aren’t interested in learning. There is also the risk that a hiring manger may not take you seriously. Without the letters “CCNA” on your resume, you may not even get past HR. We IT folks know that a certification does not replace experience, but many hiring managers see it differently. Hiring managers rely on certifications as proof of experience and in their eyes certification equals experience. Combine this with the fact that the CCNA exams require you to perform configuration and troubleshooting tasks, thus CCNA really does prove experience — just not on-the-job experience. Achieving a CCNA certification can put you ahead of other uncertified candidates.

If you are passionate about networking and want to make a career out of it, the CCNA Routing & Switching certification is something that should not be missed. Not only will it give you a sense of accomplishment, it will make you more marketable, help you earn more, and provide additional job security. Not a bad deal at all.

Many aspiring networking professionals find themselves asking some common questions such as, “how can I get experience if I can’t get a networking job to start?” or “who can train me pass this certification exam?”, and so and so forth… It is simple; study a CCNA course by seeking the help of SLA training center, the Best CCNA Training Institute in Chennai (with 100% placement opportunities). Master this niche technology with us, so that you could pass the CCNA certification test with excellence. All said and done, now your next logical move would be to attend our free demo class on CCNA and rush to get yourselves enrolled with us at the earliest.

Through this course offered by SLA, you can get to learn all about routers and switches. It aims at enhancing your networking knowledge and increases your knowledge about your employer’s network. Undoubtedly, CCNA is one of the best IT courses and when the best CCNA training in Chennai like SLA offers it; it is another feather added on to your hat. Here students are given competent training so that they are able to tackle any complex problems with respect to networks. We offer numerous training methods; the students can expect books by Cisco Press as well as classroom and online courses. To attain the certification number, you need to get a passing score in the Cisco exam and SLA can guarantee you with all possible assistance to obtain an impressive score.

Dream Job opportunities for CCNA via SLA Institute:

The focus of CCNA lies in fields such as service providers, security, voice, collaboration, data centers, video, and wireless. At present, there is a large demand for network engineers. Doing a CCNA course not only provides knowledge and skills but also offers a ticket to success. It means that the moment your resume has a CCNA certification course by an authorized Cisco learning center such as SLA, the best multinational companies would be glad to have you onboard.

As a CCNA candidate, you would get a job faster than any other individual would. Those who specialize in the various courses offered by CCNA have better job opportunities. The industry requirement for CCNA certified people has increased. Today, recruiters are looking for competent individuals who have an edge over others in the name of standardized certifications. They seek those certified networking professionals who have an advanced knowledge of protocols. Once you receive this high-grade recognition, you will get the confidence to opt for better career prospects.

Earning your CCNA can be the career jump-start you were looking for, moving you from a standard help desk position into actual server rooms and networking closets. One may stop dreaming about their most coveted jobs and can actually make it a reality with roles such as ; Network Engineer, Sr. Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Information Technology (IT) Manager, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT), Information Technology (IT) Director etc.

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CCNA Course Syllabus

  • Introduction (Certification, Routing, Routing Components)
  • Booting Process, Ports, Simulators, Basic Commands
  • Networking Functions (Static, and Default Routing, Password)
  • Basic Network Troubleshooting
  • Dynamic Routing 1 (RIP1, RIP2, Troubleshooting Commands)
  • Dynamic Routing 2 (IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF)
  • Routing Security (Standard, Extended, Named ACL)
  • Switching 1 (Types, Command, Password, VLAN and Commands)
  • Switching 2 (Inter VLAN and Commands, Trunking Protocol, VTP, STP)
  • WAN Security (Static Dynamic, and PAT NAT)
  • Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
  • Advanced DHCP, VOIP
  • IOS Backup and Restore
  • WAN Technology (PPP, HDLC, ISDN, Frame Relay)

Students speak

SLA is BEST in providing CCNA courses .They have good instructors. They are well structured while allowing you to go at your own pace. The Support team people are also very cooperative and help us out at their best. I had a great experience studying the CCNA curriculum at SLA as we started with the basics initially. After that, we plunged into more advanced CCNA concepts. It helped me get a better understanding of the network and computers that run on these networks. After I completed my course at SLA, the company assisted me in getting an excellent job in an MNC. Enrolling in a CCNA course under SLA training Center does have its own merits. Now, you can improve your resume credentials by doing the CCNA course, which will take your career prospects a notch higher.

Anantha Krishnan

I thought the training was great. The pace and duration of the class were appropriate. I have been able to setup some experiments using knowledge that I have learned from this class. The instructors were also very helpful and it was a joyful journey at SLA institute.

Taufeeq Ahamed

This was a great class! Thank you for clarity & enthusiasm in teaching CCNA. I can't wait to get back to work and start applying everything I've learnt.

Ashok Immanuel

The placement and career support at SLA was truly excellent! Best online class coaching provided here for Power BI Training Courses! Once the training got completed, I was given good interview tips and also made to practise group discussion cycles which helped me perform well in my interview! Thanks to Softlogic for what I am today!

Joseph A

The instructor was great! Entertaining as well as informative. I came in fearing this course even though I am semi-familiar with the basics of CCNA. The instructor kept the class lively and was also very approachable. My fears definitely faded away within the first day. Thanks SLA

Karthik Ganesan

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