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In this age of the internet and the world wide web, there is no death of data, be it for any purpose. From cooking a humble samosa to designing a copter, you have it all on this gargantuan web. But, with an abundance of data comes the need to handle it responsibly. This is done by Big Data. big data has become the next big technology in the IT world. Big data and data analytics lies at the heart of strategic decisions and business planning. Data is omnipotent. Hence, a big data training is of utmost importance in today’s world. Listed here are 9 reasons why a big data training is a wise career move:

  1. Data is a priority for organizations – Data is at the heart of several strategic decisions. It helps businesses identify opportunities and ward off risks. The importance of data in any business organization cannot be stressed enough. Hence, the careful handling and manipulation of data assumes utmost importance. With increasing competition, top organizations are turning to data analytics to identify new market opportunities for their services and products. As per recent reports, 77% of top organizations consider data analytics a critical component of business performance. What this means is that big data professionals have a huge influence on company policies and marketing strategies.
  2. Demand – As companies realize the potential of big data, there is an increased demand of skilled professionals.  A survey of prominent job portals show a surge in the number of data analysts and consultants required. The gap between supply and demand is yet to be bridged.
  3. Better salary – With the need to bridge the gap between supply and demand, companies are likely to dole out handsome pay packages to lure big data professionals. In India, data analytics professionals are paid an average 50% more than their counterparts in other IT based professions. This trend is evident across the globe as more and more companies realize just how important these professionals are to the organization.
  4. Data is everywhere – Data is indeed everywhere – from the smallest everyday queries to driving business decisions. The use of big data professionals to foster growth is a trend that is not likely to die soon. There is practically no sector which has remained untouched by data analytics.
  5. Numerous job titles to choose from – The field of big data is as big as its name. And there are numerous job titles to choose from to suit your forte and interests. Some of the titles are: Metrics and Analytics Specialist, Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Data Analytics Consultant. Also, organizations like IBM, ITrend, Opera, Oracle, etc are roping in professionals that are likely to give rise to more titles.
  6. It is a responsible position – Admit it, how many times have you showed up at work with absolutely no idea why you are continuing with your job. One of the leading causes of workplace dissatisfaction and depression is the lack of decision-making power and the feeling of being ” just another cog in the great corporate wheel”. The position of a big data analyst is an important one. Since data drives businesses, as a big data professional you will be in a position to inspire and influence important business decisions.
  7. The adoption is great – By now, you must have understood just how important data is for businesses. The adoption rate of big data has been phenomenal. Nearly every company needs big data professionals. This makes it a wise career move with the promise of a bright future.
  8. Option to freelance – Data analytics, being that it is a matter of studying numbers, trends, and data in general, gives you the perfect opportunity to become a well-paid freelancer or consultant for some of the biggest firms in the world. Majorly IT based, this kind of job can be done from anywhere in the world at any given time. Therefore, you do not have to be tied to a desk.
  9. New revenue streams – With your ability to analyze and put good data information to good use, you can easily identify new and unexploited streams of revenue generation. This is one of the best ways to enrich your life by increasing your earnings.

Data analytics demand is on the rise and soon, it is increasingly becoming an integral part of every organization and important business decisions. These reasons should give you an idea of just how important this field is poised to be in the future.

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