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Appium Training Course Syllabus

Appium Introduction:
Introduction to the appium | Overview of open source Mobile Testing Automation tools | Open Source | Mobile Automation tools Evaluation Doc | Limitation of Appium | Why Appium? | How Appium Works?

Windows installation and Pre requirements: Appium prerequisites | Installation of java and configuration of system Environment variables | Configuration of maven | Configuration of Android sdk | Eclipse IDE Configurations | On windows Appium installation

MAC Installations and prerequisites: Appium prerequisites | Installation of java and configuration of system Environment variables | Configuration of maven | Configuration of Android sdk | Xcode configurations | Eclipse IDE Configurations | On Mac Appium installation | From command line using npm installing the appium

Core Java: Introduction To Core Java | Environment variable configuration | What is oops? | What is a class and object? | What is a main method? | Basic Example | Datatypes | variables | Operators | Arrays | Conditions | If | If-else | If –else –If | Nested If | Select Case | Looping Conditions | For – Next | Do – loop | While –loop | For Each loop | Branching statements | Break Statement | Return Statement | Continue statement | Java Built in method | String Methods | Math object methods | Date & time methods | Oops Concepts | Introduction | Class | Object | Keywords | This Key Word | Inheritance | Super Key Word | Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding) | Abstraction | Constructors | Encapsulation | Abstract Classes | Static | Interfaces | Working with regular expressions | What is regular expression | Where we will use | Regular expression syntax | Examples on regular expression | Working with files | Working with Files and I/O | Working with Excel files | Working with Property files | Java Exceptions

Android Basics: Share and Control Android Device Screen from Pc | Using sdk manager downloads the android platforms using sdk manager | Using AVD Manager Creating the Virtual Devices and emulators | To installing the Apk file on Android Devices in various ways

Runs Your First testing on Android devices: Setting Up The Test Projects | API References on Appium | Desired Capabilities | App packages that launches activity of android applications | On a Real devices perform the first testing | Running their tests on Emulators | Runs their coding for first test

Using UiSelector Class Automates the Native applications: Setting up the Test Environment-Maven and Junit | Automates the Facebook login contacts with their Synchronizations | Status to be post with their project codes for automating the facebook | Deleting the post with user layout by automates the facebook

Gestures of Mobile Touch swiping,scroll drag drop and multi touch: Using Touch action class Perform the drag and drop | Using these action class Perform the Click and swipe | Using Multi touch Action class Perform the multi touch | Swipe Performance Using Co-ordinates of screen | Project coding of mobile gestures

Through Mobile web applications mobile browser Automation: Mobile web automation introductions | From Android Browser How to get user agent | On Mobile Browser Identifying the Objects | Coding for Mobile web Automation Projects

Builts in Apps by Android Automation(contacts,phone, settings): Dial a phone number that androids builts in app storage | Projects code for phone number | Android built in application :Setup Recurring Alarm | Code for setup recurring alarm projects

Appium Testing On Real IOS Services: Emulator vs Simulator | Through Reflector Share on IOS Devices Screen on Mac | To identify the element properties using the appium inspectors

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