AngularJS Training in Chennai

AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai

AngularJs TrainingAn institute of its own kind contributing the best in AngularJs training in Chennai with promised delivery in every dimension – SLA is the best training provider for almost all trending IT technologies with AngularJs never an exception.

Enhanced course curriculum designed efficiently by the industry experts to match the current job market is the outstanding feature of SLA. Key concepts of AngularJs from real time job perspective are covered in AngularJs course in Chennai at SLA.

Some of the major topics of AngularJs are listed below:


  Scope Object


  Angular UI & Bootstrap



At SLA, the prerequisite to learn HTML, CSS and Java scripts are taught as part of the course curriculum unlike the typical prerequisites requirement for any course.

Other topics include:

  Form builder functionalities

  Creating authentication to access pages especially JWT authentication

  Introduction to button concepts

  Learn to create an Editor for creating and manage articles

  Explore Angular 2 components and many more.

The other features of this best AngularJs training institute in Chennai that benefits students are the infrastructure and facilities offered by SLA.

Sophisticated labs with the latest and advanced hardware/software installed, smart classrooms for practical led training are some of the privileged opportunities at SLA.

Eminent trainers skilled in AngularJs coaching and software development train our students in par with industry standards. Advanced teaching methodologies, structured lesson plans, periodic coursework are some of the strengths of SLA in training students.

The main objective of pursuing IT training is to seek a promising career. SLA caters the needs of young IT aspirants with an exclusive placement division that functions with a target of 100% job assurance to enable students acquire their dream jobs.

Communication skills and aptitude are the foremost requirements to make an entry into IT sector. At SLA, we do not confine with just AngularJs training but go one step ahead teaching communication skills and aptitude. This module is part of AngularJs training with no additional cost.

Students at SLA, get opportunities to have hands-on experience in real time AngularJs projects under the able guidance of our trainers. Such internship opportunities boost your job prospects.

Fee structure is designed aiming the underprivileged students who hail from rural areas and average or below average economic standards. Hence, SLA’s Angular 2 training in Chennai is now within your capacity and pursuing this training is never a dream a anymore.

Located in prime locations in Chennai – Anna Nagar and KK Nagar, makes it easy to commute for classes. Flexible batch timings are available. Our educational counsellors guide and help you to choose a convenient batch matching your schedule.

To know more about SLA and AngularJs training topics, please do not hesitate to reach our counsellors. We believe in small sized batches to ensure effective training. So, hurry! Enroll now for AngularJs training in Chennai at SLA to achieve your goals for an ambitious career.

New batch starting soon. Book your seat in one of the prestigious institution in Chennai.

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Syllabus of Angularjs course at SLA includes the following:

AngularJS Introduction

  • Introduction To Client Side Scripting Languages
  • Basics of Javascript and jQuery
  • Introduction to AngularJS and Its History
  • Why should we use AngularJS?


  • Properties, Methods
  • Binding controllers with views
  • Controller hierarchy
  • Sharing data between controllers

Bootstrapping Angular APPS

  • Auto bootstrap
  • Custom bootstrap

Data Binding

  • Binding Model Objects
  • Model Objects Visibility
  • $scope
  • $rootScope
  • Difference between $scope & $rootScope
  • Using $emit & $broadcast
  • JSON advantages
  • Using JSON in Angularjs
  • Use of $watch, $digest & $apply

Understanding AngularJS Architecture

Dependency Injection

  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • Implicit DI
  • Inline Array Annotated DI
  • $inject Array Annotated DI


  • AngularJs Expressions, AngularJS Numbers
  • AngularJS Strings, AngularJS Arrays
  • AngularJS Objects


  • Power of directives
  • Directives
    • ng-app, ng-init
    • ng-model, ng-repeat
    • ng-class, ng-template
    • ng-include
  • Working with custom directives


  • Adding Filters to Expressions
  • Adding Filters to Directives
  • Working with built in filters
  • Creating custom filters


  • ng-click
  • Hiding HTML Elements
  • ng-disabled
  • ng-show, ng-hide

AngularJS XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)

  • AngularJS $http

AngularJS Service Types

  • Constants & Values, Factories
  • Services, Providers

Single Page Applications

  • What is SPA?
  • How to work with SPA in angular
  • Working with routes
  • Static & dynamic routing


  • Overview of REST API
  • Use of angular resource module


  • Overview of transitions
  • Use of angular animate module

Angular with UI Frameworks

  • ui boostrap
  • anguar-meterial

Behavior Driven Development

  • Overview of Nodejs
  • installation of karma & jasmin
  • working with karma & jasmin

Students speak

I had finished Angular JS Training Course from Softlogic Academy, it was really a good program to be a part of with the trainer knew what he was covering and the subject knowledge was in-depth. I was new to any programming language which was dealt with in very calm and compost manner. The training programmer helps me to get placed in Sales Arm IT Services as a web developer, which is on campus interview arranged by SLA!

Gokul prasad

I have had my Angular JS training from Softlogic Academy, KK Nagar. Mr.Dhanesh was my tutor. I am very much happy about this course and the tutor. That has reflected in my Interview results. I got my job in Reptech Ltd as Junior Web designer. I was lucky enough to have an Hands-on practical class and times were also flexible and well organized. Friendly, "approach me anytime on any doubts in the course" offer from them are the added advantages. I would recommend my friends for this course. Thanks to the SLA Jobs, and a special hearty thanks to my tutor. keep up the good work. All the best!


I was part of the Angular JS training at Softlogic Academy, it was really a good program to be a part of with the trainer was an expert in the subject knowledge. The Academy is also good and flexible in scheduling the sessions, this helps you plan everything. I really appreciate the effort they are making for every program becomes successful. Thanks to the Trainer and Thanks to SLA Jobs.

Vishnu Santhosh

First of all thanks for SLA Jobs for giving me such nice opportunity to work in the field of Angular JS. When I started over here, There are a lot of positive statements about SLA Jobs and one of my friend have suggested me to take Certification in SLA Jobs because he completed and came with very good knowledge in Angular JS. Now, He is doing Web designing for his own business in a successful way!

Kumar krishnan

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