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HTML Training in Chennai

HTML Training Course Syllabus

Overview of HTML
Overview of HTML | Introduction to HTML | Creating an HTML Document

Formatting text with HTML: Paragraph Formatting with HTML | Character Formatting with HTML | Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting

Adding local and remote links: Adding Local and Remote Links | Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag

Adding graphics: Linking and Embedding Graphics

Creating lists in HTML: Creating Lists and Nested Lists

Creating tables in HTML: Creating and Modifying Tables | Creating Advanced Table Elements

Setting Body and Background Attributes: Setting Background and Text Colors

Web Page Design Guidelines: Web Page Design Guidelines

Adding Links to other Internet Services: Links to Non-Web Internet Services

HTML5 Training Syllabus: Overview of what’s new in HTML5 | Doctype | Charset | New structures / tags | Inline Elements | Support for dynamic pages | Form types | Deprecated code | Current browser / platform support | Importance of the Document Object Model (DOM) | Using the new HTML5 Tags | Defining page structure using the new HTML 5 tags | New HTML5 Elements | Embedding rich content with multimedia elements

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