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Dot Net Training in Chennai

Dot Net Training in Chennai

Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai

.NET Training – The Lava for the Corporate Companies

After a successful orientation of Java courses, the need to transcend to the altered state is much needed. SLA is here at your door step, and it is self evident by now that it is the best Dot Net Training institute in Chennai. Dot Net provides you with the idea of coded solutions in a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a large library of coded solutions to common programming problems and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. The .NET framework includes a runtime environment that manages applications' runtime requirements. The .NET Framework runtime environment, called Common Language Runtime (CLR), provides the appearance of an application virtual machine so that programmers need not consider specific CPU capabilities.

Dot Net Training in Chennai is the best trait of Microsoft Windows operating system applications. Dot Net training in Chennai, with the best of knowledge is sought only by SLA at its best. .Net Course in Chennai as healthy as the evident currency in computer languages and technologies, SLA does the job at its best.

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The ulterior motif of any .Net Training Institute in Chennai is to provide the non intermittent ideal of the promised work. But SLA, the ideal Dot Net Training Course in Chennai, gives you the intoxication of workaholism coupled with the ecstasy of knowledge. SLA is one of the Best DOT NET Training Institutes in Chennai, for which you can never find an alternative. Hop in! We are eagerly waiting to drench you with par intelligence.

We guarantee to provide them career developmental policies coupled with our coaching in .NET programming. Evolve through us, Develop with .NET programming. Get Placed at the optimum!

Our Dot Net Training Center in Chennai is situated at the most convenient, approachable location. Our infrastructure include the right ambience of labs and classrooms needed for students to purely focus on academics.

.NET Certification Course Syllabus


Visual C#.Net: Introduction to C# . NET | C# Predefined Types | Iteration Statements | Objects in C# | Constructors | Inheritance | Polymorphism | Arrays | Collections | Interfaces | Delegates and Events | Console Applications | Networking in C#

ASP.NET: Introducing ASP .Net | ASP Vs ASP .Net | Client Server Communication | Three|tier Architecture | Controls | HTML Controls | Server Controls | Web Forms | Master Pages | Building Controls | Accessing data from a database using ASP .Net | Template Controls | Authentication Methods | Configuring ASP.NET Application settings | Application settings and Deployment

ADO.NET: Introduction to ADO .Net | Implementing ADO .Net | Components of ADO.Net Object Model | Connecting to Data Base Using Data Adapter | Accessing DataBase through Data Set | Data Binding Filtering and Sorting.

XML: Extensible Markup Language | DTD to define XML Documents | XML Documents and validating them against a DTD | XSL to transform XML Documents and Presenting the Data in a Web Browser | XML Document Object Model | Active Server Pages with XML | XML in SOAP.

Silver Light Frame Work: Introduction to Silver Light | The Silver Light Architecture Versions Silver Light Hosting | Supported Platforms | Browsers Future Platforms Silver Light Vs WPF Installing Silver Light | Silver Light Tools | Silver Light Languages | Accessing Data Using Silver Light | Networking in Silver Light

Ajax in .Net: Introduction to ASP.Net AJAX | The Script Manager Control | Update Panel Control & Update | Progress Control | Timer Controls | Dynamic Lay Out Property | Using AJAX in ASP.Net | Applications


Windows Presentation Foundationt: OverView of WPF | Creating a Simple WPF Application | Handling Events Commands | Navigating between Pages | Customizing Appearance | Sharing Logical Resources in an Application | Creating Consistent User | Creating New Controls | | Configuring Security settings

Windows Communication Foundation: Overview of WCF Architecture | Designing an Application to be part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) | Using a Language Level Interface as a Service Contract | Implementing a Simple WCF Service in Visual Studio 2008 | Configuring and Hosting WCF Services | Handling Errors | Applying Over all Security Requirements to a Binding | Specifying enquired Clients and Service credentials working with Security Information

Windows Work Flow Foundation: Overview of Windows Work Flow Foundation | Creating State Machine Work Flows | Forward Chaining of Rules | Changing Rules at Run Time | Creating and Configuring Custom Activities | Creating Custom Composite Activities | Monitoring Work Flows | Tracking Work Flows | Managing Faults | Creating and Managing Transactions | Creating and Handling Compensations

ASP .NET MVC: Introduction to MVC | MVC Architecture | Domain models and Repositories | Using Object and Collection Initializers | Entity Framework | Lambda Expressions | Working with Controllers | Introducing the Controller | Model Templates | Templated View Helpers | | Working with the ASPX engine | Working with the Razor Engine

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