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Load Runner Training

Loadrunner Training Course Syllabus

LoadRunner Installation
LoadRunner architecture | Where to install LoadRunner components | Identify hardware and software needed for installation | Installing Loadrunner samples.

VUGEN: Introduction to VUSER Concept: Definition of Vuser | Why VUGEN is Used | Features of VUGEN | VUSER TYPES

Streamlining Recording: Settings to be done before recording | Modes of recording | Choosing the right protocol | Types of protocol loadrunner supports | Single and Multiple protocols | When and how to use more than one Action| Deleting Action

Recording Script using VUGEN: VUSER Script sections (Init, Action and end) | Creating New Virtual VUSER script | Adding and removing protocols| Choosing New Virtual user category | Begin Recording on your application | Ending and Saving a recording session | Running the Created Script

Introduction to Output window in VUGEN: Replay Log | Recording Log | Generation Log | Correlation Results

Understanding the VUSER script: Viewing and modifying VUSER scripts | Understanding the functions generated in the code | Getting Help on functions | Workflow Wizard | Walkthrough on few Loadrunner functions | Recap of Steps for creating Vuser Scripts

Actions in depth: When and how to use more than one Action | Deleting Actions | Rename actions | Import Action into Vuser

Introduction to VUGEN parameters: Definition of parameter | Why parameterization is required | Parameters Limitations | Creating Parameters | Types of parameters | Using Existing Parameters | Using Parameter List | Parameterization options

File and table type parameters: Creating data files | Properties of file type parameters | properties of table type parameters

Setting Parameters properties: Introduction to setting parameter properties | Setting properties for internal data parameter types | Setting properties for user defined functions | Choosing parameter formats

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