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ASP .NET Training in Chennai

ASP .NET Training Institute in Chennai

Despite the fact that history has a lot of fiction with respect to computers, ASP.NET a web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. Microsoft had always taken hands on to build programming languages that are user friendly and at the same time allows keen knowledge based extravaganza. Just like .Net and C#, ASP.NET also is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), allowing programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language. We- SLA is here to give you the best ASP.NET Training in Chennai.

Once you’re astonishingly awesome with the other basic courses, SLA takes a leap towards building a strong foundation for an ASP.NET Course in Chennai. SLA is right here ahead of you and is ready to take you along with all tough mechanisms of computing lifestyle. You’re here at the prolific and inexhaustible, ASP.NET Training institute in Chennai, which can never fail you in making you glow with your dreams. Prosper, Parade and Place yourselves in the higher pedestal by the Best ASP.NET Training In Chennai, SLA and aspire with ASP Dot Net Training and placement

We guarantee to provide them career developmental policies coupled with our coaching in .net programming. Evolve through us, Develop with .NET programming. Get Placed at the optimum!

Our ASP .NET Training Center in Chennai is situated at the most convenient, approachable location. Our infrastructure include the right ambience of labs and classrooms needed for students to purely focus on academics.

ASP Dot Net Training Course Syllabus

Overview of the ASP.NET Introduction of different Web Technology | What is Asp.Net | How Asp.Net Works | Use of visual studio | Different Languages used in Asp.Net.

Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) | .NET Framework Class Library.

Setting up and Installing ASP.NET Installing Internet Information Server | Installation of Asp.Net | virtual directory | Application Setting in IIS.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Overview of SQL Server 2008 | Installation of SQL Server 2008 | Features of SQL Server Express | SQL Server 2008 Express management tools

Coding Standards Overview of coding standards follows during programming

HTML, CSS & JavaScript Basic of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Asp.Net Standard Controls Displaying information | Label Controls | Literal Controls | Bulleted List | Accepting User Input | Textbox controls | RadioButton and RadioButtonList Controls | CheckBox and CheckBoxList Controls | Button controls | LinkButton Control | ImageButton Control | Using Hyperlink Control | DropDownList | ListBox | Displaying Images | Image Control | Image Map Control | Using Panel Control | Using Hyperlink Control

Asp.Net Page & State Management | Overview of events in page

Asp.Net Validation Controls + Javascript Validation Required Field Validator Control | Regular Expression Validator Control | Compare Field Validator Control | Range Validator Control | Validation Summary Control | Custom Validator Control

Designing Websites with master pages Creating master pages | Creating default contents | Nesting master pages | Registering master pages in web configuration

Using the Rich Controls Accepting File Uploads | Saving files to file system | Calendar Control | Displaying advertisements | Displaying Different Page view | Displaying a Tabbed Page View | Wizard Control

SQL Server Basic Database Architecture | Data Manipulation Language (DML) | Data Definition Language (DDL) | Manipulation of Data (SQL Command) | Stored Procedure | Function | Trigger | Views | Cursor

Overview of Data Access Creating database connections | Connecting to MSSQL Server and MS Access | DataSet & DataTable Features | Using inline SQL Statements | Using Stored Procedures | Executing select commands | Sql Transaction

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