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CSS Training in Chennai

SLA is providing best CSS Training in Chennai. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Our CSS Training tends towards real-time practical international standard design layouts. Every static of dynamic webpages requires CSS to give good design impression. Without CSS there will be plain text and images in that page. There are three types for writing CSS. And more importantly we are covering CSS3 in our training program.

Our CSS Training in Chennai covers all of them and presents the new and impressive look in any designs. By visiting our student’s works you can find out why we are saying “We are the Best CSS Training Institute in Chennai”.

CSS Training Course Syllabus

Types of Style Sheets
Inline Styles | Embedded Styles | External or Linked Styles

Inheritance and Cascading Order: Inheritance | Conflicting Styles | Specificity

Formatting Text and Fonts: Font Families | Font Size | Kerning, Leading, and Indenting

Formatting Colors and Backgrounds: The Color Attribute | The Background Attribute | Background Colors and Images

Exploring CSS Class and ID Attributes: Defining The CSS Class Attribute | Defining The CSS ID Attribute

Main Building Blocks: Activity | Services | Content Providers | Broadcast Receivers

Create Your Own HTML Tags: HTML Span and DIV Tags | Creating Block-Level HTML Tags | Creating Inline HTML Tags

Positioning Block-Level Elements: Relative and Absolute Positioning | Formatting The Block-Level Box Model | Element Visibility Controls

Introducing The Document Object Model (DOM): Versions Of The Document Object Model | Detecting The DOM Version With Java Script | Java Script and The DOM

Android Media API: Playing audio/video | Media recording | Blue tooth | WiFi | Camera | Telephony Manager | Location Services | Google Maps | Deploying Android Application on Device

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