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Javascript Training in Chennai

Javascript Training Course Syllabus

What is JavaScript? | What is AJAX?

Developer Essentials: The development workflow | Selecting the right tools for the job | Just enough HTML and CSS | Understanding objects | Understanding variables | Making comparisons | Understanding events

Starting to Code: Writing your first script | Internal vs. external scripts | Using comments in scripts | Using the noscript tag in HTML

Interacting with Users: Creating alert dialogs | Understanding conditional statements | Getting confirmations from users | Creating prompts for users | Understanding functions | Making links smarter | Using switch/case statements | Handling errors

JavaScript Language Essentials: Getting started | Creating loops | Passing values to functions | Detecting objects | Reading arrays | Returning values from functions | Writing arrays | Building do and while loops | Re-using functions

Creating Rollovers and More: Creating a basic image rollover | How to write a better rollover | Creating a three-state rollover | Making rollovers accessible and 508 compliant | Making disjointed rollovers | Creating slideshows | Displaying random images

Building Smarter Forms: Getting started | Creating jump menus | Creating dynamic menus | Requiring fields | Cross-checking fields | Displaying more informative errors | Verifying radio button selections | Setting one field with another field | Verifying email addresses

Handling Events Responding to window events | Responding to mouse movements | Responding to mouse clicks | Responding to onBlur form events | Responding to onFocus form events | Responding to keyboard events

Working with Cookies The DOM, Nodes, and Objects | Working with Dates and Times | Real World Applications of JavaScript

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