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Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai

Blue Prism TrainingBlue Prism is a set of tools, libraries, and runtime environments for RPA. Blue Prism has built-in support for connecting business objects to various kinds of application user interfaces. A Blue Prism robot relies on business objects to interact with applications. Understanding what a business object is first, requires understanding the components each one contains, then seeing how the Blue Prism development tools are used to create those components.

For example, a single business object might be capable of logging in to an application, entering a customer name into a particular screen, retrieving a result, and then logging off.

The Blue Prism technology is intended to be used by IT people and business people working together. IT must be involved originally to set things up and configure deployments. Without this, robots can’t run in a scalable, reliable, and secured way. Once this is done, business people can create and modify automated processes largely on their own. This approach, involving both IT and business, allows an organization to be sure that its software robots meet compliance and regulatory requirements

Boons of Blue Prism Training Course

In Robotic Process Automation category, there are around 30+ tools. Among which Automation Anywhere, Uipath and Blue Prism are popular. Out of which, Blue Prism is more buzzing, just because of its user friendliness, user interface, its performance and much more.

Automating business processes with RPA can have substantial business value. In situations where this automation must be done quickly and at low cost, where changes are frequent, or where business people must be able to control the work themselves-Relying on robotic process automation can be a good solution.

Supporting enterprise RPA, letting organizations create a robotic workforce—running in datacenters, not desktops—that’s scalable, manageable, and secured.

Blue Prism application is an approach that can be a good choice, as Blue Prism shows; Why not let technology do everything it can?

Best Blue Prism Training Course in Chennai with Placement - Place yourself in the following responsibilities post the successful completion of the Blue Prism certification at Softlogic Training Institute

More than 5 Million jobs are available by 2020 for automation and robotics industry. 80% of the Job openings are in the development side; Admin jobs account for about 10% and Blue Prism qualified techies can also discover themselves as Architects, as 10% of Job Openings are found in this space as well. The world has started using Robotics for many requirements. If you are a Blue Prism expert with us; you will see a better future as soon as possible; it can be salary wise or growth wise.

RPA Blue Prism Training course in Chennai at SLA, KK Nagar; can be mastered well with the help of the most eminent trainers in the IT industry. Softlogic Training center is undoubtedly the Best Blue Prism training center in Chennai. Having a big-picture view of how Blue Prism works, is a good place to start. But, real understanding of the product requires more diligence and an intense application of the mind with a strong subject matter proficiency. And, we are indebted to help you apply your mind and knowledge.

Our encouraging learning environment with ample practice, Full hands on plus project practice sessions, real time industry discussions, best class room training, upskill and re-skill opportunities in tuning up with the said technology, free demo on RPA tools, back up classes, convincing lab facilities, latest study materials- updated course contents as per the corporate standards, personal attention to every student, fast track and normal paced batches etc.:- are all worth the mention

How SLA makes you dexterous through its Blue Prism Technology Training?

Blue Prism Training offered by our SLA Institute; will be the perfect and better choice for leveraging in depth job oriented skills in relation to the Automation Blue Prism tool. Blue Prism Training from the SLA Coaching Institute makes the candidates attain exposure to industry oriented corporate training. This surely ensures success in the automation professional career of the candidates.

100% Guaranteed Placement Assistance is what this RPA Blue Prism Training course would flaunt about: We relentlessly send you for interviews until you get a job and we get your Resume Ready to attend interviews. Offering you the right kind of interview preparation will be our pleasure. We ensure that you take up more technical assessments with us, thus enabling you to crack every discussion with your prospective employer. Our mock interviews along with your work on live projects would help you fetch a standardized recognition in the IT industry.

Pre-requisite for doing this course: If you are not having programming knowledge, we will give you a brush-up of the required programming skills. Its code free, anyone can learn Blue Prism without any coding knowledge.

Automation is the next big revolution in the technology world, like machine learning, big data, IOT and artificial intelligence. So you can start your career in automation tools like blue prism and do not forget that SLA is the best Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai; providing the best possible in every possible way. Learn it master it and crack it with the leading Blue Prism Training Institute (like us) in Chennai

Related to Blue Prism Training

Blue Prism Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Blue prism
  • Installation
  • Architecture

Process Studio

  • What is a process?
  • How to run a Running a Process
  • Basic Skills
  • Working with Process Validation
  • Working with Decision Stage
  • Calculation Stage
  • Data Items

Inputs And Outputs

  • What is a parameter?
  • Input Parameters
  • Stepping and Pages
  • Data Item Visibility
  • Data Types
  • Output Parameters
  • Stepping and Pages
  • Start Up Parameters
  • Control Room
  • Process Outputs

Process Flow And Org

  • What is a process?
  • What is controlling
  • Circular Paths
  • Set Next Stage
  • Placing Breakpoints
  • Working with Collections and Loops
  • Pages for Organisation


  • Setting Timeouts
  • Terminate
  • Write
  • Attach and Detach
  • Read
  • Actions

Object Studio

  • What is a business object?
  • Creating a Business Object
  • Application Modeller
  • Spying Elements
  • Attributes
  • Working with Attribute Selection

Additional Features

  • Safe stop
  • Logging
  • Log viewer
  • System manager
  • Export and import
  • Release Manager

Adv Features

  • Undefined collections
  • Data Warehouse Architecture (with a Staging Area)
  • Data item initialization
  • Casting
  • Global click and keys

Hear what our students say

Hi all! The Blue Prism training in SLA deserves a special mention as it is the best place in the city to learn technology. It is a very pleasing environment with excellent lab and infrastructure facilities at an astoundingly very low fee.


I am very proud of Softlogic Academy and many thanks to its training services. My students at college had taken up a blue prism course here, and I was pretty astonished that they have learnt this abreast technology within a short span of time. I wish to refer more and more of my students to this institute, which is seriously doing a great job. Kudos!


I feeling delighted to write this testimonial and it is straight from my heart. I have done many courses at various training institutes and this particular institute stands apart for its quality and delivery. The most important for any coaching institute is the course content, coaching and placements – all these three would work wonders for the students of our generation. SLA dons a perfect role by providing all the three facilities as mentioned there in. Good job SLA.


4)The need for quality education and training is very high these days. Quality education is imparted to all through Softlogic Academy, which offers varied IT courses. Blue prism course is one such course which is known for its best quality and training in Softlogic. It is a request to all to consider this place for any of your training requirements, especially the Blue Prism course.


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