A+ Training in Chennai

CompTIA A+ Training in Chennai

A+ TrainingGet yourself certified with A+ by undertaking A+ training in Chennai at SLA. It is a junior level certification awarded to a computer technician and the validity of this certification is 3 years.

A+ Certification Course in Chennai

A+ is an array programming language with its predecessor called as A programming language. It was originally developed by Arthur Whitney and the contributions from other programmers transformed it as A+ with the addition of graphical user interfaces and some of the interesting features from other programming languages.

As a high level programming language and as an interpretive language A+ finds its applications in cumbersome numerical calculations especially in the financial domain. Being an open source software, it is supported by Linux and all Unix versions. A+ offers extensive operators and functions, variables and events, dynamic loading of subroutines. The A+ graphical user interface facilitates automatic synchronization of widgets. A+ can be considered as a replacement of APL with the following incorporated changes:

  An A+ function has the capability of nine parameters.

  One or more statements in A+ programming language can be represented as a single statement delimited by semicolons.

  A global variable with no arguments can be defined as a function which is referred as an object in A+ by which explicit assignments of values can be done and referred.

  A+ editor has an interactive Xemacs editor.

  CompTIA is an association that certifies professionals in the IT industry irrespective of the vendors such as Microsoft, Sun Solaris, Cisco.

Some of the certifications issued by CompTIA are:









  Master and speciality certifications are also awarded by CompTIA.

A+ certification course in Chennai at SLA covers the following major topics:

  PC troubleshooting.

  Understanding networks, operating systems, security policies and mobile devices.

  Detailed understanding of hardware.

  An overview of Windows operating system.

  Introduction to Mac OS, Linux and mobile OS.

  Outline of operational procedures.

  Here is a glimpse of some profiles for A+ certified professionals.

  Support specialist.

  Field service technicians.

  Desktop support analyst.

  Help desk Tier 2 support.

Do not ignore the CompTIA A+ training in Chennai to compete in the job market. Enroll now for A+ training in Chennai at SLA.

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A+ Training in Chennai

Introduction to Computers

  • A Brief History of Computers
  • Desktop Computer System Components and Their Functions
  • Software and Firmware
  • Numbering Systems

Setting Up a Personal Computer

  • Install Video Output Devices
  • Install PS/2 Devices
  • Install Parallel Devices
  • Install Serial Devices
  • Install Game and Sound Devices
  • Install USB Devices
  • Install FireWire Devices
  • Connect Wireless Devices

Installing or Removing Internal Hardware

  • Establish an ESD
  • free Work Area
  • Install or Remove Adapter Cards
  • Install a Network Adapter and Cable
  • Install or Remove IDE Drives
  • Install or Remove Internal SCSI Drives
  • Install External SCSI Devices
  • RAID

Upgrading System Components

  • Add Memory
  • Upgrade the CPU
  • Add a CPU
  • Upgrade the System BIOS
  • Upgrade the Power Supply
  • Upgrade the System Board
  • Decide When to Upgrade

Supporting Portable Computing Devices

  • Connect External Peripherals to a Portable Computer
  • Install or Remove Portable Computing Device Drives
  • Install or Remove PCMCIA Cards
  • Install or Remove Mini-PCI Cards
  • Install or Add Memory to a Portable Computing Device
  • Connect PDAs to Computers

Performing Preventative Maintenance

  • Hard Disk Maintenance
  • Perform Printer Maintenance
  • Use a UPS
  • Clean Peripheral Components
  • Clean Internal System Components
  • Dispose of Computer Equipment

Troubleshooting Device Problems

  • Correct Monitor Problems
  • Correct Input Device Problems
  • Correct Adapter Card and PC Card Problems
  • Correct Hard Drive Problems
  • Correct Internal Removable Media Drive Problems
  • Correct CD or DVD Drive Problems
  • Correct Printer Problems

Troubleshooting System Problems

  • Correct Network Connection Problems
  • Correct Modem Problems
  • Correct Power Problems
  • Correct Boot Problems
  • Correct Memory Problems
  • Correct System Board Problems
  • Correct Portable System Problems
  • Diagnose System Problems

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