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QTP Testing Training in Chennai

QTP Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to Automation Testing:
What is Automation Testing | When Automation is needed | When Automation is not needed | Advantages of Automation Testing | Disadvantages of Automation Testing | What are the popular Automation Tools in the industry | What is the difference between various Automation Testing Tools

Introduction to QTP: QTP IDE , Basic Components in QTP , Addin Manager | How does QTP works/Object recognition concept | Record a sample Test | Understand the Script | Execution of a Test | Enhancement of recorded script

Framework in QTP: What is Framework | Types of Framework | Linear Scripting | Structured Scripting | Data Driven | Keyword Driven | Modular Driven | Hybrid

Object Repository: QTP Classes and Objects | Details of OR | Types of OR | How to create OR | Test Object Vs Run time Object | Configuring Object identification | Object Spy | Object Properties | Logical Name | Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier | Smart Identification | Compare and Merge options

Recording Modes: What is Recording Modes | Types of Recording Modes | Normal Recording Mode | Analog Recording Mode | Low Level Recording Mode

Checkpoints: What is Checkpoint | Why Checkpoint is needed | Types of Checkpoint | Different ways of Inserting Checkpoints

Parameterization: What is Parameterization | Why Parameterization is needed | Types of Parameterization | Datatable, Random Number and Environment Number Parameterization | How to access data from Global Sheet and Local sheet

Actions: What is Action | Types of Actions | Methods to import an Action | Call to New | Call to Existing | Call to Copy

Regular Expression: Regular Expression | When to Use Regular Expression | How to use Regular Expression in Descriptive Programming

Recovery Scenarios: Handling the exception using Recovery Scenario Manager | Usage of Recovery Scenario Wizard | Completing a Recovery Scenario | Creation and Association of .QRS file for Recovery Scenario

Step Generator: What is Step Generator | How to Generate script using Step Generator | Advantages & Disadvantages of using Step Generator

Virtual Object: What is Virtual Object | When Virtual Object is used | Limitations of Virtual Object

Debugging: When Debugging is used | Step Into | Step Out | Step Over

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